She\'s coming back

Laura didn know what was said at the office but immediately she saw Tim who wore a sad look she knew something was wrong. She left the counter she was cleaning and walked towards them.

”We are selling the bakery laura ”Tim said to her interrupting anything she wanted to ulter to him

”WHAT!!!? ” Her screamed got people in the shop attention and quickly apologized

”A word with you Ms smith ” Mr willson said to her and walked out of the shop. She gave Tim an angry look and followed him out. He perceived the scent of her shampoo and he inhaled a smell of vanilla. He hadn been able to perceive this scent of hers since they weren so close like how close they were now oh gosh she smell divine he quickly clear his throat when he notice he wasn saying anything

”This is a contract if you wish to work for me ” Laura glare at him and Bryan stare into her beautiful blue eyes

”Why?And what do you think you are doing Mr willson? ”

”Offering you a job Ms smith ” he answered casually which annoys the hell out of her

She breathe in and out, and wish Henry was here but the spoilt brat is at the damn music practice. She ignored his response and asked instead

”What did you say to Tim to make him sell the bakery? ”

”Oh that…. Nothing much, I just told him why he should sell the bakery ” Bryan replied nonchalant and Laura wishes to slap him hard on his face

”The bakery meant alot to him Mr willson. Its a memory of his wife. How could you be so cruel ”

”I won waste anymore time here ms smith ” He signaled to John and ask him to give Laura his card. He left leaving laura stared after him

* * * * * * *

Henry was surprised when he came back from his practice to hear that his father sold the bakery.

”You still haven said the reason you have to sell the bakery dad ”

”Have sent your pay to your account laura. Don bother to come tomorrow and make sure you pack anything that you own before you go ” Tim said to her ignoring his own son and went back to his office. He shut the door quietly and took up his wife old pictures which he always kept on his desk. He hugged it and a tears escape his eyes. Mr willson already assure him of Henry future and hes grateful. He has two more months before his heart diseases will take him away. He cried harder this time and fell to the ground, keeping this a secret from Henry is a good thing anyway.

”So what are you going to do? Accepting the job or declining it? ” Henry asked laura

”I don want to work for that devil ” she replied chewing the cookies in her hand. Then she stood up suddenly after she saw the time

” I have to go for my shift now, call me if anything happens ok? ”

”Sure. My regards to Dora, let her know I said its been long since she visited our home. Or aren we neighbors anymore? ”

”Of course you are still neighbors but I will relay your message to her. Kissing Laura on both cheeks and pushed her out of the door before patting her head. Henry knows she hated it but now isn the time to retaliate and leave for her shift.

Henry turned the open sign to close then went to check on his father. He met him putting back his mother picture back to his desk and blocked his way out when he saw Tim was about to go out

”Are you going to keep avoiding my question dad? ”

”Nothing to talk about son. Call a moving truck for tomorrow and lets pack out our stuff ” Tim told her and left Henry in the office

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