Chapter 16: The Extinction of the Barbarian Tribes


“My lord, behold!” Yin Shabel announced, extending her hands to reveal three spoils of war.


Lu Yao reached out and took hold of one of the eerie, withered statues.
It resembled a seal, a ball of soft black mud with a texture blending rubber and clay.
Numerous eyes adorned the black mud, emanating a sinister dark red hue and exuding an unmistakable aura of malevolence.



[Skinner's Statue, Level 3]: Grants +3 faith per hour and +2 attack power.
It initiates the animalization ceremony, bestowing the power of faith in exchange.


Crafted by the infamous flayers, this treasure allows for the commencement of the Beastization Ceremony.
It transforms a living sacrifice into a powerful skinned beast.


Though Lu Yao prided himself on righteousness, he couldn't help but ponder Lisa's secret means of earning additional income through faith.
It appeared she had been trading players to this enigmatic skinner, much like a heinous human trafficker.


The [Skinner's Statue] possessed a unique attack concept, akin to the legendary gaze of Medusa.
When under attack, unsuspecting players would never fathom that the true threat lay not in the beastly-skinned men or the blood curse but in this unassuming statue.


Moreover, this treasure bore the mark of its grade, indicating the potential for further improvement and possessing growth attributes—features unseen in previous artifacts—showcasing its inherent value.


Gently placing the statue back down, Lu Yao picked up the next item—a whistle carved from an unknown, yellowed bone with the patina of age.



[Malevolent Bone Whistle]: Grants +2 faith per hour.


Crafted by the Whistleblower, this treasure holds the power to control mindless monsters and beasts through the simple act of blowing the whistle.


The bone whistle's ability is concise and direct, serving as a specific functional artifact.


The combination of the [Skinner's Statue] and the [Malevolent Bone Whistle] is a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.
Their abilities and compatibility demonstrate a clear 1+1>2 scenario.


[Danger: The current location may be deactivated at any time.
Please migrate to the permanent replacement app,, without delay.]


Together, they form a cohesive unit, with the [Skinner's Statue] transforming individuals into beasts, while the [Malevolent Bone Whistle] further subjugates and harnesses these animalized entities for personal use.


No wonder Lisa had jokingly referred to Yin Shabel as a dog to Lu Yao; it seemed her words were steeped in truth rather than jest.


Turning his attention to the final offering, Lu Yao discovered a sealed letter.
With careful precision, he broke the seal and unfolded the two aged pages concealed within.



[Drifting Letterhead]: Grants +1 faith per hour, with 2 out of 5 letter papers usable.


By inscribing a message on the letter and employing a mystical gift, one can dispatch the missive to a specific individual in a lower dimension.
However, the recipient must possess the capacity to decipher the information contained within.


Lu Yao reminisced about the letter he had found amidst the remains of the black bear's attack on the tribe.
Its effect was attributed to this particular artifact.


Barbarian tribes, though brawny, often lacked intellectual prowess, making effective communication a daunting task.
The [Drifting Letterhead] proved invaluable, bridging the gap between Lu Yao and the two wise men of the garlic tribe—the prophet and the shaman.
No longer solely reliant on indirect guidance


, Lu Yao now possessed a supplementary tool to convey his intentions more directly.


With a contented air, Lu Yao realized several significant victories.
Firstly, he had exposed the lurking devil, Lisa, to the authorities, neutralizing the most pressing threat.
Even if she employed cunning tricks to evade capture, she would never be aware of his true identity, leaving the advantage firmly in Lu Yao's hands.


Furthermore, he had acquired three precious trophies, each holding immense value.
The [Skinner's Statue] posed a conflict of interest, as its veterinary ritual diverged from his own development strategy.
Although it could expedite the accumulation of faith, its essential purpose served the skinner, inciting anger and resentment wherever it was employed.
Thus, it was best suited as an adornment, augmenting strength by two points.


“Yin Shabel, this artifact is for you to wield.
But I implore you, refrain from using the animalization ceremony as a mere accessory,” Lu Yao commanded, assigning the appropriate items to his trusted apostle.


“Yes, my lord,” Yin Shabel replied, clasping the statue with reverence.


As for the [Malevolent Bone Whistle], capable of controlling wild beasts and monsters…


“I bestow this upon you as well,” Lu Yao declared, equipping Yin Shabel with the entire set of artifacts.
The bone whistle and withered statue formed a formidable combination, complementing each other's powers.
This skill set was perfectly tailored to her abilities.


“Yes, my lord,” Yin Shabel acknowledged, accepting the bone whistle once more.


Curious, Lu Yao inquired, “By the way, if these artifacts become unnecessary, is there any other means of disposing of them?”


“My lord, some specific treasures can be exchanged among the gods.
However, if the artifacts possess inherent negative effects or serve no purpose, they can be directly thrown into the temple's sacred bonfire, the Fire of Faith.
This act will yield a certain amount of faith,” Yin Shabel explained.


“I understand,” Lu Yao affirmed.


Among the three spoils, only the [Drifting Letterhead] proved indispensable to Lu Yao's cause.
While it held no value in Lisa's possession, as the barbarian tribe lacked wisdom and civilization, it served as a consumable asset for him.


The prophet and the shaman, the two wise men of the garlic tribe, previously comprehended his intentions through indirect means alone.
With the addition of the [Drifting Letterhead], they now had a supplementary tool at their disposal.


Lu Yao relished his triumphs.
The exposure of Lisa, the diabolical presence lurking in the shadows, had ensured her capture, eliminating the most significant threat.
Even if she managed to evade justice, she would remain oblivious to his true identity.


