Lu Yanzhou thought a lot, but he never let go of Xie Chengze during that time, and Xie Chengze too also didn’t let him go.

When he lowered his head, he could see Xie Chengze lying motionless in his arms.

Xie Chengze grew up in a sterile environment.
He wasn’t exposed to the sun all year round, and he only eats nutritious meals prepared by a doctor…His skin is very pale and flawless.
He looks a few years younger than his actual age.

If said that he was only 17 or 18 years old, others might believe it.

Xie Chengze, who lives in a glass cage and hardly has contact with outsiders, is probably quite young in mental age.

Lu Yanzhou was still a bit confused about the person in front of him and that cold friend in his memory, but now he can completely distinguish them.

This is Xie Chengze’s soul fragment.
He can think of him as…Xie Chengze’s child?

Lu Yanzhou lovingly touched Xie Chengze’s head, somewhat distressed.

The original owner befriends Xie Chengze, it’s all about money from beginning to end.
It was fine as a child, but he never came near this wall after he grew up.
Everytime he comes, he will stand far away and just say a few words to Xie Chengze.

His so-called report to Xie Chengze is all just to fool Xie Chengze.
He actually didn’t tell Xie Chengze anything.

However, Xie Chengze didn’t know anything.

Lu Yanzhou recalled, he remembered when Xie Chengze was little, the Xie family invited a tutor to teach Xie Chengze through the plastic film.
However, after Xie Chengze’s grandfather got worse and he went abroad to recuperate, the original owner’s aunt stopped the tutor.

Xie Chengze never went to school.
He has no friends or a normal social life…

The more Lu Yanhou thought, the more he felt that the child was miserable.
He also noticed that this kid is very thin.

“Aze, have you eaten anything today?” Lu Yanzhou asked.

He always wanted to call Xie Chengze a more intimate name but he was afraid that Xie Chengze would be unhappy, so he had only called ‘brother Xie’…Now he can call ‘Aze”.

Xie Chengze blinked, then shook his head.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Then go get something to eat.”

“I don’t want to eat.” Xie Chengze spoke softly.

“Starving is not good for your body.
Be good, go eat something.” Lu Yanzhou coaxed.

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou, his eyes misty: “Are you leaving?”

Xie Chengze is afraid that he will leave? Lu Yanzhou said: “I won’t leave.
I will be here with you.”

Xie Chengze was surprised but happy.

Lu Yanzhou urged him: “Go get something to eat.”

Lu Yanzhou didn’t hold Xie Chengze tightly, it’s just that Xie Chengze stuck close to him.

Now, Xie Chengze reluctantly moved away from him.
He quickly ran to the living room table, took a bag of paste, then ran back to Lu Yanzhou to be with him.

He leaned against Lu Yanzhou’s body, then skillfully opened the paste in his hand and started to eat.

Lu Yanzhou frowned upon seeing this.

Although Xie Chengze lives in a sterile room, people outside can still give him something as long as it goes through that long disinfection pipeline, where it was repeatedly disinfected.

That is how Xie Chengze’s food is delivered.
The doctor, who is responsible for taking care of him, will send this nutrition paste once a month.

This thing…just looking makes Lu Yanzhou feel no appetite.

Other children are picky eaters who won’t eat this or that, what about Xie Chengze? He was forced to eat such paste every day.

In fact, Xie Chengze can eat other foods.
He can eat those packaged sterile foods after it was sent in through the disinfection pipe.
Unfortunately no one even thought to give it to him.

Lu Yanzhou asked: “Aze, do you have other things to eat?”

Xie Chengze raised his gaze, staring blankly at Lu Yanzhou: “no…”

Lu Yanzhou felt like his chest was punched, feeling stuffy.

Have Xie Chengze…never eaten anything else?

He said: “I’ll give you some food to try tomorrow.
If you like it, I will buy it for you again.”

