”Gorgor. Long time ago, from the blue east star, on the surface of our planet Omania, there was an existing world of aliens known as Gorgor. It was known as the world with the brightest stars and skys because its core shone the brightest more than that of other worlds… ”

”Mommy? ” Lilith interrupted with a sleepy voice.

”Yes darling ” Lilian creased her face.

”You haven told me what the people of Gorgor looked like, or are they just like us? ”.

”I don know baby but the diagrams in this story book tells me that they look like sticks ” Lilian said with a confused look on her face as she flipped through the books pages to see that all the diagrams it contain were stick drawings.

”Sticks? ” Lilith was a bit surprised. ”If they were sticks mommy, l am sure their bright stars would have burned them already ” she focused her bright purple eyes on her moms face, awaiting her reply.

”You know baby ” Lilian held her left hand and creased it gently. ”This happened a very long time ago, so no one alive knows what the people of Gorgor really looked like, but it is certain that they were not from our planet and they looked totally different from us. Can l continue the story now? ”.

”Yes mommy ”.

”Good, now where was l… Hmmm ” Lilian scanned through the pages of the book before she found out where she was before Lilith interrupted. ”Ah ha! But Gorgor became a story when their powerful King, king Radia became power thirsty and seeked dominance over other worlds in Omania. He conquered so many world and extinguished their existence with their bright stars, and expanded their boundaries, over their lands.

However, his son prince Andreas was never in support of his fathers lust for power and he always thought of ways to change his mind but all was to no avail.

The young prince spoke with words, wrote in notes, sang in lyrics to his fathers listening but all his efforts were futile as the bad king refused to heed to his words.

Prince Andreas was now helpless as he let his father do as it so pleased him. The king destroyed and dominated worlds upon worlds upon worlds, till he decided to dominate Triven.

Our great ruler, Lord Agrippa the first at that time, fought bravely with all the human and natural resources of Triven. Our technology and natures gift were all used in the battle against Gorgor. But most especially, our rangers. They fought bravely and defended our world.

The war ended with Gorgor becoming lost in a star, by the convergence of the powers of all our rangers which they could not stand up to. And till today, it is not known which of the stars of our planet Omania that contains Gorgor but its constellation that bore its symbol never left the sky. The end ”.

Lilian closed the book to behold her already sleeping daughter. Of course she couldn stay awake till the end of the story, she never does but always insteaded on hearing it every night.

”Good night sweetheart ” she kissed her for head. ”Tomorrow is going to be a great day for you ”. Of course it was, it was her first day at the Trivens kids ranger institute and she has dreamt of going there and becoming a ranger like her father. She didn want to attend the kids science institutes nor the kids adminstrative institute. Those were the three bases of Triven. Martial arts, science and administration and it is a law that every citizen of this world must indulge in at least one of these three strongholds because if there is some thing every world on the planet agreed on, it would be that there is no mercy for the weak and the only ones that should survive are the fittest.

For this reason, Triven has set it to be a law to lay a solid foundation from the creche that every of its son or daughter must be enrolled in any of these schools once at the age of five so that they can be fit to defend their world against external rivals in the future.

She (Lilian) had enrolled into the administration institute and was trained to become a part of Trivens ruling teams. Those from the science institutes were the brains behind their worlds technology and those from the ranger institute like her late husband where the brawn and defense of Triven. All had a crucial role to play in the building and growth of Triven, why it has remained unbeatable.

She smiled at the thought that her little Lilith would join the rangers tomorrow as all she was enthusiastic about was to be a ranger and a superhero like father.

She stood from the chair and it drew back under her drawing and colouring table where she had brought it from as she kept the storybook back in its place on the shelf. She turned off the lamps by the two sides of her cute bed and left the room, shutting the door lightly behind her.

The night remained calm till it was midnight. Someone suddenly appeared in Liliths room, watching her from the door where he stood. It was dark to his features, but it was certain that his white robe glittered and sparkled in the dark.

He crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned on the wall, with his whole gaze focused on Lilith.

After some time, he finally decided to come closer and get a better look of her. He got her bed and examined her closely. She lay on her bed face up, still asleep as her breathes were slow and steady. She was indeed a beauty, even at this very young age. Infact, she looked like a toy with her cartoon like facial features. Her purple long wavy hair, her big ball eyes with perfectly carved brows and long lashes. He could wait to see her breathtaking purple eyes. Also, her small pointed nose and finally her pink soft plump lips which he could resist the temptation to touch and even kiss them.

He felt her face with his fingers, as the trailed over her soft smooth skin. He felt down her face to her lips, and stopped there. He touched her soft lips as he fought so hard to resist the temptation not to kiss, and he lost. He gave in. He leaned over her immediately in attempt to kiss her, but stopped when he felt her move under her sheets.

He stayed still for while,seizing his breathe and waiting for her to calm down and drift to sleep again, and she did after tightening her sheets around her again.

He exhaled deeply, without realizing that it might wake her up. And before he did know, it was already too late as Lilith had already opened her royal purple orbs widely to meet a very colorful pair of eyes even in the dark of the night that she didn find familiar.

”Mommy! ”…

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