Chapter 1 – Waking Up In That Place

Act 1.
Waking Up In That Place.

 Oh no!

 A bright ray of sunshine shined through the curtains and trickled above Ranhee’s eyes.
She smiled as she enjoyed the warm sensation of sunlight.
That was until something popped up in her mind, causing her to pull herself up right away.


Today she was scheduled to appear on a television program.
If she wanted to arrive on time, she had to be up at least by four o’clock in the morning.
Even then, she would barely make it on time.
There should have been an alarm waking her up before the sun even came up.
Even if the alarm could not wake her up, a scary-faced version of secretary Yoon should have woken her up already.
What was going on?

Maybe secretary Yoon was asleep like Ranhee too.
It would be rare for that to happen, but it appears to be what happened.
She needed to hurry and get prepared.

 Pull yourself together, Cha Ranhee!

In self-hate, Ranhee mentally screamed in her head until she let out a sigh.
When she finally accepted her current predicament, she began looking for her cellphone on top of the nightstand.
Then… huh? She reached for the nightstand, but she could not touch anything next to her bed.
A weird sense of unfamiliarity began to hit her.
Goosebumps began to grow all over her back as she looked around the room.

She was not in her home. 

Although Ranhee was a famous pâtissier, she wasn’t successful enough to afford a room of this size.
Compared to the bed she was currently on, the bed she purchased after she became famous was more modest.
There were carefully-sculpted golden poles on each corner of the bed.
Between the poles were red and blue gemstones.
It was the same for many of the other furniture in the room.
None of them fell short to the bed appearance wise.
Most of the furniture matched with the bed.
In Ranhee’s mind, she estimated the total cost of the furniture, and she felt disgusted.

 ‘How much money do you need to waste away like this?’ thought Ranhee.
She was fed up with the luxurious bed and got out of her bed.


She screamed as she fell down to the floor due to losing her balance.
Ranhee was originally five foot eight inches tall.
She was completely caught off-guard and could not control her new body.
She was now in a five-foot two inches tall, frail and muscle-less body. 

 Or was it the opposite? Maybe it was the frail body she was in that could not handle Ranhee’s active movements.
She did not understand the changes in her body and slumped down in self-pity. ‘Ugh, I should tell Joonho to go harder on my workou

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