After a drunken night yesterday, Lin Jin woke up in the morning with a terrible headache.

Sitting up in bed, he glanced at Wu Min, who slept opposite him.
Wu Min's sleeping position was far from commendable, half-laying with his face directly pressed against the bed railing.

He also looked down at the floor and found it covered in bottles and skewers from the barbecue, a mess everywhere.
He couldn't help but curl his lips.
Even Wen Xuan, who didn't drink, didn't bother to help tidy up.
The dormitory now resembled a garbage dump, with hardly any place to set foot.

With no thought of cleaning the floor now, Lin Jin shook his head vigorously, still feeling groggy.
He climbed out of bed, kicked away the bottles at his feet, and headed straight to the balcony for the bathroom with his towel.

“My whole body reeks of alcohol…”

In fact, he wasn't someone who enjoyed drinking, and his tolerance was quite poor.
Most of the bottles on the dormitory floor had been emptied by Wu Min, while he himself had only drunk three bottles last night before his consciousness started to blur.
After the fourth bottle, without any further thought, he went straight to bed without washing up.
He closed his eyes and slept until now.

“Taking a shower…” murmuring incessantly, Lin Jin entered the bathroom and stepped into the shower compartment.
He closed the frosted glass door, turned on the warm water, and stood there, letting the water cascade down from above.

After applying some body wash and rubbing it onto his skin, Lin Jin didn't feel anything unusual at first.
That is, until his hand touched his own chest.

“What's going on…” He felt confused as he touched his chest.
The two soft mounds on his chest made his half-closed eyes widen in an instant.
In that moment, his groggy mind suddenly became as clear as if he had just eaten a mint.
He felt a sense of panic, took a few steps back, and bumped into the wall.
With his head lowered, he stared at his slightly protruding chest.
“Did I grow breasts?!”


“I, as a man, have grown breasts?”

He muttered incredulously, continuously touching and feeling his chest.
He could clearly sense that his once firm chest now had a slight protrusion, not a lot, about the same as a newly developed teenage girl during puberty.
But, this was undeniably a chest!

Gently pressing his finger at the center, he felt a small lump within the soft flesh.
It was slightly painful to touch.
But doesn't this confirm that his body is now truly identical to that of a teenage girl going through puberty?

Immediately, he reached his hand towards his lower body, and Lin Jin let out a sigh of relief.

“Luckily, I'm still a guy…” His facial expression became somewhat strange.
“But it seems like it's shorter now…”

Completely losing the mood to continue showering, he hastily rinsed off the foam from his body with water, quickly dried himself with a towel hanging nearby, and was about to put on his clothes when he suddenly noticed a figure outside the bathroom.

The action of getting dressed froze instantly, and the corners of Lin Jin's mouth twitched.

“Lin Jin, are you in there?” Wu Min, outside the bathroom, closed the door and unzipped his pants to urinate in the toilet.
He continued speaking, “Hey, I have to say, you look particularly beautiful like this.”

As mentioned before, the bathroom was divided by frosted glass into a toilet and a shower area.
The frosted glass was not completely transparent, but faintly revealed the silhouette of a person.

At this moment, Lin Jin could only regret not locking the bathroom door while showering.

“To be honest, you seem to have breasts” Wu Min chuckled.
“Just a bit small, can't compare to my wife's.
My wife had bigger breasts even three years ago.”

Lin Jin immediately turned his body away from Wu Min, a surge of frustration rising in his chest.
He was almost infuriated by Wu Min's remarks.

“Hurry up, I also need to shower later” Wu Min finished urinating, turned around, and headed towards the door.
Just as Lin Jin was starting to relax a little, he suddenly saw a head poking back in.
“Honestly, your figure really resembles that of a woman…”

“Get lost!” Without waiting for Wu Min to finish speaking, an enraged Lin Jin kicked the frosted glass in frustration.

