There were no new messages on the PP app and the chat history between him and Doctor Tao remained at yesterday’s bid of having a good night.


He didn’t know if Doctor Tao would sleep in on the weekend, and since there was nothing for him to say today, Huo Ran didn’t send a greeting that morning.


It was almost evening now, so Doctor Tao must be awake.
I wonder what he is doing?


The newly addicted young man Huo Ran stared blankly at the computer screen for a while, unconsciously clicking on Doctor Tao’s profile picture.


[I tapped ‘Tao’.]


Huo Ran, “!!!”


He was stunned on the spot, expression stiff and at a loss.


In less than half a minute, Doctor Tao responded.


[‘Tao’ tapped me.]


The two lines of grey text between the men’s taps were connected, which looked like an instant exchange beyond words.
There was no dialogue, but they were looking at the chat interface at the same time.


Huo Ran’s heart moved slightly and he lowered his head unconsciously.


It was as if he was actually tapped on the head.


[HR: I just got back from playing basketball and I’m sweating all over //Penguin jumping//]


[HR: Is Doctor Tao relaxing outside?]


[Tao: I’m reading at home.]


[Tao: But I don’t seem to be able to get into it.]


[Tao: Salted fish laziness.jpg]


Staring at this exhausted salted fish’s expression, Huo Ran had a hard time linking this state with the self-disciplined Doctor Tao.


But this emoticon was so cute that Huo Ran silently saved the picture again.


[HR: Me too, I’ve been very impetuous recently.]


[HR: Doctor Tao, don’t force yourself to read books; you can go out for a walk.
I read the posts on the forum yesterday and it turns out that there are so many interesting places in Jinbei.]


[HR: Does Doctor Tao need an Amway(1)? ]


(T/N: Internet slang that means ‘a good recommendation’)


[Tao: You even know about Amway now //Dog’s head//]


Amway was a new word that Huo Ran learned from reading the posts yesterday.


He took the chance to use and learn the term.
After his attempt was noticed by Doctor Tao, Huo Ran blushed.


[Tao: Thank you~ I don’t need it for now since I don’t go out much.]


[Tao: I am used to being paralyzed at home, hahahaha.]


Although Doctor Tao ended with a long slur of laughs, for some reason, Huo Ran read a trace of loneliness from it.


Huo Ran immediately felt that this must be an illusion.
How could a gentle and warm-hearted person such as Doctor Tao be lonely?


So he didn’t think about it any more and chatted with Doctor Tao for a while longer until the doctor said that he was going to make some dinner.


Huo Ran went to the kitchen to make a bowl of noodles for himself.
He took the bowl back to the study and involuntarily opened the game icon on the desktop, completely forgetting about the rows of bookshelves behind him.


A while ago, Huo Ran’s daily schedule was very full, occupied by various boring business trips and social activities.
After he solemnly protested to Huo Zhendong, the hectic activities decreased— at the very least, weekends should be his own to spend.


Therefore, Huo Ran, who has finally experienced the feeling of being a 9-5 worker, didn’t want to work hard anymore on the weekends.
When he wanted to go out, he would invite his friends to play ball with him and eat out; when he didn’t feel like going out, he would merely remain at home and play his games.

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