hem into the basket one after the other.
They were mainly black and white clothes.

She was so quick to act on her word that I couldn’t even stop her.

(Not good… I’m starting to get numb fast.)

The high prices of the earlier purchases make all these T-shirts look cheap.

Of course, that’s for Tojo-san, while for me, a thousand yen is enough money to live for a week.

I would have liked to live without forgetting that feeling, but―I’m afraid that has already started to fade a little.

“As long as I get the T-shirts, there’s nothing else I want in this shop.
Shall we move on?”

“Ah… got it.”

“Um, are you all right? If it looks like it’s too much for you to hold, I can cut it down a little more.”

“No! I’m fine about that.”

I took the basket from her and made my way to the cash register.

It was indeed heavy for clothes, but it didn’t matter.

The problem was the final price of everything.

After the first shop, the next stop was a brand-name clothing store.

The prices of each piece of clothing jumped dramatically, and clothes were stylishly displayed in a way that even my parents could no longer afford when they were alive.

The trousers closest to me were 30,000―No, let’s not look any further.

I later learnt that the shop where I bought my clothes, and even this shop, are still small in the fashion world.

There are shops in this world where a single piece of clothing costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some rich people only buy their clothes from such places.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

“Since we got Haruyuki-kun new clothes, I thought I’d get new matching ones too.”

After describing why she came to the shop, Tojo-san rummaged through the clothes laid out.

To be honest, I felt uncomfortable in this shop, probably because it was a lot of women’s clothing.

I felt strangely ashamed of myself for being so subconsciously nervous, so I decided to follow behind Tojo-san while trying my best to mend my expression.

“I’m sorry for the suddenness, Haruyuki-kun.
Between these two, which one do you think suits me better?”


I barely managed to calm myself down when I got approached.

Tojo-san had two outfits.

One side has a pink below-the-knee skirt that stops above the waist against a white dress made of a light knitted material.

And on the other, a loose-fitting light blue shoulder-length shirt and slightly dull white half-pants.

Both were different shades of the same colour, making it moderately difficult to choose.

“Since a while ago, these two have been competing with each other, and I would like Haruyuki-kun to choose one of them…”

“Ah, aah…”

Once again, I could say that both definitely suit Tojo-san.

She herself knew this, which is why she got torn between the two.

“If I had to say which one it is, I would say this one.”

After much deliberation, I pointed to the white knitted outfit and the pink skirt.

Since she asked, knowing that both would look good on her, it was a matter of my taste.

“Haruyuki-kun, do you prefer this one?”

“It’s a bit embarrassing when you put it like that, but… Well, I guess that’s the way it goes.”

“Then I’ll buy this one.
I want to match Haruyuki-kun’s taste.”

Even though she had just made her choice, Tojo-san looked quite happy as she made her way to the cash register.

Then, after paying, she borrowed a fitting room and came back in the clothes she had just bought.

“How do you like it?”

‘I think… it looks really good on you.
How can I put it…? You look cute.”


When I told her frankly, Tojo-san furrowed her face and held her chest.

For a moment, worry welled up in me, but I realized that she was smiling ecstatically, and I was puzzled.

“Haruyuki-kun said… that I’m cute… Fufufufu…”

―I think I’ll leave her alone for a while.

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