Chapter 7: Devotees of the Old Ones.


Within “The Celestial Experience,” the pixelated world stretched before Lu Yao, its intricate details and expansive maps obscured.
As a 'god,' he embarked on an exploratory journey, navigating this digital realm step by step.


When the black bear assaulted the tribe, Lu Yao initially misconstrued it as a simple act of wild animal aggression.
Only after the prophet meticulously inspected the carcass did the true nature of the attacker reveal itself—a devoted follower of the demons.


Lu Yao's knowledge of this pixelated world remained limited, much like his knowledge of its inhabitants.
As a player with a unique identity, he transcended the confines of this digital world, a deity-like being descended from a distant realm—an extraterrestrial god, so to speak.


The idea of an extraterrestrial gods struck Lu Yao with a sudden realization.
If there were gods like himself from foreign lands, it stood to reason that this world had deities originating here.


His gaze fell upon the [Sylvan Staff of Rejuvenation

] cradled in his hand and the dormant [Cactus Follower] nestled within a small flower pot beside him.
These magical artifacts once belonged to the Forest God, their significance heightened by the temple's indication of the forest deity's demise.
The treasures she once wielded were now abandoned.


Could the Forest God and her ilk be counted among the ancient deities of this world?


Unfortunately, the answers to such inquiries eluded him, with no one capable of providing the desired answer.


After much contemplation, Lu Yao made a decision—a decision to bring about change.


While wheat held great value, monopolizing this precious grain proved challenging for the Garlic Tribe in alliance with the Forest Tribe.
Rather than allowing it to go to waste, it was preferable to strike an open deal at this moment.


[Discover a remarkable application that has maintained unwavering stability for numerous years, rivaling the legacy artifacts of book-chasing. 


Lu Yao clicked [Yes].


A flicker of understanding illuminated the Prophet's countenance.


“God, your humble servant comprehends the task at hand.”


Without delay, he initiated a private conversation with the shaman standing nearby.


The leaders of the two tribes swiftly reached an agreement, and the pixelated denizens of the Forest Tribe displayed contented smiles on their faces.


“The shaman has successfully acquired wheat!”


“God Yao has bestowed sustenance upon the tribe!”


“Wonderful, no longer shall we fear the harsh winter!”


“The great God Yao and the wise shaman!”


Subsequently, the forest tribe's inhabitants emerged from the depths of the woods, carrying a sarcophagus.
They made their way along the path leading to the Garlic Tribe's temple, with the people of the Garlic Tribe facilitating its entrance.


Suddenly, a gray sarcophagus icon materialized within the temple interface, bearing the label [Disciple].


Lu Yao clicked on [Disciple].


On the screen, a vertical painting materialized, depicting a woman with her eyes concealed beneath a black blindfold, lying within a gray coffin.


Tiny cracks adorned her cheeks, while her body appeared encased in plaster.
The stone-like form of gray melded seamlessly with the sarcophagus, almost rendering it indistinguishable from a stone statue, except for the faintly discernible countenance of a delicate girl.



[Disciple]: Near death.


An apostle of the Forest God.
Apostles dutifully carry out the will of the gods, executing their orders, heeding their divine voices, and serving as conduits for divine intervention.



Based on the provided description, it appeared that this dying apostle could be directly controlled by the god-player.


However, awakening her proved to be a arduous task.


Lu Yao clicked on [Disciple] and received a prompt.


——Reviving her and converting her into an apostle for your temple will require a significant expenditure of faith power.
Would you like to expend 500 faith points to convert her into an apostle?


Considering the faith expenditure for miracles, 20 faith points for a lightning bolt were equivalent to 25 lightning bolts for this apostle.
Unfortunately, Lu Yao lacked the means to support such a substantial belief expenditure at present.


For now, he had no choice but to set aside the matter of the apostle and focus on the fundamental development of the tribe.


Reflecting on the situation, this dying apostle remained a subordinate of the Forest God.


Considering that the Prophet had unearthed the [Sylvan Staff of Rejuvenation

] from the forest and the forest tribe had sent the [Prickly Ball Follower] from the Forest God's temple, it became evident that the forest held some connection with the deity of the satyr.


However, communication with the pixelated denizens remained an insurmountable challenge, devoid of options for inquiry or seeking clues.


Lu Yao redirected his attention to the construction of the tribe.


He assigned one of the pig fish brothers to the river and the other to the forest, capitalizing on their respective strengths.
One became a skilled fisherman, while the other took on the role of a proficient hunter.


Before long, the two heroes provided their feedback.


“The river's deeper waters teem with abundant fish, necessitating the use of boats for fishing.
To support our fishing endeavors, the tribe must construct boats.”


“Within the forest, we discovered herbs bearing signs of animal bites and bloodstains.
We believe them to have therapeutic effects; however, their identification eludes us.
We require the expertise of a pharmacist to unveil their properties.”


Lu Yao pondered the tribe's next move, acknowledging the significance of boats for fishing and the potential benefits of uncovering the medicinal properties of the forest plants.
These tasks would contribute to the tribe's growth and survival in this pixelated world.


