God’s Throne: Winter is coming(SCP)

Chapter2:Uncle, what are you doing?

”Chen Zai, second floor! Damn the Vietnamese, a whole full team! ”

The shrill growl of Laoluo in SONY headphones Almost deafening Chen daoxuan, he pressed the volume button at hand and turned it to the lowest. But his eyes are still focused on the phone screen.

The character is tucked away in a corner of a room without a window, but to the right of the character is a white door that is clearly the only entrance or exit to the room.

PUBGMOBILE,PUBGs mobile game, is a popular battleground mobile game that has taken the world by storm since its release.

Chen is the only one left on his team. In the top left corner, The ”Survive ” is followed by a ”5. ”

Luo said it was a full team, and PUBGMOBILE had a team of 4 members, indicating that apart from Chen daxuan, the only Vietnamese team with 4 members was left on the field.

”Viet Po Street, all you **ing know is sneak attack, son of a bitch. ” Lao Luo couldn help himself. He opened all his mics and began to in Cantonese cursing and trash-talking like an angry old woman who had her wallet stolen on the streets of Mongkok.

”There will be people like The Vietnamese in that world. ”

Chen raised the M416 in his hands, aiming at the three red oil barrels placed at the door, without saying a word.

In PUBG, the bullet can ignite the oil barrel, which is less powerful than the grenade, but it is also a large area of damage. Chen in the bet, bet the Vietnamese door that moment, hit the barrel, so as to achieve the purpose of destroying the team.

In PUBG, the bullet can ignite the oil barrel, which is less powerful than the grenade, but it is also a large area of damage.

Chen in the bet, bet the when Vietnamese open the door that moment, hit the oil drums, so as to achieve the purpose of destroying the team.

His forehead surface oozed fine beads of sweat, just kill shows that he has carefully watched, the Vietnamese player killed luo before the name of a Battle Team prefix :4U.

Vietnam 4U team, the Asian server ranking team this season, and just killed Lao Luo players name ”Healthy ” in the Asian server ranking 8.

A team on the ranking, against a now only section is still in the ace stage of Chen Daoxuan, which wins which loses, is watching the old luo seems to have the answer.

Bang, clang!

Chen Daoxuan saw a light orange grenade symbol appear on the screen flickering.


4U throw an instant explosion grenade, but because the grenade was detonated in the stairwellso ,did not deduct a drop of blood Chen .

But it was clear that they also just wanted to test, through the grenade to test the safety of the stairwell.

Chen Daoxuan soon heard the sound of chaotic footsteps coming from the direction of the stairs. On the small map in the upper right corner, a circle of footsteps symbols surrounded.

Chen Daoxuans floor has a total of 2 large rooms on the left and right opposite each other, At the same time he heard immediately 2 people far away, 2 people approaching footsteps. and was the sound of bursts of gunfire, obviously to play ahead of the gun in order to gain a first-hand advantage.

At the same time, the sound of throwing objects hitting the ground, the smoke release ”Poof! ” sound followed. Chen Daoxuan knew that this was the smoke release in preparation for the assault.

Both sides were fighting micro operationsat this time, and 4U obviously did not slacken off because the opponent had only one person.


An incendiary bottle smashed through the door and shattered on the ground, quickly spreading a flame.

The flames did not reach Chen Daoxuan in the corner, and soon the flames were completely extinguished.

Footsteps stopped, Chen stared at the entrance without a door. A bead of sweat trickled down the bridge of his nose.

In a split second, a figure jumped directly from the door into the air, worthy of the Asian service a famous battle team, jumping while shooting in the direction of Chen Daoxuan.

Almost at the same time, the assault rifle in Chen s hand spewed a tongue of fire at the oil barrel without any hesitation.


After a dazzling explosion, surprisingly, two people were blowing down. Among them was Healthy, Chen gun muzzle side turn,and quickly beat them to death.

”Holy shit! This people awareness? ” The other two inland teammates who had just been watching the battle in silence at this time also opened the mike, exploded of roar out, Luo naturally refused to let go of this time to show off, proudly said: ”Chen boy but I single-handedly taught the gunmanship la, Of course it goes without saying…. ”

4U remaining two people no longer rashly charge, Like crazy throwing grenades into the room, Chen Was killed by them, only won the second place.

”Excellent work, ” said Chen opened his microphone when the grenade was thrown in ,he exit the settlement page, back to the hall.

Luo chatter about his feelings about the game and then said he was going to cook and at last quit the game. Chen looked at the time, it was already 12:30 pm, it was really time to eat.

He was just about to quit the game when he noticed that the bell icon in the upper right corner of the friend bar kept shaking, indicating that someone wanted to add him as a friend.

He casually Glanced at and the friend request was for an account with an American flag.

The name of the account made him look at it twice: ”Sakura ”.

Translated, it is also ”Sakura ” in Chinese.

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