Chapter 13: Confinements of Dimensional Boundaries


The ensuing day, a Sunday dawned, and Lu Yao confronted the young woman standing before him, inquiring, “Are you genuinely insistent on accompanying me outside?”


“My lord, malevolent entities lurk in your vicinity, and it is my duty to ensure your safety by maintaining close proximity,” Yin Shabel firmly replied.


Lu Yao contemplated her words.
“Venturing outdoors is necessary.
We must procure food while minimizing contact with dubious individuals to avert potential poisoning or entanglement in occult practices.”


Thus, Yin Shabel assumed the role of Lu Yao's vigilant protector.


However, her presence would present certain challenges.
Firstly, her unconventional attire, though superior to the black robe of the sightless monk, might still attract undue attention.


“Now, I will create a persona fir you.
It is of utmost importance that you commit it to memory,” Lu Yao instructed.


“My lord, what does it entail?” Yin Shabel inquired.


“It involves crafting an identity description for you,” Lu Yao elucidated.


“Ahh, I under stand,” Yin Shabel nodded.


“Very well.
Your name shall remain Yin Shabel, but we shall depict you as hailing from a modest country.
Our families' elders have fostered a longstanding relationship, rendering us childhood friends.
Moreover, you have been proficient in Chinese since your formative years.”


Yin Shabel acknowledged the instructions.


“At present, you are an 18-year-old visitor to this city, enjoying a vacation.”


“I shall accompany you throughout your stay.
When we venture outdoors, you will address me as Lu Yao.
If you encounter any inquiries that you cannot or prefer not to answer, simply maintain silence.”


“Understood,” Yin Shabel acquiesced.


With the preparations finalized, Lu Yao and Yin Shabel crossed the threshold.


“Firstly, let us procure a pair of shoes for you,” Lu Yao suggested.


“Yes,” Yin Shabel agreed.


As Yin Shabel's feet were smaller than Lu Yao's, she had been limited to wearing slippers, which hampered her mobility.
They headed to the mall, aiming to find a suitable pair of canvas shoes for her.


Additionally, Lu Yao intended to purchase her a set of inexpensive attire, yet Yin Shabel persistently declined.


“Lu Yao, I possess the ability to fashion my own garments using fabric.
It has been my customary practice,” Yin Shabel proposed.


“Given the use of leather and fabric, I can even craft footwear.”


“Alternatively, I could envelop my body in a single swath of fabric, thereby sparing myself any potential embarrassment and simultaneously utilizing it as a blank at night.
It would prove immensely convenient.”


Yin Shabel's words, coupled with her earnest and straightforward countenance, evoked a profound sense of compassion within Lu Yao.


The apostles had endured much, perpetually traversing diverse locales.


Upon reaching the fresh produce section, Lu Yao procured a substantial quantity of meat, potatoes, rice, and noodles—ample fir to sustain them for a week.


“Lu Yao.”


Suddenly, someone called him.


Oh no, an acquaintance!


It turned out to be Miss Peng.
Accompanied by a male companion, she maneuvered a shopping cart laden with ingredients for a hot pot.


Reluctantly, Lu Yao greeted her.
“You are also shopping,” he acknowledged.


Miss Peng responded amiably, “This is my boyfriend, or rather, my husband, Fu Chenggang.
Lu Yao, he is the dashing gentleman from our unit whom I mentioned earlier.
He is truly kind.”


Fu Chenggang, a tall man with a slightly dusky complexion, greeted Lu Yao with a genial smile.
His square face and broad nose exuded an air of masculinity.
“Greetings,” he extended his salutation.


“Lu Yao, allow me to introduce myself individual by your side,” Miss Peng suggested, still beaming.


“This is Yin Shabel, a dear friend of mine.”


“Ah, a foreign girl! How did the two of you become acquainted?” Miss Peng inquired.


“We have known each other since childhood due to the long-standing connection between our families' elders,” Lu Yao responded composedly.


Yin Shabel remained silent.


Miss Peng cast a fleeting glance in her direction, swiftly comprehending the situation.
“In that case, I won't intrude upon your plans.”


Unexpectedly, Fu Chenggang interjected, “You reside in the dormitory at the locomotive factory in Jiuyuan community, correct?”


