Offering you a job

”Oh! Oh! Look who we have here… mister PA ” Laura called loudly and was reminded of how she had a fight with his arrogant boss

”Good morning Ms Smith ” John greeted with a smile making him look much younger than his age

”Morning mr PA ” dusting away the flour she had on her hand on the apron she was wearing.

”You can call me john ” she smiled sweetly at him and nod her head

”What business do you have here John? ”

”Im here to see Mr lothsome ”

”Your boss sure doesn give up ” Asking him to take a seat before she walked to the kitchen to call Tim

”Good morning ” John was surprised seeing Tim. He didn know the man was old.

”Morning Mr lothsome. Im here on behalf of my boss to make another appointment with you ” John said going straight to the point.

”I thought laura told him I wouldn be selling the bakery right laura? ”

”I absolutely did tim ” Laura replied nonchalant

”Well you can tell Mr willson I will be available anytime he wants to see ” Tim said ”Im always at the bakery ”

”Alright Mr lothsome. Do have a nice day Ms smith ” he said and left

”What? ” Laura shouted when he saw Tim looking at her or giving her a look

”I know Laura did something or obviously said something to the man dad ” Henry put in, packing his bag to go to his music practice

”Shut your mouth and leave Henry ” But he grinned at her and shrug before he left the bakery

”I did nothing tim ” she said when he saw Tim was still looking at her

The sound of the door bell interrupted Tim in what he was going to say

”We have customers and we will talk about it later dear ”

oh damn Mr willson

* * * * * * * *

”Heres the information you asked for from the private investigator sir ” John said putting the file on bryans desk. Bryan abandoned his laptop and took up the file to study it. He glanced at it for some minutes and said to John

”We are going for the appointment at 12pm. Cancel my meeting for that time ”

”And call the company construction manager and tell him the space is ready to be built ”.John was taken back at his boss statement. Mr lothsome was already adamant about selling the bakery and his boss said hes ready for construction?????

”Yes sir ” And John left

LAURA **ITH age twenty six lives with her mother and her younger brother and also catered their needs. Studied management in the university and also take shift in his own hotel. Bryan smiled when he read she kept on getting fired because of her temper she sure has a temper. He dropped her file and picked up another one.

And Henry Lothsome loves music but didn see any financial support for his education. He goes to the church music practice and comes back to work in his father bakery. Bryan loves all the information hes reading and everything is going to his own advantage.

After some hours, John came to get him for the apartment. He got to the bakery and saw Laura. Its hard not to notice her when shes wearing an apron that looks like it needs replacing. She laughed at the joke a man said which obviously was flirting with her and her hair is packed ponytail again Does she ever let her hair down he said to himself and he saw her walking towards him and doesn look happy like some second ago he saw her.

”Good afternoon Mr Wilson. Thought I wasn going to see you again and totally made myself clear about not selling the bakery ”

Ah that sure looks like a greeting Bryan said to himself

”You wouldn say that after this meeting ” he assured her and makes laura hummed at him

”Nice to finally meet you mr Lothsome ”

Tim walked up to him,extend his hands and was shaken.

”The pleasure is all mine Mr willson ”

”Pls follow me to my office ” Tim said

” You can wait here John ”Bryan told him

Tim then guard Bryan to an old office that also looks like it could collapse at any moment. Tim asked him to take a seat but was rejected.

”I will go straight to the point Mr lothsome ” Bryan gave him a file he was holding and Tim studied it and got quiet.

”Are you sure about sending Henry abroad for his music career and also foot all expenses? ” Tim asked him with a sad look that almost got Bryan to pity him but immediately wipe it away.

”Everything is written in this contract ” Bryan replied giving him another file

”Sign it and let make a deal Mr lothsome ” and Tim signed

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