God’s Throne: Winter is coming(SCP)

Chapter 5: The Summer of Los Angeles (I)

2019. Dongla, Yunnan, China

The bald man propped his head on the counter and looked at the four red letters on which the word ”Welcome ” had fallen down. look towards the penang palm outside the mottled glass door gave a heavy yawn.

In the sultry afternoon, the store has been gilded by the years with a layer of oily and cloudydusky yellow old ”Midea ” air conditioning ”creak ” to send a faint breeze to the outside.

Unfinished beef noodles are scattered on several tables, and a few white rice noodles and muddy soup are placed dripping on the table. Flies hover down to suck the soup, rub their forelimbs from time to time, and then contentedly hovering fly to the next table .

The man raised his eyes to the watch on the glass door, which was covered with a thin yellow grease stain, on which two or three bodies oflong ago already wizened blowflies were sticking.

The clockwise needle points to the dead body of one of the flies, beneath which is an Arabic numeral ”1 ”.

There should be no customers, the man thought, got up to put the outside glass door aluminum alloy electronic rolling shutter down , the weather is too hot, cool air all poured to the door. On the counter, an impassioned voice on an old radio rattled off analysis of the trade war between the United States and China. Let the already not cool small restaurant more drying heat.

The balding man pushed the red button on the wall, and a sour ”squeak ” drowned out the radios incessant chatter.

The light inside the store gradually dimmed, the roll-up door has ”creaked ” dropped down to half over the restaurant door location .

The man turned back to drag his whole body fat slowly paced toward the counter, he wanted to cherish every minute of a nap.

”Bam! ”

The roll-up door made a loud noise, the whole door shakes violently, dropped to half of the door curtain slammed to a halt.

Balding man half puzzled half angry to look back, a heart instantly seemed to condensation into ice.

A long knife, to be exact, it was a standard-size Japanese samurai sword cut straight in, like a blazing hot dinner knife cutting through a cream cake stabbed into the aluminum roll-up door.

The man could not see the upper body because of the roll-up door, but could only see the lower body a pair of straight and slender legs wearing light blue jeans.

The Japanese samurai sword abruptly rotated, the tip of the blade upward, a deafening sound, half of the roll-up door was cut all smashed down.

In the dust, the man saw the pair of golden eyes that pierced the dusky earth curtain.

The golden eyes are like King Arthurs sword, gouge out every fat piece of the bald mans body with a cold golden light.

The mans Adams apple rolled, his eyes were barely look at the golden eyes, and his legs trembled like chaff. ”You… Are you a hybrid? SCP Foundation? ” He looked at the light reflected from the tip of the sagging Japanese sword on the right hand of the golden eye. he could barely control his legs and kneel down.

Golden eyes face expressionless, as silent mountain stone without words and stand.

”Your name is Jiang Rencheng, but this is a false name, your real name is Tainika Chalumwan, a native of Chiang Mai, Thailand. ” The golden pupil remained expressionless and spat out the words gently.

But each word makes the balding man feel as if he is sliding down a point towards the ice cellar.

”Someone asked me to give you something, he said you should take good care of it. ” The golden eyes shrugged his shoulders, unhooked the black backpack behind him and took out a yellowed tarpaulin-wrapped object with sharp angles, a rectangular-like object, nearly the size of a shoebox.

”Don try to open it, or you won even make a complete corpse. ” Golden eyes handed the object over, and the man took it with trembling hands. Golden eyes then ”swish ” a knife back to the sheath, the Japanese sword on the back, turned around and walked out of the store, never looked back.

Its a dull and long summer day in Mengla, and the endless cicadas ringing noisily through this Chinese border county. The store is calm again, with the old-fashioned air conditioner still supplying cold air intermittently.

The item in the man hands transmitted a bone-chilling chill through the tarpaulin.

”Its so cold. ” He looked in the direction where the golden eyes left, and the bottom of his eyes also slowly flooded with more and more golden light.

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