The already fragile frosted glass made a loud noise and trembled after the kick, startling Wu Min, who immediately pulled back his head.
“Forget it, I won't tease you anymore.”

“Crazy person!”

With a grim expression, Lin Jin finished dressing and walked out of the bathroom with his recently changed clothes.
As soon as he stepped out, he saw Wu Min washing his face on the balcony.
Lin Jin let out a light snort and walked straight into the dormitory.
He noticed that the floor had already been cleaned by Wu Min.

Facing the mirror in the dormitory, he carefully searched for any changes on his face.
He found that the task reward had indeed been granted.
The so-called “basic facial transformation” had made his pimples and acne scars disappear completely, even the tiny facial hairs seemed to have vanished.
He gently touched his face and felt the smoothness, as if he had well-maintained female skin.

Not bad, if only I didn't grow breasts…

After familiarizing himself with the so-called “basic facial transformation” Lin Jin pulled a nearby chair and sat down decisively.
He rested his cheek on one hand and opened his laptop.
While waiting for it to boot up, he opened the app on his phone that he despised so much—the Goddess Cultivation Plan.

The appearance of this app had changed since yesterday.
Originally, there were three buttons at the top and a blank space.
Now, at the bottom, there was an additional input field.

Before Lin Jin could speak, the black cat suddenly appeared on the screen.

“Hey! Good morning!” The black cat's face twisted into a sly smile.
“I've noticed that every time you talk to me, you seem to be very cautious.
So, I added text input for you.
From now on, you can directly communicate with me by typing!”

“Do you think I won't yell at you?!”

“I’ll still f*cking yell at you!” Lin Jin gripped the phone with both hands, and his two thumbs frantically tapped on the screen.
“Tell me! Why did I grow breasts?!”

“Isn't it normal to grow breasts?” The black cat tilted its head, looking puzzled.
“And you should be happy about it, shouldn't you?”

“Happy my ass!” Lin Jin felt like his chest was about to explode.
“I don't want breasts! Change me back now!”

“No, no, can't do that.” The black cat shook its head repeatedly.
“A goddess shouldn't have a flat chest.
You need to at least have a C cup to barely meet the standard.
Come on! I believe in you!”

In Lin Jin's mind, an image of himself with a C cup immediately appeared.
His expression darkened instantly.
His mood had been terrible all day, and he was about to type a furious response when he suddenly noticed a head popping up beside him.
He quickly covered the phone with his hand on the table, afraid that someone might discover the cat in the phone, which seemed as lively as a real person.

“Who are you chatting with?” Wu Min leaned his head over and peered into Lin Jin's phone.
“Why did you hide it as soon as I came over? Are you texting your boyfriend or something?”

“Boyfriend?” Lin Jin narrowed his eyes slightly, turned his head, and stared at Wu Min with a dangerous look.
“Do you believe that tonight I can transform into Ma JiaJue?”

“I believe!” Wu Min immediately took two steps back, awkwardly smiling.
“I'll go play in the next room, don't think about me.”

“Get lost!”

Watching Wu Min's departing figure, Lin Jin glanced at Wen Xuan still sleeping on the bed.
Then, he picked up the phone that was placed on the table and continued typing, asking, “Why did I grow breasts? Tell me the reason.”

“You saw it, right?” The black cat pointed to the feminization progress bar at the top, stating it as a matter of course.
“It's already fifteen percent.
If you're undergoing feminization, of course, you'll grow breasts.
When the progress bar reaches one hundred, your appearance and body will basically resemble that of a goddess.
Hmm, except for the little JJ.”

“You, just get lost…” Lin Jin immediately realized he misspoke and corrected himself.
“There's nothing else.
Please go rest.”

Ignoring the first half of Lin Jin's sentence, the black cat casually grabbed a reclining chair from the side and lounged on it, humming comfortably.

Lin Jin locked his phone screen and sighed.
“What is all this? How did I end up encountering these strange things?”

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