Lin Jin felt a sense of despair.
This inexplicable software had been installed on his phone for less than a day, and the requirement of achieving 100% feminization in the main task was already at 15%.
Although he didn't look much different now, if he reached 100% in the future, wouldn't he become a true “flat-chested cute girl”?

No, it seemed that feminization would also affect his “little brother” and potentially make it smaller.
When it reached 100%, would it become completely flat? The thought made Lin Jin even more desperate.
No one would want to see their “brother” getting smaller and losing the ability to resist, transitioning from length to depth.
What could be more despairing than helplessly watching that happen?

“Oh, right.” Lin Jin suddenly snapped out of his thoughts.
After glancing at his roommate Wen Xuan, who was still wearing headphones and playing games, he lifted his phone and asked the black cat on the screen, “So, completing the task would make my feminization level reach 15%, right?”

“Yeah” the black cat lazily lounged in the phone, swishing its tail.
“What's the problem?”

“Out of the 15%, 10% came from the beginner's package and beginner's tasks, but what about the other 5%? Where did that come from? You're not tricking me, are you?” Lin Jin said seriously to the black cat on the screen.
“If you're tricking me, I'd rather change my phone!”

“Change your phone? Sure, go buy an iPhone 8 for me.
I'm not comfortable with this iPhone 6″ the black cat immediately nodded.
Then it revealed a sinister smile.
“But remember, I'm bound to you.
Even if you don't have a phone, I can transfer myself to your computer.
As long as there are electronic devices around you, it's fine.
You wouldn't want your roommate to discover my existence on their computer, would you?”

Who knew how the black cat managed to reveal such a sinister smile from that black face…

Lin Jin's head drooped, realizing that threatening the black cat with a phone change was ineffective.
He felt a bit dejected as he asked, “What's the deal with that other 5% of feminization?”

“Because you naturally lean towards femininity.
According to the system's comprehensive assessment, your original body should have been 5% feminine, just with a slight hormonal imbalance” the black cat explained earnestly.
“So don't try to find any bugs or loopholes.
I am incapable of having any bugs! After all, this cat is an all-powerful system with no limitations.”

Lin Jin, feeling dejected, propped his cheek up with his hand and looked at the black cat on the phone with a gaze of disbelief.

“If you continue looking at me with that expression, I'll assign you a task to immediately find a man and engage in intimate activities.
The punishment will be stripping naked and running through the streets, flirting with any man you come across.”

The black cat lazily spoke, causing Lin Jin to quickly change his posture.
His face was filled with an adoring expression, and his big eyes twinkled like there were countless little stars inside.

“Oh no, I was just looking at the QQ group on my computer.
I wasn't looking at you” Lin Jin continuously smiled and reassured.
“Really, look at my sincere gaze.”

“Fine, I'll reluctantly believe you.
Now go and play” the black cat waved its paw, and suddenly, the entire cat disappeared from the screen.

“Damn cat! What kind of useless and mischievous creature is it? I swear, one day I'll grab its tail and swing it around! What a stupid Goddess Cultivation Plan! What kind of ridiculous plan is this? Only an idiot could come up with such a thing!” Lin Jin cursed loudly at his phone as soon as he saw the black cat leave.

“Sorry, I heard that…” Quite abruptly, the black cat poked its head out from the corner of the phone screen.
“If you speak to me like that, I'll be quite distressed about what task to assign you~”

“I'm sorry! I was wrong!” Lin Jin apologized with a mournful face.
“I won't do it again in the future.”

After waiting for the black cat to disappear from the screen again, Lin Jin waited for over ten minutes.
When it didn't reappear, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, but he didn't dare to say anything more.

“Lin Jin, want to have some milk tea?” Wen Xuan took off his headphones and turned to Lin Jin behind him, asking.

“No, I'm not in the mood” he sighed and set his phone aside.
Normally, he enjoyed playing with his phone, but now, seeing his phone made his heart race.

“This movie seems to be pretty good.
Do you want to watch it?”

“What movie?”

With little interest, Lin Jin propped his chin on his hand and stared blankly at the desktop of his laptop, pondering how to break free from the so-called Goddess Cultivation Plan.

“Kong: Skull Island.
I found a pirated version and I'm downloading it.
After watching, I'll study English.”

Wen Xuan and Lin Jin had a decent relationship.
Wen Xuan was somewhat of a homebody, although he attended a junior college, he was diligent in his studies.
Besides his love for anime and movies, he often played PlayStation or studied English and other knowledge points for further education.
Lin Jin couldn't fathom how someone so studious ended up at a junior college.


Having a studious roommate in the dormitory should have influenced the other roommates to be more studious, but Lin Jin didn't enjoy studying.
He had a poor memory and only attended junior college to pass the time and maybe learn some technical skills.
Both Lin Jin and Wu Min shared a similar attitude towards studying.

Yawning repeatedly, Lin Jin hadn't slept well last night and was disturbed in the morning.
With the completion of the task, the pressure had reduced, and now he was feeling drowsy and wanted to take a nap.

“You go ahead, we can watch it later in the evening…” With his phone in hand, he climbed onto the bed.
Although the junior college wasn't much, the dormitory had a bed on top and a desk below.
The only thing that Lin Jin was dissatisfied with was the shared balcony and bathroom.

However, at this moment, the phone vibrated once again.

Just as he had recently calmed down, his expression immediately turned grim.
He took out his phone and realized it wasn't the system playing tricks on him; it was just a simple text message.
The message instructed him to pick up a package at the school newsstand before 7 p.m.

“When did I buy something?” Lin Jin was puzzled as he accessed the shopping website on his phone.
Suddenly, he noticed an unexpected arrival in the “Awaiting Delivery” section—a beginner's makeup set priced at 299 yuan.

“This is toxic…” He immediately figured out how the makeup set came about.
Opening the system app and seeing the empty screen on his phone, he felt like he was about to explode.

However, at this moment, Wen Xuan was quietly studying in the dormitory, and the silence was almost palpable.
Even if Lin Jin was angry, he didn't dare to question the black cat at this moment.

What made Lin Jin furious was not the inexplicable purchase but the fact that the 299 yuan almost constituted his entire living expenses.
It was already late November, and if he could have a hundred yuan left in his bank account after buying this thing, he would consider himself lucky.

He could only return it.

With a dark expression, Lin Jin was about to initiate the return process when he realized another task had arrived.

Weekly Task: Makeup Learning

Since you aspire to become a goddess, you must not neglect the essential skill of makeup.
Therefore, you should learn the basics of makeup within a week and attract the attention of fifty men while cross-dressing in public.

Reward: Basic makeup skills and a 5% increase in feminization transformation.

Punishment: A week of transforming from male to female.

His face immediately turned pale.
The punishment for this task was several times more extreme than the punishment for the beginner's task!

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