“Okay.” Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou hopefully.
“Will you come to see me tomorrow?”

After the original owner became Xie Chengze’s assistant, he no longer came to see Xie Chengze everyday…Lu Yanzhou said: “I will come again tomorrow.”

Xie Chengze’s brows lift with a small smile.

Lu Yanzhou said again: “Right, Aze, I have something to tell you…”

“What do you want to say?” Xie Chengze asked.

“Didn’t I manage your money for you? I used some…” Lu Yanzhou didn’t know how to say it.

The original owner’s behavior…is stealing money!

If the original owner didn’t do this, he could borrow Xie Chengze’s money, but the original owner did so…

“If you need it, use it.” Xie Chengze showed a sweet smile to Lu Yanzhou.

“I took a little too much…”

“It doesn’t matter!” Xie Chengze said again.

Lu Yanzhou was a little helpless.

It’s probably because Xie Chengze has too little contact with people and things, and because he had never spent money, so he had no concept of money at all.

It was such a person who let someone, who studied history in university, manage his billions of assets.

That’s right, the original owner majored in history.

Although the original owner avoided seeing Xie Chengze with the pretext of studying during his junior and senior year in high school, in fact, he never studied hard.

However, he’s smart.
In the end, he stepped on the score line and was admitted to the newly opened history department in a science and engineering university.

Those 4 years of college, he mixed in the history department but learned nothing.
So when Lu Qiqi uses her relationship to get him to join Xie corporate, he can only be an ordinary logistics clerk.

Xie Chengze actually entrusted him with all his assets…this kid is too innocent.

Although Xie Chengze’s assets are mostly shares, so the original owner couldn’t take it but the original owner can take the dividend.
The 30 million is from the dividend given by the company in which Xie Chengze holds some shares.

Lu Yanzhou said: “Aze, didn’t uncle find a tutor for you before? How far is your study?”

Xie Chengze looked a little proud with his eyes brightened: “I have learned to fourth grade!”

Lu Yanzhou was silent for a moment, then immediately said: “Aze, I’ll bring you some books tomorrow to continue what after…do you want to learn?”

Xie Chengze nodded again and again: “Yes!”

At first Lu Yanzhou was thinking how to convince Xie Chengze if he didn’t want to study.
As a result, Xie Chengze opened his mouth and he agreed.

Thinking about it, Xie Chengze usually doesn’t see people, so he must like to be with people.
Of course, he would love to learn.

“Then it’s settled.” Said Lu Yanzhou.

“Uh-huh.” Xie Chengze nodded again and again, leaning against Lu Yanzhou, almost pushing Lu Yanzhou out.

Seeing this, Lu Yanzhou said: “Shall we sit down?” It’s tiring to stand like this.

Xie Chengze took the initiative to sit down.
Lu Yanzhou sat beside him, asking him about things in his life.

This sterile ward was remodeled at a high cost a few years ago, it doesn’t lack anything.

Xie Chengze also has electronic products such as computers and mobile phones.

However, Xie Chengze is not interested in those electronic products.
It seems like he won’t ever be interested in it.
On the contrary, whenever the original owner came over, he looked very happy.
After the original owner became his assistant, if he couldn’t see the original owner for a few days, he would call the original owner to come over.

The two sat and chatted for a long time.
Suddenly, a voice sounded from outside the door — someone was coming up the stairs.

Lu Yanzhou got up quickly, staying away from Xie Chengze.

According to the original owner’s memory he obtained, no one in the Xie family takes Xie Chengze seriously.
If he is too close to Xie Chengze, it might cause trouble for Xie Chengze.

In the original trajectory, the original owner plan of murdering Xie Chengze had a lot to do with the uninterrupted hints from father Xie’s illegitimate son An Chenyuan.
Father Xie also turned a blind eye to Xie Chengze’s plea for help when he was facing death…

As for the original owner’s aunt Lu Qiqi, her feelings towards her stepson, Xie Chengze, can only be called disgust.