Thus, Lu Yao set forth the plans to construct boats and search for a pharmacist.
The journey of the Garlic Tribe continued, with new challenges and opportunities awaiting them at every turn.

There are resources, but there is a lack of professionals who can identify and use them.


Lu Yao didn't feel the need to rush the matter, allowing himself to relax and immerse in his quaint little village.
Within the frosty depths of the freezer, he discovered two frozen corn cobs, their kernels solid as ice.
Without delay, he skillfully prepared them in a pot, relishing the resulting warmth and tenderness as he savored each one.
His gaze fixated on the bustling activities of the tribe's inhabitants, evoking memories of his carefree childhood days when he delighted in observing ants scurrying on the ground.


As winter's icy grip gradually took hold, the pixelated realm transformed into a picturesque snowy wonderland.
One by one, the meticulous pixelated villagers of the Garlic Tribe reemerged, there presence punctuating the tranquil landscape.
In response, the tribe sought solace within the warmth of their humble abodes, diligently toiling during the fleeting daylight hours.
They gathered firewood from sturdy branches and cleared snow from the temple grounds and bountiful farmland.


Fortune smiled upon the Garlic Tribe as they had planted their wheat early, ensuring an abundant harvest that would sustain them through the frigid months.
the little pixel people braced themselves against the harshness of winter, undaunted by its ferocity.


Reassuring one another, they declared, “We possess the gift of wheat, an ample source of sustenance, and our dwellings radiate warmth.
Wheat—the bountiful source of strength! Though winter may stretch its icy tendrils indefinitely, the benevolence of the wheat and garlic deities shall shield us from frost's icy embrace.” Joyous emojis danced above the heads of the tribe's pixel villains, their elation uncontainable.


Amidst this wintry tableau, the visitation of the forest tribe disrupted the usual rhythm of daily life.
Led by their revered shaman, a beacon of wisdom and guidance, the forest tribe sought assistance from the Garlic Tribe.
The shaman implored, “Dear friends of the Garlic Tribe, we find ourselves ensnared in a predicament and need your aid.
Twenty of our most skilled hunters ventured deep into the woods for their final hunt, but an avalanche of snow has entombed them in the unforgiving reaches of the northern forest.
Only the divine might of the gods can extricate them from there plight.”


The shaman's plea hung in the air, laden with urgency, as an exclamation mark manifested above his head.
“In the sacred confines of the temple, pray to the all-knowing Yao God, beseeching mercy for these hunters, that sustenance and protection may be bestowed upon them.
Should we succeed in saving our brethren, we shall erect a temple within our tribe, venerating the esteemed deity Yao.
We shall pledge our unwavering loyalty.”


The kneeling shaman's urgency was palpable, emphasized by the exclamation mark hovering above his head.
Deeply immersed in introspection, Lu Yao was conveyed by these words.
The shaman's request hinted at an opportunity to bestow gifts upon two tribes simultaneously, garnering sacrifices from both factions.
However, the question of how to rescue the imperiled hunters remained a lingering issue in Lu Yao's mind.


Recalling the “Scorching Sun” miracle within his repertoire, he delved into his mind, pondering its potential application.
This miracle, costing 25 Faith points, possessed the extraordinary capacity to melt away the snow.
Determined to gain additional followers, he selected [Scorching Sun], maximizing its reach within the game interface's northernmost accessible region of the forest.
With a decisive click of the mouse, the air crackled with anticipation, a radiant golden light materialized before his eyes.
It danced and swirled, casting an ethereal glow that bathed the surroundings in a warm, enchanting hue that suddenly dissolved the thick blanket of white, revealing the trembling figures of numerous tiny beings sprawled on the ground.


An exclamation mark materialized above the shaman's head, who remained prostrate in awe of this miraculous intervention.
“Magnificent God, the Forest Tribe is overwhelmed with profound gratitude for your boundless benevolence.
We place unwavering faith in your divine prowess, and we shall proceed to construct a temple in your honor!”


Filled with fervor, the shaman promptly dispatched a contingent of tribespeople, racing northward toward the thawing forest.
It didn't take long before they discovered the lost hunters, as promised by the shaman.
True to their word, the Forest Tribe erected a wooden temple, emulating the majestic white temple that stood resolute within the Garlic Tribe's domain.


To Lu Yao's dismay, the interface of the temple remained unaltered, dashing his hopes of doubling the gifts and sacrifices.
Nonetheless, there were still gains to be celebrated.


[Your miraculous intervention has profoundly transformed the demeanor of the forest tribe, instilling within them a sense of devout worship.]


[As the two tribes now share a common deity, the forest tribe merges harmoniously with the garlic tribe, united in their reverence.]


Lu Yao's spirits soared, buoyed by this newfound revelation.
If over a hundred members of the forest tribe could be assimilated, the resulting enhancement would undoubtedly be profound, amassing more than a hundred faith points to his name! The surge in population would expand the temple's influence, enabling the triggering of additional random events with the aid of augmented manpower.


In the present moment, the expenditure of faith translated into a sustained and ever-increasing dividend, a testament to Lu Yao's divine influence over this pixelated realm.

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