”Who are you? ” She asked him in confidence and boldness. ”I would have said you were my daddy but my mommy said that my daddy has my purple eyes and hair and l have seen his pictures too to know what he looks like. So who are you? ”.

Bold he muttered to himself still staring at her in astonishment and not speaking a word.

”Mister? I asked who you are ” Lilith repeated as she didn get a reply the first time and neither did she get any this time.

Without speaking too, she stood from her bed and walked to her door to open it.

”Where are you going? ” The man finally spoke. His voice sound so rhythmic that little Lilith was very enchanted by it. He words where as if he was singing, as it had this very soothing melody.

But that didn make Lilith forget why she was at the door. ”I am going to tell my mummy that you are back, so that she will tell me who you are since you have refused to me anything ”.

”Hahaha ” he burst in to laughter. His laughter was even more enchanting than his words. It sounded more melodic than the songs chirping birds at her balcony every morning. ”That will not be possible Lilith ”

”Why? ” She crossed her arms over her chest.

”Because your mommy can not see me, only you can. And you know why? ” She shook her head. ”Would like like to know? ” She gave him a nod. ”Well it is because I am your friend ” he said with the sweetest smile ever.

”My friend? ” Lilith was surprised and excited at the same time. ”You are really my friend? ”.

”Sure. I know of your kind hearted likness for me, and l have come to make those feelings mutual ”.

”Mu… chu what? ”

”I mean that l know you like me and l like you too ”. He just now understood she was just five and wouldn comprehend him easily.

”I don like you ” she denied. ”I don even know who you are. Tell me who you are mister! ” She raised her voice a bit.

This time, he decided not to talk. He only stretched his hand to her story book shelf and and took out her favorite book, Gorgor. He flipped through the pages of the book as Lilith just watched him with all curiosity. He flipping till he stopped at the exact page that illustrates where prince Andreas was pleading to his father king Radia. He chuckled a bit on how the images where represented with stick drawings and drew the seat from the table beside him and made himself comfortable on it before he spoke to her.

”This is who l am ” he showed the book to her and and pointed at the drawing of prince Andreas.

”No ” Lilith shook her head. ”That is prince Andreas, and he is my favorite character in my perfect story book. Give me that ” she snatched the book from him and held it tight to her chest. ”You don even look like him, because my mommy said that the people of Gorgor don Look like us. But you are the same with me. You have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two hands and two legs. You are not prince Andreas ”. She remained firm on her believe.

”Lilith it is l prince Andreas ” he tried to convince her as he gave her his hand. ”And your mommy is right, l am an alien and not from this planet. My world came from a blue star from the east of the east of the galaxy, so we are not from this planet but once leaved here. And for my looks, l am not the same with you. The people of my world dont have ears, and that includes me. We don hace ears ”.

Lilths eyes widened. ”You don have ears?! ” She immediately looked at the sides of his face and realized that he was right. He really doesn have ears! ”You don have ears! How then are you hearing me, because my mommy says that we hear with our ear ”.

”Thats very right smart girl ” he applauded. He admired the fact that she was very intelligent. ”We do not hear like the people of Triven your world since we don possess the same organ for hearing. But we have this chip at the back of our neck that helps us hear ”.

”Can l see it? ” Lilith pulled her bedsheet away from her and knelt on the bed, waiting on his response.

”No because it is invisible ”. He lied, it wasn invisible at all but he only refused to show her because it wasn a pretty sight for age. They all were born with this chip and it was like a carved tattoo of their world symbol, a phoenix blazing light around it. And he wasn sure how she would react on seeing a tattoo of that sort on a persons neck, considering how young she was.

”Oh ok ”. Lilith sat back down in disappointment. She had really wanted to see what his chip looked like. ”But thats the only difference you have with me right? ”

”No ” he shook his head. ”My eyes might be the same number with number with yours, but they don have a distinct color. It consists of all the colors of my worlds rainbow. Which is twenty four colors. That is why they are multicolored, and so is my hair ”. He bent his head for her to get a clearer view of his long straight hair.

She was amazed with his hair color and couldn resist touching it. It felt so soft and smooth, making her comb it with her fingers as she buried them into it till she felt his skull. Before she knew it, she buried her face into it and inhaled its scent. She could tell excatly what it smelt like, but she was very certain it smelled really nice.

”I can see you love my hair ” He smiled at her as he raised up his head after he was sure she was done feeling it. ”So do you now believe that l am prince Andreas? ”.

”Ok l do! ” She squealed as she hugged him. ”And l agree that l am your friend ”.

Andreas froze at the hug, he had never been hugged before and neither could he tell what it felt like but he was sure it felt great and he like it even though her tiny hands could not meet at his back.

”Tomorrow morning l am going to show you to my mommy and l am sure she will be very happy to see you. And our neighbors too, and oh you will come with me to ranger school tomorrow, l am sure every one will be excited to meet prince Andreas in person ” she now drew away from the hug but her beautiful smile still stuck on her face.

”No Lilith ” he objected.

”But why? ”

”I am not really here, l am still stuck in a star with the rest of my world ”.

”But l can see you here ” Lilith was confused.

”That is only because you have me in here ” he touch her head.

”My head? ”

”No Lilith your mind. I am not real, your mind only makes you see and feel me, while no one else can. So you can tell anyone about me else l will be your friend no more ”.

Lilith wasn getting him at all. The only thing she comprehended was that she must not tell anyone about him, not even her mommy. She had never kept anything from her mom before but she intended starting now because she liked prince Andreas and wouldn like to loose her friendship with him.

”Ok ” she blurted. ”Come lets lie on my bed prince Andreas ” she offered, as she made space for him to lay.

”Just call me Andreas ”.

”Ok Andreas, you are my friend now come lets lie on my bed together ”.

He hesitated a bit but gave because her cute face was irresistible at the moment. He got on her cute purple bed and lay beside him. Without warning, she wrapped her arms around him as she buried her head on his chest. Now he was regretting taking the offer. No! she is just five and his brain knows that but his mind refused to understand as it had wild thoughts rushing in and out.

”Andreas? ” She called with a sleepy voice.

”Yes Lilith ”

”Please read me Gorgor, l would love to hear it ”.

”Oh Lilith why would l read a book for when l can tell you the real story! ”

”Really? ” Lilith was very excited, even with het heavy eyes.

”Of course, we are friends now ”…

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