Chen Daoxuan will open the envelope seal, from the inside to take out a piece of material exquisite white writing paper.

Chen Daoxuan started to feel the difference of this paper, feel a kind of metallic texture, in the light of the light reflecting the dim silver luster.

He will unfold the paper, but it directly fell out of a smaller than the last letter paper thing, is a two fingers more long white rectangular paper, Chen Daoxuan heart way this is ready to play Mission impossible? He picked up the paper and gasped. It was a check from the Bank of China.

The amount above is $50,000.

He looked at the check, then at his mother, and handed it over.

Chen mother frown, will take the check in the past after the amount of the above was startled. 50,000 US dollars, which is about 400,000 Hong Kong dollars. Considering that an IT worker in Hong Kong earns only HK $100,000 a year, HK $400,000 May be the income of a middle-class family in Hong Kong for two years.

At school, the teacher told Chen mother, which school in the United States will also provide a grant for Chen Daoxuan, the envelope contained a check, but Chen mother did not expect the amount of such a huge. At this time Chen mother heart also kept muttering, the so-called university is what private laboratory, want to get Chen Daoxuan past a series of secret human experiments.

But Chen Daoxuan on the other side of the cheque is forgotten, line by line to browse this letter of invitation.

The invitation letter is written in traditional Chinese with standard italicized characters:

Dear Chen Daoxuan.

Unfortunately, we have just learned that your JLPT score was not as good as you expected, but don be discouraged by this, all roads lead to Rome, and there is more than just one route to climb Mount Everest.

Evinas College is a U.S. Department of Education accredited institution of higher education ,it located about 450 miles south of Los Angeles, California, near Silicon Valley, Stanford University and other prestigious areas and universities.

After a rigorous review and evaluation process, you have been granted a admission without examination to Evinas College.

If you are interested in enrolling, please arrive at Kwai Tsing Container Terminal West, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong at 10:00 a.m. on July 1, when you will be transported by car, so please do not worry about transportation.

If you need help, please call our schools dedicated line in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, China: 1539xxxx

Welcome to your arrival!

Evinas College Admissions Department

Chen Daoxuan suddenly felt that these two days of his life is like the movie he saw ”Twilight ”, the heroine Bella was just a mediocre high school girl, but therefore attracted the vampire nobleman Edward, from then on life on the path of the blood-sucking nobility.

His life, it seems, is really going to change with this letter of invitation with the smell of the sea wind of the Gulf of California.

Chen Daoxuan but think this is his first step to see the world, pointing to the contents of the invitation and Chen mother argued endlessly, Chen mother said you go to the dock your life is over, directly set a sack to which transport ship a plug to get to Vietnam as hard labor, Chen Daoxuan said nothing by the way to abduct a Vietnamese wife every day to eat green mango and peel bananas.

Chens mother was furious, and finally slapped the table and said I don care, you want to go to this pheasant university on, anyway, do not have to pay money and have the grant.

Chens mother believes that since there is a Ministry of Education certificate, the school is at least a formal institution, she think big deal to let Chen Daoxuan mix a few years back home to inherit the family factory.

Since there is school, Chen Daoxuan at home will lead a left hand PUBGMOBILE, the right hand ice cola life, day after day, Its time for July 1. Chens mother packed a suitcase for him, even Chens father also took time to catch back.

A rare family reunion, Chen Daoxuan looked at his parents, but the corner of his eye was already wet. The father laughed and scolded: ”idiot,whats there to cry about. ”But the corner of his fathers eye also quietly wet.

See has arrived at the point, in the parents of thousands of instructions, Chen Daoxuan pulled the mother to give him that large suitcase to buy the new downstairs.

At that time, the phone said that the car will be parked on time in their own downstairs, but at this time even the shadow is not seen.

The phone in the pants pocket but sounded a message tone, Chen Daoxuan bright screen, lock screen page prompt line came a new message.

Chen Daoxuan frowned slightly.Could it be that Lao Luo again pressed to find him to team up?

But he had already instructed Lao Luo that he was busy with something in the past few days. Then who would send a message at this time?

He clicked on LINE and slowly stared at it with wide eyes.

Sakura: I see you, the car is directly across from you, the black Ferrari supercar.

He looked up slowly and sluggishly, a black supercar lit up the front headlights, like a panther waiting for its prey, followed by black doors slowly rotating upwards, as if a black swan with its wings open to soar.

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