Chapter 1: A Beauty With Silver Hair and the Me Who Got Fired

TL: kanenashi
ED: Spynine01

Money, money, money.

All of us know that we need money to survive, and I know that fact very well.

That’s why I’m working even on late school nights.

Just in order to survive.


Rent, utilities, food, and many other things that I need for school.

My parents died in an accident, so I had to earn all of those things all on my own.

If I had stayed with my relatives, who had offered to take me in, I wouldn’t have had to go through any of this hardship.

But I just couldn’t trust those people who flattered me for the inheritance that my parents had left me.

Instead of being sad about my parents’ death, I could see that they were very happy behind their sad faces.

I didn’t want to live with such people, even if I had to pay the price for it.

That’s why I took out only the amount required for my school fees from my parent’s inheritance and distributed all the remaining money to my relatives.

With the condition that they never affiliate with me ever again-

“Hey, kid, you can take a break now.”


I’m currently working at a road construction site.

Since the work is done near the downtown area in front of the station, there’s a good amount of traffic present, and I was assigned to guide the traffic in order to prevent any accidents.

Of course, as a minor, I’m not actually allowed to work late at night.

This job had been hastily advertised due to the failure of my predecessor, and it was a day job with no resume required.

So I felt bad, but I lied about my age and applied for the job.
And the youthful part of me was successfully hired, and that’s how I’m working now.

“Man, it’s great to have young people around here.
You’re a college student, right?”


“That’s great.
My back hurts too much to compete with you.
Here, I’ll buy you a coffee.”

“T-thank you very much.”

Yanagi-san, who was working at the site, handed me a can of sugar-free coffee.

Summer was approaching, and the cold coffee soaked into my body, which was burning from the thick work clothes worn for safety.


“I’ll be back in about ten minutes.
I’ll see you soon.”


Yanagi-san smiled reliably and went back to the place where his friends were gathering.

It’s not that I’m not a good person, it’s just that I’m not a good person.

“I’m sorry….”

Still, I can’t afford to lose this part-time job.

I work at a convenience store during the day and also traffic guidance during the night.

I have very little time to sleep and study every day.

If you calculate the amount of money I make and the amount of time I actually spend on it, I’d still be on the edge.

After this, it’s just a matter of how much sleep I can properly cut down on.

It might be a little easier if I slept at school, but —- I don’t want to consume my precious learning time with rest.

“That was close.”

Just a little bit of thinking, and my consciousness immediately began to leave my body.

It seems that my fatigue has already reached a level that I can’t ignore anymore.

I stood up from the step on the road I was sitting on, before my body suddenly stopped moving from taking a break.

I stood up and looked in the distance.
My eyes catch a figure that seems to be arguing with someone closeby.

“P-please stop!”

“You’re so cute, you should hang out with this uncle for the night.”

A girl about my age… a sophomore in high school is getting tangled up with a drunk middle-aged man with a tie on his head.

The girl clearly has a troubled look on her face, and the middle-aged man is too drunk to speak properly.

The girl is clearly in trouble, and the middle-aged man is too drunk to talk properly.
The girl could be assaulted by the irritated middle-aged man anytime now.

I couldn’t ignore her now that I had seen her, so I took advantage of the fact that I was taking a break and left my post and ran over to he

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