Heaven’s raid

The beginning of the raid

Lucifers castle crumbles in the wake of the battle. The hall and throne room are in shambles, behind the throne black blood runs slowly down the wall. Sitting on the throne itself was Michael with his legs outstretched and fist under his chin.

A hoard of angels began exterminating all demons they could find. Ripping, tearing and screams of the demon could be heard. Some of them were begging for mercy but the angels smiled before ripping out their hearts.

Michael sat there smiling enjoying the symphony of screams. That was interrupted by a loud coughing

”Lucy could you please be quieter please, Im trying to listen to these things dying ” Michael smiled

Behind the throne, lucifer was crucified with wings being pinned up as well. Blood ran down from his eyes and mouth. He looked at him with a crooked smile and chuckled a little bit. This annoyed Michael a little causing him to get off the throne.

”Whats so funny lucy huh?, I defeated you, destroyed your castle, slaughtered your subjects, sat on your throne and was about to destroy your realm ” Michael bragged. ”Nothing you do at this point will matter. I wonder what our father was thinking when made you, you
e nothing but the prideful idiot that doesn know how to be grateful. Im way better than you can ever be, father counted on me after he cast you out ”

”All I heard from that was daddy never loved me and Im second best. Am I right ” Lucifer chuckled, ”I know the old man won order something like this, unless…wait you
e planning on ”

Michael finally got off the throne and walked up to him. His face was twisted with anger and spite.

”Whatever you
e thinking it isn that. Im going help our fathers creations which he loves more than anything ” Michael in a rough tone

”A creation which he loves more than us ” Lucifer retorted,

”Not this again ” Michael annoyed

”Im better than them yet he spends time on them!! ” Lucifer yelled

”And Im the one with daddy issues, They needed him more than us ” Michael straining his voice, ”You
e just mad dad didn give away your toy ”

With that comment, Lucifer spat blood directly in his eye. Michael wiped the blood out of his eyes and looked at it. The way he looked was almost sorrowful, he flew up to Lucifer and wiped the blood on his face.

”Look at what you did to yourself Lucy ” Michael sighed

”What, become the most powerful angel of all time ” Lucifer proudly

”You tainted yourself the process lets not forget about that, shall we?. Thats enough family therapy its time for executions. ” Michael said

”Execution ha ha ha ” Lucifer laughed hysterically ”I don think you have the facilities for that big man ”

Michael let a huge sigh

”I thought you didn like humans Lucy but here you are using their slang ” Michael shaking his head

”Oh I don like them **ers but the way they speak amuses me sometimes ” Lucifer admitted

Michael rolled his eyes and continued speaking ”This isn your execution no, its the princes of hell execution ”

Lucifers jokey demeanour dropped immediately. He tried freeing himself but couldn because the nails had an insane amount of holy energy imbued into them. The sins were brought into the room one by one with hoods on. They were lined up in front of lucifer and placed on their knees.

”Michael don do this, you don understand what could happen ” Lucifer pleaded

”I know what happens if I kill all of them ” Michael smiled

”Well if you do know whats going to happen then stop this madness ” Lucifer begged, ”This is the only thing I have to call home now ”

”You should have thought of that before you ate from the tree ” Michael scornfully ”But Ill let them go if you give me what I want ”

”I can let you have that and you know why ” Lucifer explained

A golden yellow light emerged from Michaels hand but quickly it extended and sharpened into a blade. He hung the blade over one of the princes head.

”Im not bluffing here Lucy give me your spear ” Michael

”I can trust you with my spear especially now, ” Lucifer said

Without any hesitation, Michael sliced off the princes head and moved over to the next one. This continued for a while until the very last demon prince was alive.

”Hes the last one Lucy give me the spear ” Micheal coldly

Lucifer looked at him seething, still trying to break free.

”Lucy you
e not breaking out of that bond so just tell me where the spear is? ” Michael asked

”GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!! ” Lucifer bellowed

Michael swung downward with full force lopping off the head of the final prince. But as soon as the head touch the ground it turned into dust. It wasn just him the rest of the bodies turned into dust as well. The angel was taken aback but brought back due to the cackling of Lucifer, the anger of Michael shook the entirety of hell.

”Where did they go?!! ” Michael screamed

Lucifer just laughed even more

”There are high-ranking demons and theyve escaped ” Michael stressed

”They shouldve left by now so Ill tell you, the princes have left for the earth with your precious humans. I wonder what will happen if they
e not captured brother ” Lucifer cheekily

Michael rages and flies up then stabs lucifer in the shoulder. Then he calls out to the rest of the angels telling them to find the princes

e going to pay for this brother just take care okay ” Michael whispered into his ears

”Am I, ” Lucifer says before headbutting him and sending him crashing into the floor. He ripped himself free with blood splattering all over the place. He stood in the air floating and instantly healed all his wounds.

Michael crawled out of the crater he created and looked up to lucifer with venom in his eyes.

”You killed my subjects and I can have that ” Lucifer smirked

”I already defeated you ” Michael snarled

”Thats true but I needed information from you so ” Lucifer shrugged

”This time Ill soundly defeat you ” Michael shoots out of the crater

”HA HA HA HA Lets see then little brother ” Lucifer screamed rushing towards him.

It was after lunch and the incident with Kira rings fresh in everyones mind. They would look at Deanna with terror. The murmurs started to ring in her head and didn help with the headache she had either.

Ever since the incident, Deanna had a headache and she was hearing chirping. Not only chirping, something else as well. It sounded like someone talking to her but their voice was too distorted. Her sense started to rebel with every little sound, smell and touch sent waves of sickness through her body.

She grabbed her trying to fight off the pain until someone places a hand on her shoulder. She spun around seeing this guy standing there. He was 511 caucasian with wavy hair and freckles, he stood there confused for a minute

”You must be the new guy here ” she winced grabbing her eyes.

”Yeah, Im Ken Rauell ” He introduced himself

”Im Deanna Mark, your trainer and boss ” Deanna grabbed at her eyes

Ken scoffed at the thought of her being the boss, ”Okay if you say so ”

”Excuse what does ahhhhhh ” She grabbed at her eyes. A vision of a castle surrounded by lava and geysers spewing lava. Ashes fell like snow and laughter could be heard from the castle.

Deanna got up and rushed into the bathroom as quickly as possible. She looked into the mirror and what she saw horrified her. In the mirror were bloodshot eyes and tears of magma, her reflection twisted into her vision. Inside the castle was the demonic vision of herself sitting on her throne. She turned towards herself and looked in awe.

”You could see me right no. Thats amazing but that means its about to happen then. HA HA HAHA HA AHA AHA AAH ” She laughed manically, ”Trust me youll enjoy whats about to happen ”

The demonic version of herself disappeared leaving Deanna breathing heavily. The room spun around before it went dark.

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