Once adversaries in the darkness, the tables had turned.
Lu Yao now held the upper hand, benefiting from the reversed roles.


In addition, he had acquired three invaluable treasures, enriching his arsenal.


Lu Yao couldn't contain his laughter upon realizing the consistent influx of their fixed income, generating an impressive +6 Faith Points per hour.
With the inclusion of the [Prickly Prickly Follower] and [Sylvan Staff of Rejuvenation], the total surged to 8 Faith Points every hour, resulting in a staggering accumulation of 192 points over the course of 24 hours.


Gone were the days when Lu Yao had to meticulously calculate and strategize the utilization of miracles due to limited resources.
Now, he could effortlessly tap into the wellspring of faith, readily harnessing its power to electrify adversaries when the need arose.
This newfound abundance truly granted him a comfortable advantage.


Before diving back into “The Celestial Experience,” Lu Yao found himself wrestling with a pressing question.


“Why, Yin Shabel, does your sword persistently prove to be utterly useless?” Lu Yao's inquiry brimmed with unwavering curiosity, seeking answers to the enigma.


“My lord, the execution of the last prayer engulfs our precious mana reserves, rendering it imprudent to squander it on adversaries of meager strength and significance,” Yin Shabel explained, her words laced with an air of reverence for the limited resource.


“And what of the Forest Sword?” Lu Yao persisted, his inquisitive gaze fixed upon her.


“The combatants, my lord, lack the fortitude necessary to ignite the profound effects latent within the Forest Sword,” Yin Shabel responded, her tone tinged with a hint of remorse, acknowledging the sword's untapped potential.


A tinge of disappointment washed over Lu Yao as he shifted his gaze to observe Yin Shabel deftly inserting the eyeballs into the sunglasses' sockets with remarkable skill.


Redirecting his focus to the game, Lu Yao pondered his next move.


While he might not possess the desire to directly eliminate Lisa, the human player, his audacity allowed him to mount an attack on her barbarian tribe, a testament to his unwavering courage.
Lisa, presumably still confined within the police station, remained bereft of access to her account.


Acting swiftly and without hesitation, Lu Yao clicked on [Miracle] and selected [Earthquake], a formidable ability demanding the expenditure of 40 Faith Points.
Sadly, he found himself currently possessing a mere 20 Faith Points in the upper right corner, rendering him incapable of invoking this awe-inspiring miracle.


Confronted with urgency and an inability to delay, Lu Yao deftly grasped his signature pen and proceeded to inscribe a message on the [Drifting Letterhead].


“The demonic hold over the barbarian tribe's faith has been utterly shattered.
Seize this momentous opportunity to swiftly conquer and integrate the tribe, thereby eradicating the imminent threat.”


Placing the letterhead atop his mouse, he was promptly presented with a query:


“Shall I bestow the [Floating Letterhead] upon your faithful followers?”


“Yes,” Lu Yao decisively confirmed, electing to disseminate the missive among his devoted adherents.


In contrast to previous instances, the tribe members remained oblivious to the godsend bestowed upon them this time.
As the [Drifting Letterhead materialized within the pixelated realm of the game, it gracefully hovered in mid-air.


Eager to explore its functionality, Lu Yao experimented by attempting to interact with it, soon discovering its draggable nature.
Seizing the opportunity, he guided the ethereal letterhead toward the Prophet.


A burst of inspiration erupted within the Prophet, symbolized by an exclamation mark adorning his head.


“The malevolent grip over the barbarian tribe has been shattered…
This is an exceptional opportunity!” the Prophet exclaimed.


Wasting no time, the seers and shamans sprang into action, galvanized by this divine inspiration.
Responding to the call, the Garlic tribe mobilized 30 elite hunters under the leadership of Brother Zhuyu, swiftly embarking on a daring expedition into the




Before long, they stumbled upon the barbarian tribe—a diminutive settlement housing a mere 20 individuals, their humble abode situated near a vast cave.
However, at present, the barbarians lay unconscious on the ground, ethereal gray specters hovering above their heads.


Appearing frail and feeble, the barbarians could scarcely endure for more than a few days even in the absence of the Garlic tribe's intervention.


With effortless finesse, Brother Pigfish swiftly captured all the barbarians.
Adjacent to the tribe's cave stood a statue eerily reminiscent of the flayed man—an affront swiftly met with unwavering determination.


Under Lu Yao's skillful manipulation, the statue crumbled into countless fragments, eradicating all traces of its existence.


“The integration of the Garlic tribe and the barbarian tribe is now complete, resulting in a substantial surge in their collective faith,” the prompt triumphantly announced.


With the successful assimilation of the barbarian tribe, the total faith skyrocketed by an additional 51 points, culminating in an overall count of 71 points.


Lu Yao's gaze lingered upon the cave that formerly housed the barbarian tribe.
Although suspicions surrounding its depths persisted, he staunchly refused to jeopardize the lives of the Pixel Men by venturing within.


Resolute in his actions, Lu Yao resorted to a decisive measure.
Clicking on [Miracle], he selected [Earthquake], promptly directing its cataclysmic force towards the cave entrance and its immediate vicinity.


As 40 Faith Points waned, the selected area began to crack, unleashing a torrent of cascading boulders.
The entrance of the cave swiftly succumbed, engulfed in swirling dust and a deluge of rubble until no vestige of its existence remained.


By undertaking this course of action, any aberration within the collapsed cave would immediately come to Lu Yao's attention, empowering him to respond accordingly.


A message, ephemeral yet impactful, flashed across the screen: “The faith of the Jack God has been utterly eradicated in the vicinity, compelling her followers to seek solace in the embrace of new deities.”

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