Huo Ran, who just woke up, suddenly sneezed.

He rubbed his nose, stretched comfortably before laying motionless on the soft quilt, reminiscing about the sweet dreams of last night.

Ever since he was crazily pursued by a group of male friends, Huo Ran hadn’t had such a good night’s sleep for a long time.

During this month, when he arrived at the company, he could always see someone waiting for him in the reception room holding a bouquet of flowers; when he fled into the office, he would then see the assistant’s flushed face.

Yesterday, he skipped work and hid at home for an entire day, but in the middle of the night, someone wanted to come to his door to give him a hug.
Huo Ran, who had never seen such a battle for insistence before, was almost frightened out of his wits.

And these problems persisted not only when he was awake.
He would lay on the bed every night, worrying to the point that he tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep before dazedly losing consciousness after a struggle.
In his dream, there was a man that he didn’t know who kept flirting with him, which would shock him and awaken him from his hard-earned slumber.

Huo Ran, who was physically and mentally devastated, was getting more and more haggard, so he told his best friend Fa Xiao about his tragic experience, hoping to find a solution.

In the end, Fa Xiao was silent for a long time ,said quietly, “Will you be with one of them?”

Huo Ran, “Of course not! I don’t like men!!”

Fa Xiao, “So you won’t think about me either, right?”

Huo Ran, “???”

Huo Ran, “!!!”

Therefore, Huo Ran never dared to mention these things to his acquaintances again, for fear of accidentally revealing some long-buried secret.

After much deliberation, Huo Ran decided to turn to the mysterious online world for help.
He opened the search engine and solemnly entered ‘what should I do if I am pursued by someone of the same sex’.

There, he met Director Tao of the No.
7 Psychiatric Hospital in Jinbei City— a kind and considerate doctor.

Huo Ran originally wanted to tell Doctor Tao his name, career and living environment in detail.
Although he had never found a doctor online, a psychiatrist in real life should need to know the real situation of the patient.

However, Doctor Tao kindly told him that he should not reveal his real identity’s information online.
Huo Ran thought about it before deleting the self-introduction he had written.

He should respect what Doctor Tao said; perhaps this is the special feature of online medical treatment.

Huo Ran was very unfamiliar with the online world, so he was also cautiously in awe.

Last night, he chatted with Doctor Tao until a very late hour.
He practically vomited his dissatisfaction about his frightened life and crazily praised Doctor Tao for his selfless dedication.
Nevertheless, the Doctor didn’t reply to him afterwards.

…I wonder if Doctor Tao has gotten sick of me as well.

Huo Ran was a little worried, so he quickly got up and put on his clothes.
He ran to the study, turned on the computer and logged into pp.

Although his antique phone could also download the app, the screen was rather small and its operation was inconvenient.
Since it would be impossible to chat normally, Huo Ran had never used it.

In his eyes, mobile phones were used to make calls and send text messages.

There were unread messages from Doctor Tao on pp.

[Tao: Good afternoon.
I accidentally fell asleep yesterday, so it wasn’t my intention to not reply.

[Tao: I get off work at 6 o’clock every day, finish my meal at 8 o’clock and go to bed at half past 10.
If it’s convenient for you, we can communicate between 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock in the evening.

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