After watching the movie, it was approaching 1 a.m, and when they entered the Wanda Plaza, it was still bustling with people.
But now, it was eerily quiet as if the entire mall had only the three of them left.

They hailed another taxi as usual, and once the three of them got in, they didn't have the mood to discuss the plot.
Each of them was feeling a bit tired.

Resting his head against the seat, Lin Jin leaned slightly sideways, gazing at the night scene outside the street.
Suddenly, he remembered the push notification on his phone during the movie.
He took out his iPhone 6 from his pocket, intending to go into the settings to turn off the push notifications.
However, he noticed that there was a mysterious app on his phone's home screen called “Goddess Cultivation Plan.” The app had an inexplicable black cat as its icon, which looked somewhat peculiar.

“Did it get infected by a virus?” He was surprised because, in theory, a non-jailbroken iPhone shouldn't get infected by a virus, and he had never downloaded any random stuff on his phone.
“This shouldn't be happening, right?”

He was afraid that opening this inexplicable software would cause problems with his phone, like freezing or being locked by someone throughout the process.
He decided to delete it directly.
However, this app was like a pre-installed system app, and there was no “X” in the upper right corner when long-pressed on the icon.

“What the heck is this?” Unable to uninstall it, Lin Jin had no choice but to open the software.

The brightness of the phone was set to the maximum by the software, which made his eyes a bit dazzled.
But as his eyes adjusted, he saw a black cat leaping on the phone screen.
The cat was standing upright like a human, with its two front paws behind its back.
For some reason, he could sense a serious expression on the black cat's face.

“Hello, this system is a three-in-one system with morals, taste, and wealth.” The black cat spoke, but there was no sound, only a text appeared at the top of the phone screen.

The next moment, the text changed: “This system is designed to help destined individuals become goddesses.
you, why are you a man?”

The black cat on the screen looked startled, leaping high and even jumping out of the screen's range, disappearing from the phone.
But after a moment, the black cat returned to the screen, looking at Lin Jin outside the screen with a strange gaze.

“It seems quite interesting…” The black cat's behavior instantly piqued Lin Jin's curiosity.
The black cat on the screen seemed alive, with its eyes flickering, giving him the feeling that a cat had taken up residence in his phone.
“Could it be a black cat raising game?”

“But I prefer raising lolis.” He leaned his elbow on the car door, his hand supporting his cheek.

“No, this system is called the Goddess Cultivation Plan.
It's about developing goddesses, not me.” The black cat on the screen spoke again, looking somewhat troubled, with its cat face wrinkled into a ball.
“Since you're a man, I can only turn you into a woman.
After all, it's not the first time I've done this.”

“What the heck?” Lin Jin was taken aback, his body tensing as if he had seen a ghost.

Could it be that the cat inside the phone can hear me talking? Why are strange things happening one after another today?

“What's wrong?” Wu Min, sitting beside him, was startled by his reaction and leaned in, asking, “Did you download a game?”

Lin Jin quickly nodded, “Yeah, a game.
It seems quite fun.”

“Of course it's fun! Since you want to play, I won't hold back!”

The black cat on the screen refreshed the subtitles again, but Lin Jin, who was dealing with Wu Min, didn't notice.
Then, he suddenly felt a trembling sensation like a lightning strike enveloping his whole body.
He widened his eyes in fear, nervously looking around.
Suddenly, a scorching heat appeared in his pocket, as if it had burned through his pants.

Startled, he frantically tried to take out the object from his pocket, but the phone emitted a dazzling light.
An inconspicuous beam of light mixed with the phone screen's glow instantly pierced into Lin Jin's forehead.

And then everything went black before him, and he collapsed limply onto the car, losing consciousness.


When he woke up, it was already 3 a.m.
in the deep night.
Lin Jin found himself back in the dormitory.
His clothes hadn't been touched and were neatly laid on the bed.

He got up from the bed and looked around the room.
The four-person dormitory was the same as usual, except that the other three roommates were already asleep, and he could faintly hear some light snoring.

His head felt heavy, and he frowned while holding it, sensing an urgent need to relieve his bladder.
Carefully, he crawled down from the bed, afraid of making any noise that would wake the others.

The balcony of the dormitory was connected to the neighboring room, and the bathroom was shared.
However, due to the shared balcony between the two rooms, it appeared spacious.
The toilet was divided into two sections, with a squat toilet outside and a half-body mirror.
Inside, there was a frosted glass separating it from the outside, creating a shower area.

Lin Jin entered the bathroom without closing the door, turned on the light, and pulled down his pants to use the toilet.
However, his hazy mind suddenly sensed something strange.

Why does it feel…
a bit unusual?

He reached out and touched himself, with a puzzled look on his face as he turned to the nearby mirror.
The mirror happened to reflect his pelvic area, and then he noticed something strange happening to his own body.

“Huh? Something seems off…”

“Why? It feels like my little buddy has gotten much shorter?”

In an instant, his head cleared up, and his just-awakened body no longer felt heavy.
His dazed eyes were wide open in horror as she realized that her “little buddy” had shrunk by nearly half!

“What the hell!”

He felt like the whole world had turned gray and white.
But soon, he remembered the sudden appearance of that app on his phone.

In a panic, he rushed back to the dormitory and found his phone.
Opening the app, he saw a large line of text on a white background at the bottom.

“Feminization progress: 5%”

What the hell is this? Feminization progress? Lin Jin wanted to ask, but the black cat in the app seemed to be sleeping at night too.
Now, there was no sign of the black cat on the screen.
Instead, there were “Tasks” and “Items” appearing at the top of the screen like blocks in a typical mobile game.

Face darkened, Lin Jin leaned against the table under the bed and opened the “Tasks” block, only to find it empty.
Then, he clicked on the “Items” block and discovered a so-called beginner's gift package inside.

He hesitated for a moment.
Ever since Lin Jin discovered that his “little buddy” had shrunk, he had been wary of this software.

“Perhaps it's just a prank app, and my little buddy being shorter is just due to grogginess…” He comforted himself and opened the beginner's gift package.
Then, crude words floated from the bottom to the middle of the screen, leaving him dumbfounded.
He realized that he would have been better off not opening the package.

Congratulations on gaining feminization progress +5%, complete hair loss.

Accepting the beginner's task: Admirer.

As a goddess in training, you should have a male admirer.
[Note: Must be heterosexual.]

Rewards: Feminization progress +5%, basic facial transformation.

Punishment: One day of a female voice.

“What the hell…” Lin Jin's face was filled with despair.
“It must be a scam, right? It must be!”

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