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Slowly, I stroked the slime with my knife.
It was enough to make the slime bounce away on its own.

I cranked up my senses and spied what was going on behind me, and I saw something outrageous.

Apparently, Cylon, the mage, had no way of dealing with the slime properly.
Unable to match the others, he tried to manipulate them to look like the others.

The slime in front of Herrin, the wind spirit, was defeated with wind magic, the slime in front of Regs, the shield, was defeated with gravity magic, and the wizard himself was defeating it by punching the slime.

When I turned around after killing the slime with a well-timed blow, I saw the Elementalist Hertin, who had killed the slime with wind magic, and Reg, who was staring down at his shield, his eyes like an earthquake.

Behind them stood a smirking sergeant.
I could feel the pride in his unnecessarily smooth jaw through his robes.

‘Who the hell do you think you’re hiding your skills from? There’s only four of us here!’

His proud mood quickly turned sour as he struggled to control the quivering corners of his mouth.
Mohan was plagued by an unknown guilt.

Out of respect for Cylon, who still had no intention of revealing his identity, he wanted to move on with his day.
He’d had enough embarrassment for one day.

He hadn’t expected Cylon to pull an entire house out of subspace.

Mohan, who had been watching him the whole time, and Herrin and Reg, who had sensed something unusual about him, quickly excused themselves for firewood.

Inevitably, I’m left alone with Cylon in the house, which has been furnished for one person.
Feeling a little more relaxed in his own home, Cylon jumped into bed.

It was obvious that he didn’t want to sleep in a hard place.
To break the ice, he complimented him on his favorite bed, which he quickly moved over to, and then grabbed Mohan’s arm and pulled him into bed with him.

He asked.

He was stiff with nervousness, and the fact that he’d even gotten into bed at all!

‘Is this how you fell asleep, no way?’

It infuriated him to hear him whisper the name of the man he’d dragged into his bed in a deep voice and then fall asleep immediately afterwards.
Mohan Wood sat up with a start.
He scooped Cylon into his arms, pulled back the covers, and laid him down properly.
When he had tucked him in, Mohan sighed in frustration.

“What am I doing?”

He sank into the log chair next to him and looked at Cylon.

Before he knew it, Mohan was observing Cylon with a serious face.

Are you going in?

Herrin turned to Reg, who stood beside him, and asked him what he wanted, using only the shape of his mouth.
Reg glanced at Mohan and Cylon through the doorway and shook his head.

They walked away from Cylon’s house, looking dejected.

“Whoa, what is it? Those two.”

“I don’t know.”

To them, Cylon was a ‘weird but powerful mage’, and the warrior had somehow fallen in love with him at first sight.
Even when he pretended not to, he could feel him hovering around him, always on his mind.

Each of his spells was amazing.
He could cast spells without words, use wide-range detection spells, and float for hours on end with wind magic.
I had no idea how much magic he had.

As a result, Herrin had to listen to the spirits, who were not on good terms with the mage.

As a noble herself, it’s hard not to notice Cylon’s skills, and yet, despite the fact that he’s always trying to hide things, she’s always been considerate of Cylon’s clumsiness.

She pretended to be fooled! Even when everyone’s lives were hanging in the balance due to the spread of Magi across the continent, she was still supporting her mage colleague who was hiding his skills!

She saw love there, and she was determined to support it, pulling Reg, who had been standing off to the side.
Watching them together was like watching a romance novel come to life.

“I’ve never seen two people fall in love like that before.”

“Nobles were people, too.”

“That’s a completely prejudiced statement, isn’t it?”

“Mercenaries like us can’t help it, we’ve had it coming.”

“Still, you should be careful in front of a warrior.”

“Of course.
I may look like this, but I’m not without thoughts.”

With that, Herrin and Reg were lost in their own thoughts.

It wasn’t until a while later that Reg spoke up.

“I need to improve my skills.”

It was an offhand remark, but Herrin nodded quickly.

Though they were blindsided by the warrior’s love, they were aware that Cylon had helped them.
Herrin knew because the spirit had been blatant about it, and Reg had become suspicious because he knew his stats.

For the sake of a mage who was not good at hiding things, and for the sake of a warrior who wanted to help him, it was right to improve.

“It’s a shame we’re so poorly trained compared to the two.”

“It can’t be helped.
We are weak.
But we have potential, don’t we?”


“Well, we were just handpicked to join the Warrior’s Party, so I’m pretty sure the God didn’t just pick us without reason.”

“Heh, I see!”

Reg and Herrin clenched their fists together in determination.

By the time they returned with the firewood, Cylon had risen to his feet.

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