”Five, four, three, two, one! Ready or not here l come ”. Lilian, a young woman in her early thirties calls aloud as she uncovers her eyes. She was playing a game of hide and seek with her five year old daughter Lilith in their small apartment.

”Now where could you be ” She asked rhetorically as she looks around the sitting room, behind and beside her cushions, under the center table, behind the fridge, and every where else in the sitting room with a slight look of fustration on her face.

”Honey ” she called out to her baby girl. ”You know you were supposed to hide only within the sitting room and l suppose you are not here at all ” she continued still looking around with her eye balls rolling around the sitting room. From up to down, left to right, till her eyes met something she was drawn to. A small cupboard beside the all screen TV. Thats it! She said to herself with joy. Thats where Lilith was hidding, and she was sure she could fit into it judging from her size.

Slowly, she tip toed to the cupboard, not wanting to alert her of her coming as she was sure she must have by now believed she was already fustrated and accepting her loss. She smiled to herself as she imagined the look that will plaster on her pretty baby girls face when she finds out she found her.

She got close to the cupboard and flung it open with full force. ”Gotcha! ”.

Lilith was startled at first but got hold of herself and let out a loud laugh. ”Ha haha. Mommy you found me ”. She stretched out her arms for her mom to carry her.

”Of course l did baby girl ” Lilian took her hands ”come here baby girl ”. She kissed her on she both cheeks and cuddled her.

”Mommy haha ” Lilith giggled as held her mom tight and give in to her cuddles and kisses. But suddenly, her stomach growled loudly. She looked at her mom and she looked back at her. They stayed like that for about three seconds before they both burst into laughter.

”Looks like my baby girl needs feeding. It seems that all the monsters in her belly have eaten all the Mac and cheese she had about two hours ago hmm ” Lilian teased.

”No mommy ” Lilith began with a pout. ”I don have monsters in my belly and l am not hungry, l am still full from the Mac and… ”. She was still speaking before her stomach growled again, this time louder than before and making her loose track of her words as her mother burst in to another round of laughter.

”You were saying? ” Lilian kept laughing till she heard another growl. ”Now thats the height of it ” her face turned serious. ”Its almost dinner time and l am not supposed to blame you for being that hungry, besides you just finished playing and am sure you sweated some of your food out of your body pores ”. She brought her down and crouched to her level. ”Come on, lets get you cleaned up so we can have dinner ” she said to het with the most beautiful smile.

”Sure mommy ” young Lilith nodded and returned her mothers smile with more life in hers. Her mother was the only family she had and knew about, as she doesn even know who her father was or what he looks like since she was born. Her mother always told her that her father was among Trivens military and defense forces against other worlds. She really did not understand what her mother meant, but she sure believed her father was a superhero just like in her story books.

She took her to the bathroom and gave her a thorough bath under the shower. She would have used the tub but she knew her hunger won allow her to wait for the bath to be drawn, so she passed for the shower. She got her dressed up in her pajamas and had her bath too and change in to her night gown as well.

”Now come here ” Lilian lifted her up again and carried her to the kitchen where she placed her

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