After Lu Yanzhou moved away, he turned to look at Xie Chengze as soon as possible.
He saw Xie Chengze looked up at him with a sense of loss.

He gives Xie Chengze a reassuring smile, then turns to look at the door.

The door opened, the neatly dressed housekeeper walked in with a bit of contempt in his eyes: “Young master, the kitchen is preparing lunch…Would you like to stay here for lunch?”

Lu Yanzhou answered: “No.
I’m leaving.” Lu Yanzhou is not a sensitive person but he could feel that the housekeeper doesn’t want him to stay for lunch.

What’s more, he has already met Xie Chengze.
There’s still a lot for him to do…Lu Yanzhou looked at Xie Chengze, who was sitting by the wall: “Aze, I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

“Um.” Xie Chengze raised his head, giving Lu Yanzhou a small smile, then lowered his head again.
He tugged his trouser leg, feeling loss.

This child is too pitiful.
He must take him away from Xie’s house as soon as possible.
However, he doesn’t have enough merit to nourish Xie Chengze’s soul now.

Lu Yanzhou sighs secretly, then turns away.

He took his coat at the door of Xie’s house, then went to start his car and drove away slowly to his house.

The original owner’s family was ordinary.
They don’t have money but their success lies in Lu Qiqi, who married into a wealthy family.

Although Lu Qiqi didn’t give money to her family, she did arrange work for her family.

The original owner’s father is now the leader of the security guard at Xie Corporation’s headquarters.
The original owner’s mother also worked in Xie Corporation’s cafeteria.
Their wages are not low.

7 or 8 years ago, they bought a house in S city with a loan.

This house is quite big and the location is also good, it’s just that it’s a bit old with a staircase along the street in the old town.

The old buildings are not soundproof, so the voices from upstairs and from the street could almost be heard anywhere.
The parking downstairs is also not good…The original owner was very dissatisfied with the house.

Lu Yanzhou searched for a while before finding a spot to park the car, then went upstairs.

It’s cold outside, and also cold inside.
His house is not warm.

Lu Yanzhou took a deep breath.
He took out the buns he bought for breakfast in the morning from his coat pocket.
He didn’t eat it but heated it up in the microwave before eating it bit by bit.

He was hungry all morning but he was not in the mood to eat.

After eating, Lu Yanzhou returned to his bedroom and rummaged through the boxes and found a notebook, then he started to write down his plans.

He sealed most of his power and memories, however, his ability is still better than normal people.

That 30 million must be spent on where it is needed the most.
The rest of Xie Chengze’s assets also need to be carefully managed.
Anyway, he can’t just invest Xie Chengze’s funds like the original owners where he kept losing money.

Lu Yanzhou finished the plan, then as if thinking of something, he took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze can communicate with the outside world.
After inheriting his grandfather’s property, he even has his own team.

It’s just that those people all have different thoughts.
Most of them don’t even take Xie Chengze seriously.

A leader who can’t even leave the sterile room, how can he control his subordinates? Xie Chengze has never received relevant education.

Lu Yanzhou just sent a message, then quickly received a reply from Xie Chengze.

While chatting with Xie Chengze on his mobile phone, he walk out the door.

Although his house has many shortcomings, the supporting facilities are also good.
There’s no shortage of elementary and junior high schools around.
There’s also a bookstore not far downstairs.

Lu Yanhou walked into the bookstore, then started scavenging the books in the bookstore.

Xie Chengze didn’t finish elementary school, he needed to make up for studying!

At the same time, on the fourth floor of Xie’s house.

The cute and innocent Xie Chengze in front of Lu Yanzhou was sitting on the sofa in his living room playing with his phone.

However, the look on his face was completely different from when he was in front of Lu Yanzhou.

His expression is cold, his eyes are also cold, there’s dead silence in those beautiful almond eyes: “After taking the money…you’re more obedient.”

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