Staying up late would bring temporary satisfaction, but the fact remains that crematorial procedures begin early(1).

(T/N: A saying that implies that although staying up late wouldn’t seem to be that dangerous, it can negatively impact one’s health unknowingly and mess up someone’s daily routine)

The consequence of breaking a fixed biological clock was the unavoidable drowsiness when going to work the next day with a mind full of incoherent words.

Tao Zhiyue got up with difficulty, brushed his teeth and ate breakfast all whilst sleepwalking.
He drifted into the company as if he was a ghost, and if he was being honest, he didn’t know what he had done throughout the entire morning.

Fortunately, a game version update was just completed yesterday so he could take a breather in the next few days.
Plus, since there were no submission requests planned for him, Tao Zhiyue could afford to relax slightly.

Tao Zhiyue had already forgotten the context of the conversation he had with Big Brother HR last night.
However, the two of them were basically sending each other a ‘good person card’.
In short, they had a simple understanding of each other to facilitate subsequent communications. 

With that in mind, Tao Zhiyue comforted himself.

After eating lunch and taking a nap on his table, Tao Zhiyue regained his sanity.

He took out his mobile phone, clicked on the app and pulled up the chat history of the conversation last night.
It was there that he realised his gradual disappearance from the chats led to Big Brother HR talking mostly to himself.

Tao Zhiyue was a little embarrassed, so he took the initiative to send a message.

[Tao: Good afternoon.
I accidentally fell asleep yesterday, so it wasn’t my intention to not reply.

[Tao: I get off work at 6 o’clock every day, finish my meal at 8 o’clock and go to bed at half past 10.
If it’s convenient for you, we can communicate between 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock in the evening.

Tao Zhiyue waited for a while, but there was no reply from the other party, so he assumed that HR was probably busy.

He didn’t care about it anymore as he opened the Little Green Bird IT Technology Exchange Community, ready to see what sort of hot topics have been trending recently.

He, who was staring at the screen intently, didn’t notice that a figure flashed past behind him just now.

Tao Zhiyue’s nickname in the Little Green Bird community was also Tao.
He occasionally posted some posts discussing technology and sometimes replied to other people’s posts asking for help.

The content of his replies were always to the point and the solutions he gave were both concise and practical.
Besides, his non-existent snobbish attitude and his patience in answering all sorts of questions gradually gained him many fans in the community.

Now, every time he posted something, there would be a group of people who bombarded the comments section with messages.
Hence, unless there were technical problems that bothered him, he rarely spoke, leaving his page as a silent gathering.

However, the list of online members would be displayed at the bottom of the community and although ordinary people might not pay much attention to it, some people who want to recruit him to partner in projects have been following him unremittingly.

One of the outstanding ones even designed a small program— as long as he was online, a full screen of red text prompts would appear on all his electronic devices.

A minute later, Tao Zhiyue received a new private message as expected.

[Gua: Ah!! Taotao, you are here!! You have been offline for 7 days, 8 hours and 3 minutes!!]


[Tao: Hello, Guagua.

[Gua: You haven’t been online for so long.
Does that mean you were busy with work? Were you being oppressed by a horrible boss? ]

[Gua: Why won’t you resign and work with me? Afternoon tea at the Sunshine Villa and the boss is both handsome and obedient.
Plus, you will get free shares when you join the team //rose/rose/rose// ]

Tao Zhiyue was amused by him.
Gua was a programmer that he met when he posted something a while back.
The two of them resonated a lot in the discussion of technical issues and since Tao Zhiyue constantly inquired about Gua’s field of research due to his interest in it, they became friends.
Gua thought of him as a confidant, but he always wanted to involve him to work on projects together.

For Tao Zhiyue, the company he was staying at now was indeed a bit underqualified for his skills.
The games they made were relatively simple and almost all of them were appearance-changing games that had already been established, sp they were not challenging.

But this was also the result of Tao Zhiyue’s careful selection.
He learned the lesson from the last company that was favoured by the Huo Enterprise, so he chose this small company with absolutely no distinctive nor innovative future development direction.

[Tao: Although I am touched by your persistence, you know my answer.

[Gua: No!! I confessed to my crush yesterday and just got rejected, so you should comfort me.
Please don’t reject this poor Guagua again QAQ]

[Tao: … How sad.

[Tao: Though, I still have to ask, can the company not raise funds within 2 years? As a senior, am I allowed to have no contact with anyone other than company employees? Or, can I work remotely all the time and not show up as my real identity? ]

Tao Zhiyue was a very responsible person.
The company where he once made a living was favoured by the Huo Enterprise, so he could resign and leave without burden.

But if the company he participated in starting a business had a great opportunity to cooperate with the Huo Enterprise, then he shouldn’t stop it because of his own selfishness.
This would be unfair to those who work side by side with him, despite the fact that this opportunity likely arose due to his contributions.

[Gua: Ahhh! ]

[Gua: Why?! Why is there such a strange request?! Even if you’re socially awkward, this is too much, isn’t it??!]

[Gua: Be honest, do you hate the rich? Once you see the boss, trust me, you will not be able to control your sinful hands! ]

[Tao: No… I just hate Huo.

[Gua:? Hate? Is this a name for a superstitious activity? ]

[Tao: You won’t understand.

[Tao: I am under a heavy pressure that I shouldn’t even have at this age.jpg]

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