Meeting her

”Laura! you are late again ” Timothy Lothsome said while putting the mixed flour back on the table. He wore an apron with a little stain of flour which state its been long he started baking before laura came. Timothy and his late wife owned the bakery laura worked. And ever since she started, he could count how many times laura came early. He couldn send her away because shes so loving, hardworking and he loves her like his own daughter. And all the customers loves her too.

”Im sorry tim ” Laura replied. She woke up late again and was woken up by her own mother. Laura works two shift which was known to tim. She works in an hotel as a receptionist and closes late in the night. She has been working like that ever since her father died leaving her, her younger brother luke and her mother. She had been working with tim since five years and she join the two salary she earned to help her mother with the expenses and also Lukes school fees. Luke Smith, laura younger brother is in his third year in the university while laura finish hers six years ago but couldn keep all the office work she had been working. Shes short tempered and kept on fighting with her colleagues which always got her fired. Her mother is an hypertensive patient and that started after her father died. Laura promised to take care of her and told her to stop working and took all the burden alone.

”Hi laura ” Henry Lothsome who is timothy son greeted her

”hi Henry….. Im so sorry I came late Tim. It won happen again ”

That earn a big laugh from Tim and his son. She always says that ever since the time she had been working there. Laura frown at henry which made him leaves

”oh! I will be going back to the kitchen ” henry quickly ran away from there leaving tim and laura alone

”I slept late and I woke up late ” she smiled before saying ” And like the saying late to bed, late to rise And both of them shared a laughter. Laura took her apron and was preparing to join tim when she heard him not to.

”you don have to join me here ” Tim said to her looking at the clock behind her head

”We still have about one hour before we open ”

”what do you need me for then? ”

” I have an appointment with the willson company and I was hoping youd go for me ” tim said

”I thought you already reject him? ”

Tim smiled and hug her very fast before turning her towards the door, and said to her

” No I didn ”which got her to turn back at him before glaring ”before you say anything…. I only told him i will think about it and here is my decision ….. ”

”Whats your decision Tim? ” And tim was quiet for some time which is getting Laura impatient.

”Talk Tim, Im getting furious at you right now ”

”Oh my dear! Theres no need for that because we are not selling it ” laura laughed and hug the man, kissing him on both cheek.

”Your wife is so lucky to have you tim ”

”You flatter me too much ”Tim replied

” Now go before you are late, heard he dislike lateness laura ” Henry said coming out from the kitchen ”laura chuckled ” its a pity im use to being late ”

” Pls no need to make the man angry since we are turning down his request ” Tim concluded

” Alright! Alright Im going ” Laura said and not before she kiss tim on his cheeks once again and left.

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