“I serve in the Municipal Criminal Police Brigade.
Recently, an incident transpired in the alley adjacent to the locomotive factory's dormitory, and I visited the crime scene.
Although I personally did not take your statement, it was one of my colleagues.”


Thus, he was a police officer.


Lu Yao nodded in acknowledgment.


“What occurred? Is the incident at the locomotive factory's dormitory somehow linked to Lu Yao?” Miss Peng seemed taken aback, evidently unaware of the situation.


“Lu Yao was one of the witnesses.
I made the emergency call, and subsequently, my colleagues interviewed him,” Fu Chenggang provided a concise explanation.


Lu Yao seized the opportunity to inquire, “Officer Fu, have they apprehended the perpetrator?”


“It would be imprudent to divulge the current situation,” Fu Chenggang responded, constrained by the strictures of law enforcement.
Nonetheless, Sister Peng couldn't contain her unrest and began lamenting, “That man was a ghastly sight! He mercilessly stripped his victims naked and suspended them akin to beasts ready for slaughter.
The survivors are left with enduring psychological scars.
Online forms suggests he's a sadistic butcher with idiosyncratic proclivities.”


Fu Chenggang felt a modicum of unease.
Bound by police protocols, he couldn't unveil the intricacies of the case to the public.
He could merely offer a nebulous assurance, saying, “Rest assured, we will bring him to justice.
Await the official pronouncement.”


After bidding farewell to Sister Peng, Lu Yao and Yin Shabel requisitioned a Didi ride back to their community, laden with sacks of groceries.


Upon their return, they delegated the task of unpacking and organizing the provisions to Xiao Huo.


With zeal, Lu Yao assumed his place at the computer desk, prepared to immerse himself in the realm of “The Celestial Experience.”


Yin Shabel sat by his side, observing as he adroitly manipulated the mouse, and couldn't help but emit a wistful sigh, “So this is the image of Low Jiewei as perceived by Gao Jiewei.”


“It's a matter of perspective,” Lu Yao elucidated, his hand deftly navigating the mouse, providing an analogy.
“From a higher vantage point, each of us appears as diminutive as ants.
It all hinges on the perspective we adopt.”


Yin Shabel pondered his words, her posture erect as she maintained an unwavering vigilance for potential disturbances in their unpretentious abode.


“Indeed,” Lu Yao continued, sharing his ruminations.
“Yin Shabel, since you can be summoned here, could you also bring other members of your tribe through the temple?”


“My lord, I implore you not to attempt such a feat; it is exceedingly perilous,” Yin Shabel cautioned, her visage solemn.
“Low-dimensional entities traversing into the higher-dimensional realm will be contorted by the hegemony of governing principles.
Lacking the foundational essence and structure in the elevated dimension, they undergo enigmatic and irrevocable metamorphoses, ultimately devolving into grotesque monstrosities.”


“Only the apostles, sanctified with the divine fire of faith within their essence, can momentarily endure the ramifications of Gao Jiewei.
Nevertheless, protracted exposure will inevitably exact its toll.”


Boundary limit?


Lu Yao mused.
It appeared that the tangible world occupied a higher-dimensional realm, while the pixelated world remained lower-dimensional in juxtaposition.


Indicating the industrious cactus follower behind him, he inquired, “And what of this? Xiao Huo seems unscathed.”


“The cactus follower exists under singular circumstances,” Yin Shabel calmly expounded.
“After the advent of the higher dimension, the gods deliberately placed it in the lower dimension.
Furthermore, being a rudimentary life form, it can acclimate to diverse environments.”


Piqued by curiosity, Lu Yao further probed, “How long can you abide here, then?”


“The threshold is approximately 15 days.
I urge you to ensure my prompt return to the lower dimension within that span of time; otherwise, the dominion of governing principles in the higher dimension might contort me, metamorphosing me into a capricious and monstrous entity.”


“And once you return, would summoning you again through the temple pose no adverse effects?” Lu Yao inquired.


“That would not engender any consequences.
However, it is advisable to retain me in the lower dimension for no less than 3 days, enabling synchronization of my foundation and configuration with the forces of the lower dimension,” Yin Shabel explicated.


Lu Yao comprehended.


It paralleled reinvigoration and immunization simultaneously.


So long as Yin Shabel could periodically return to the lower dimension, her current stable form would be preserved, impervious to devolution or monstrous transformations.

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