“You are dating my younger sister,” said the silver-haired, handsome man in a chilly voice.

With his dazzling silver hair that shone like diamonds and golden eyes that gleamed like firearms, he was a man who couldn't be ignored by anyone.

But it wasn't just his good looks that stood out.

He was the eldest son of Duke Sertaiya, also known as the Empire's Sword.

'He's also my brother.'

Although our relationship was complicated with secrets about my birth and various complications,

At the moment, the attention of the world didn't matter.


I took a sip of my tea, trying not to show any signs of tension.

It was a peaceful afternoon like any other.

In the cosy cafe where sweet treats and pleasant conversations flowed, there was a chill in the air at our table.

My brother emitted a cold aura like a northern wind as he glared at the man sitting across from him.

“Get to the point.
Break up with my sister.”

He spoke with an authoritative tone, trying to intimidate the other person, but the man who heard his words just smirked.

“Well, that's difficult.”

The man's captivating eyes drew an enchanting curve.

It was a seductive smile, as if a demon had donned an angel's disguise.

The beautiful man gestured towards me.



“I've fallen deeply in love with Lady.”

He gently placed his lips on the back of my hand as I held a teacup.

It sent a shiver down my spine.
Unconsciously, I pulled my hand away.

The uncomfortable tension caused my brother's facial expression to twist.

“It seems my sister doesn't like you.”

There was a menacing aura about him, as if he could tear the man's throat at any moment.

'What in the world is happening here?'

In the unusual atmosphere, I could only gauge my brother's reaction.

He was overly protective of me.

To the point where he would summon that man upon hearing that I had a lover.

'But he's just a fake lover…'

My brother ranted and raved, not understanding the true extent of my circumstances, which ultimately led to this uncomfortable three-way confrontation.

The man casually brushed it off.

“Well, Lady is a very shy person.
She's bold when we're alone.”

What's that supposed to mean?

Something that would be misunderstood if others heard it!

My face flushed with anger.

“Brother, I would never…

I tried to explain hastily, but my brother's eyes were already filled with anger.



My brother slammed the table.
It seemed like he could strangle the man's neck at any moment.

And to make matters worse, he reached for his waist.
The sound of a sharp blade brushing against its sheath resonated.

'Is he really going to use force here?'

My brother, who was the heir to a prestigious swordsmanship family, stepping into this would cause a tremendous commotion.

I had to stop the bloodshed at all costs.

I desperately gestured with my eyes.


A translucent virtual inventory appeared before my eyes.

I quickly scanned through the list of items, searching for a solution to resolve this situation in one fell swoop.

[Genre Change for 1 Minute (Melodramatic Drama)]

[In just 60 seconds, change the current situation to a 'melodramatic drama' genre!]

[Use item]

Yes, it would be better if it turned into a melodramatic drama rather than a bloody incident.

'Use the item!'

It was the perfect moment.


With a cheerful notification sound, the entire scene turned completely white.

After blinking, when I opened my eyes again, the familiar surroun

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