How I Became A God Mage

The Academy of Apprentice Mages

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly, and as soon as all the applicants had been tested, the old man Arnik had seen earlier in the day came to address everyone

He was the headmaster of the academy.

”Hello, everyone. My name is Quintus Millenia and I am the headmaster of this academy. I am pleased to say that we have seen a lot of different talents today and I am happy about the prospects that you future Lirdunia mages have. ”

The students paid rapt attention.

”As you know we can only take some of you though as such we have made our decision. ” Just as he said this several bright lights appeared above him and names began to form within them.

”These are your class assignments, we hope you work hard to become the best mages you can be. As for those of you who failed this year, do not be discouraged. Rather, go back work on yourselves and reapply next year. Thank you, everyone… for your time. ”

With this he left the stage and the applicants began pushing forward to see if they had made the list. Rowan and Arnik also made their way forward to check their class assignments.

”Oh, I made it! I made the Elite class. ” Rowan suddenly shouted, Arnik who had eagerly been checking for his name looked over at his friend and smiled

”Congratulations Rowan ” He looked back at the list, anxiously looking for his name.

Suddenly, he saw it; Arnik Ragniel – Elite class, he couldn believe it. Elite class! it was already a miracle that he made it into the academy but Elite class that was just unbelievable.

”Hooo, Arnik you
e also in Elite class, congratulations! Guess you blew them away! ” Rowan said enthusiastically.

As both friends conversed, an instructor suddenly stepped onto the stage to address everyone.

”All those whose names appear here are to be here tomorrow, also applicants for the scholarship are to come here for the examination. Remember, we can only pick five of you so make sure to do your best. ”


Out of the 500 applicants, only 80 had passed—and 20 of those had made it into Class Elite.

The next day Arnik sat for the scholarship exam, he didn find it hard at all as the questions were based on Magic topics he was familiar with.

After the exam, he was asked to go to the assessment room to receive his Atephra.

An Atephra was a magi-gear shaped like a bracelet. It was given to every mage and showed the information about each mages powers and skills—a mages Atephra could only be used by its owner, and as such, it was very valuable.

Arnik got to the assessment room and knocked.

”Enter! ” Answered a voice from inside.

Arnik entered, and in front of him sat a beautiful woman.

”Hello, my name is Olea Karid, I am one of your magi-tutors, I am also in charge of handling the schools magic equipment. You must be here for your Atephra, take a seat while I scan you ”

She picked up a bracelet and pressed a button, causing a green light scanned Arnik from head to toe. She then connected the bracelet to a computer in front of her.

”Ohhh ” She said as she looked at Arnik once more.

”What did you say your name was, young man? ”

Arnik was a bit stunned by her abrupt question that it took him some time to gather his thoughts in order to come up with a proper response.

”A-Ar-Arnik mam, Arnik Ragniel ”

A bit of awkward silence hung in the air as both the boy and woman were interlocked in an imaginary staring contest.

”Well, Arnik, are you aware that you
e in possession of a magi-gear? ” She asked, eyeing the boy all over.

”W-what? What magic gear? I don own a magic gear… Where is it?! ” asked Arnik in shock.

Confusion played across his face, causing Olea Karids suspicious eyes to mellow out. She hurriedly searched his body, refusing to accept the boys excuses.

”Judging from your reaction, I guess you really didn know, the magi-gear in question is inside you. Look at the screen on the wall. ”

Arnik did as he was told and saw a picture of something that looked very much like his heart. Placed on it quite impeccably, he could see a crest.

”W-what is that thing…? ” Arniks stuttering voice asked, now obviously afraid.

”That is a magi-gear of some sort. Im not too sure, but it seems to be a Soulrune. Soulrunes are particularly very rare and are known to develop as their host grows, but I have no idea why youd have one in you… ” Olea answered, her voice trailing as she carefully observed the young lads body.

She was intrigued by Arniks existence.

”It would be best to keep this between us for now. Ill do some more research and tell you what I find out. ”

Arnik was surprised by the womans gesture—someone whom has only known him not very long ago.

”You mean… youll help me, but why, we just met and you don know anything about me ” Arnik asked, now harboring a bit of distrust toward his supposed lecturer.

The observant woman noticed this and responded nearly instantly. Olea wanted to avoid any misinterpretation.

”I find you intriguing, and I think you have potential to grow ”.

She stood up and handed his Atephra to him, ”You may go now, come see me when the school session starts, and remember to keep this between both of us. ”

Arnik left the assessment room feeling perplexed. The last couple of days had been a lot to take in, but so far he had miraculously gotten through.

The flustered boy was still deep in thought as he arrived into the teachers faculty, pacing his steps to meet the instructor in charge of the scholarship exam.

”Oh, you must be Arnik Ragniel, you passed the exam and qualified for the scholarship… ” The man paused and stared keenly at Arnik, who was already beginning to feel nervous by his gaze.

”… But, the thing is those in the Elite class don need it ”

The boys eyes bulged in shock.

”What, why?! ” Asked Arnik.

”Well… you see, those selected to be in the Elite class are considered to be apprentice mages with the highest amount of potential. Mages like these usually come from wealthy homes and are quite rare, so the academy does everything to satisfy their needs. ”

Arnik couldn believe his ears, but he kept listening.

”They also support them with the best magic equipment to help boost their powers, so you see they
e the schools gems ”.

This was news to him, but he let out a happy sigh. At least, everything had worked out fine.

”Heres your admission letter, I officially welcome you to the Lirdunia School of Apprentice Mages, ” The instructor said with a smile.


Immediately Arnik got home, he collapsed on the bed,

”Im so tired ” he said to himself, and then smiled a little.

”I can believe I got in, I have to make the most of this opportunity ” With this, he closed his eyes and gently drifted off to sleep.

For the first time in a while, the young mans expectations for the next day caused a smile to remain on his face throughout the night.


Arnik woke up the next day, he hadn thought he would sleep so long.

”Guess I was more tired than I thought… ” He slurred.

Suddenly a sharp thought appeared on the boys mind as his face darted across the room.

”Oh, wait, the letter! I need to show my dad! ” He searched his bed for it, but couldn find it.

He looked towards the table in the room and saw that his breakfast had been prepared and a paper was sticking out from under.

It wrote;

~When I got back, I met you asleep and didn want to disturb you. I saw the letter. Congratulations on your admission, I knew you could do it. Work hard to be the best kiddo! Love, Dad.~

Arnik smiled. He rushed his breakfast, washed up, and ran outside.

The school session began in one month and he wanted to get stronger, he left the Frost mansion and ran to the field, feeling the soothing breeze as he swiftly moved.

Taking note of the perfect spot to stay, Arnik made up his mind to sit under a tree and settle some matters first.

”Guess Ill check my Atephra now ” He said and with that he tapped the button on the device.

Instantly, a holographic window popped up in front of him.







FIRE- Lvl 1

????- Lvl Unavailable (Development Required)




Several things caught Arniks interest.

First, why was he seeing two classes under elemental affinity?

Could it be that he was one of the few dual affinity mages from birth? It wasn uncommon for Secondary mages and above to have more than one elemental affinity but he had never heard of anyone born with Dual affinity.

”Guess I need to practice hard to break through… ”

The second thing that caught his eye were the words RAGNIEL SOULRUNE

Olea was right! It was a Soulrune, but how did it get inside him, and what was its purpose?

”Ill figure that out later. For now, I need to practice hard to level up before the school session begins. ”

Arnik sprang up on his feet and made a resolute thought.

Time to get stronger!

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