Hollow Dragon Sect

Volume 1

Chapter 1: Ambush

It was a foggy night and a man was running through the forest. The man was nimble and he hardly produced a disturbance in the fog. He stopped behind a tree just before a clearing. He panted and hid behind the tree to observe the people in the clearing.

The clearing was filled with lots of people, ranging from women and children to even able-bodied men. Some of these people were bound with chains while others dressed in armor and uniform led them towards a building while cursing loudly at them.

”Move it you fools, move it ” One man dressed in a black tunic with red sleeves swung a whip at the people in chains. The whip cracked and the people hit began to howl in pain while some bound young men dressed in tattered, bloodied light green cloaks glared at him and clenched their teeth.

Besides the prisoners being escorted were two young men dressed in black leather armor, the symbol of a ruby gold dragon eating its tail on their armor glowed in the dark.

One of the young men yawned and said.

”I wish the boss didn make us do boring work like this. I wish we were fighting in the frontlines. ”

”Huh, you want to be fighting in the frontlines? With experts who have surpassed the Demon gate there. Are you mad? We are just common disciples, we would get killed out there. Besides, this is not such a bad posting. Prisoner transport pays a lot for spirit stones and pills. I wouldn want to go anywhere else. ” The second man berated him.

”Well, I did not join the Hollow Dragon Sect to transport a bunch of women and children. Well, forget about it, the war is already over. We trampled those Ethereal River fools. I heard from one of my friends that was part of the vanguard that it was a breeze. Our Hollows and Sect Elders swept through their sect in a single day. They just called us in to assist in the takeover of Ethereal Rivers territory. ” The other man lamented.

The two men sighed, they pitied the Ethereal River sect. They stood no chance against their Hollow Dragon Sect.

”Hey, you fool, what are you doing spacing out like that?! ” The man with the whip shouted at them, jolting them into action as they apologized profusely.

”I swear he gets more aggressive every day. ” They continued their conversation as they harassed their prisoners.

So those two are common disciples huh? From their presence, they are most likely past the knight gate and their boss with the whip is at the Great Knight stage plus there are ten other disciples dressed in common disciple attire in the front. I don see Xiao Ming in the crowd, I still have to get a closer look to be sure. Damn Hollow Dragon bastards, I will kill you all tonight. I Jiao Xuan swear it. The man behind the tree was filled with rage and bloodlust.

He moved sneakily towards the crowd under the cover of the night to ambush the captors.

”Hey, have you seen Senior- brother Vasha before? ” One of the young men from before asked.

”Huh, yes? Just yesterday actually, he was covered in blood from an earlier battle. ” The other one answered.

”He is cool, isn he? He is just like us, he started from a common disciple and within three years moved up the rank to become one of the most famous Inner sect disciples. ”

”I guess, but I still think its a rumor. Some say he has a treasure though, thats why he moved up the ranks so quickly. I would love to get my hands on it, become an Inner Sect disciple, and have a harem of beautiful wives, Muahaha. ”

Whoosh. The disciple that initially posed the question stood in shock as he looked at the head of his best friend flying off his body.

”What the…? ” Before he could finish his sentence, a sword had sliced off his head from his upper jaw.

The young mans body fell to the ground with a thud. Jiao Xuan turned around and dashed toward another knight-class disciple and decapitated him before he could react.

There was a shrill cry as the prisoners just saw someone decapitated in front of them.

”Fuck! ” Jiao Xuan cursed but it was too late, the guards had already been alerted, especially the one holding the whip, who was in the Great Knight stage.

Jiao Xuan ran toward the prisoners and cut off some of their chains but before he could continue, there was a roar.

”YOU!!! ” The supervising Great Knight roared and dashed toward Jiao Xuan, whip in hand.

He swung the whip at Jiao Xuan which he dodged with ease, but in the process, caused it to land on a few prisoners. The prisoners howled in pain as the whip ripped off their flesh and even shattered the skulls of those without cultivation.

”No! ” Jiao Xuan screamed.

”Humph, you must be a disciple of the Ethereal River Sect, right? Probably an inner disciple since you
e in the Great knight realm. I thought we had taken care of all of you. Oh well, this is an opportunity to take care of the rat that slipped past. ” The Great Knight guard said as he continued swinging his whip at Jiao Xuan.

Sometimes, he dodged, sometimes he blocked with his saber but when the Great Knight saw the ease with which he avoided his attacks, he grew furious and began to target the prisoners.

The bastard is attacking innocent people. Sh

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