At first, I really thought I was the absolute protagonist's favorite.

[SYSTEM: Starting the second life.]

[Rozelia Serteaia receives the talent of 'memory.']

【TIP! Utilize the 'memory' to achieve a happy ending!

'What is this?'

At the age of 26, I, an ordinary job seeker, met my end in a car accident.

After that, when I woke up in a strange world, I saw an unfamiliar system window.

'Second life memory talent?'

The system window told me, a person experiencing a second life, that it would grant me a special ability, and with that, I should seek a happy ending.

'A strange body, a strange space, and this sudden system window………………'

At first, I was completely baffled.

If I were just an ordinary transmigrator, it would have taken at least a few months to adapt.

However, hold on.

'Rozelia Serteaia, isn't that the name of the villainess in the romance game?'

The statement in the system window about the 'memory' talent seemed to be true.

Even in the midst of confusion, my mind quickly rolled.

I inferred the situation through the system window and conversations with the people around me.

[Rozelia has finally woken up!]

[His Highness, the Crown Prince, will soon visit to pay respects.]

[The letter from Duke Icarus has arrived…………….]

After gathering all the information and comparing it with memories from my past life, it was clear that this world was from the romance fantasy game I enjoyed in my previous life, “The Daring Love Affairs of Lady.”

'I had a feeling, and my guess was correct.'

'So this is the world of “The Daring Love Affairs of Lady.'

Just from the name, I could sense the fragrance of intense romance in this game, where the innocent and delicate heroine captures the hearts of the male characters.

At first glance, it may seem like a typical romance game, but this game was anything but ordinary.

'A culmination of stimulating content, you could say.'

A feast of trashy male characters who were insulting yet irresistible!

The ultimate game of spicy romance, loaded with all sorts of stimulating elements.

Some called this work a third-rate trashy game, blind to its commercial success.

'Well, if it's fun, that's all that matters, right?'

In my past life, I became deeply immersed in this game, sparing no money or time.

People might say I wasted my time on a mere game, not understanding how much I loved it……….

Who could have known that the afterlife would be a world from a romance game?

I celebrated silently inside.

“Cheers to the over-obsessed otaku that I was!”

Having lived a life where I couldn't resist the temptation of my bed whenever I had a chance, I thought I would undoubtedly end up in the laziness hell after death.

But to end up in the world of a romance game instead of hell is more than welcome.

Moreover, it's much better to transmigrate into a game I know so well, with all the routes neatly laid out, rather than transmigrating into an unknown work!

“I know the entire original, so reaching a happy ending will be a piece of cake.”

However, there was one thing bothering me about the role I transmigrated into – the villainess, Rozelia Ara.

Rozelia Ara, the villainess.

The daughter of the Serteaia Marquis, who is known as the evil aristocratic family, and the fiancee of the Crown Prince.

The only aristocratic lady in the empire, living a luxurious life as an antagonist.

From what I saw so far, it didn't seem like a big problem, but the problem lies in the upcoming setting of this game.

For example:

[The Crown Prince despises the engagement lady, Rozelia.

He's so fed up with her capricious and arrogant attitude.

He meets the original heroine, who is the complete opposite of Rozelia, a kind and innocent girl, and falls in passionate love.

Rozelia torments the original heroine, who was beloved by the Crown Prince, to the point of death.

However, her evil actions only make the Crown Prince and the original heroine even closer.

They grow their love, overcoming the hardships caused by Rozelia.

In the end, Rozelia, who used to commit evil deeds, gets abandoned by the Crown Prince.

Not to mention that she faces execution together with her villainous family, the Serteaia Marquis.]

'It's truly a miserable end fitting for a villainess.'

Transmigrating into the body of the villainess, Rozelia, I couldn't bring myself to support the relationship between the original heroine and the Crown Prince.

The fact that she lost her beloved man was enough, but to end up with execution as well.

'I must avoid the bad ending of the original.'

I can't just stand by and watch the relationship between the original heroine and the Crown Prince end in a tragic way.

'I remember all the choices anyway.'

I'll avoid the villainess route, win the favor of the male characters, and find a different way to reach a happy ending from the original Rozelia.

Until this point, I was confident.


“You foolish thing! Making a scene at the banquet, are you out of your mind?”

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Aunt!”

After attending the banquet and returning to the Marquis's residence, I received a severe scolding from my aunt.

'I can't believe the villainess was subjected to abuse in the house!'

There was a hidden backstory not mentioned in the original.

It was about Rozelia's birth and her unfortunate circumstances.

When Rozelia's mother, the Marquise, was giving birth to her, she passed away.

A baby born by eating her mother.

People regarded Rozelia with such contempt.

Her situation in the mansion wasn't much better.

The grief of losing her loved one turned into resentment towards Rozelia.

The Marquis and his son, Rozelia's father and brother, treated her as if she didn't exist.

They even entrusted Rozelia's upbringing and education entirely to her aunt.

Rozelia's aunt, taking advantage of the Marquis's indifference, subjected her to education that involved constant abuse.
She isolated Rozelia, making sure she couldn't reveal the abuse.

This was the beginning of all the tragedies.

'This is a transmigration scam! There was no such setting in the original!'

I realized that something had gone terribly wrong, but at that moment, I was already dying, covered in blood from the severe beating.


[SYSTEM: Starting the third life.]

[Rozelia Serteaia is granted the talent of 'Martial Arts.']

[TIP! Use 'Martial Arts' to achieve a happy ending!]


When I opened my eyes again, I was back to the moment of my first transmigration.

I couldn't even be shocked by my second death.

“This time it's Martial Arts, huh?”

I checked the system window in front of me.

I couldn't even get close to a happy ending and miserably ended the second life.

“I can't repeat the same tragedy.”

I firmly made up my mind and thoroughly investigated Rozelia's situation by stripping information from the people around her.

From Rozelia's past actions, her relationships with others, to her current reputation and circumstances.

Based on the gathered information, I ambitiously planned for my survival.

“Martial Arts, huh? I might be able to make good use of it.”

I named the plan 'Operation: Make the Tyrant Dad Notice Me.'

The Serteaia Marquis is a prestigious family known for their swordsmanship.

Especially my father, the Serteaia Marquis, is a renowned swordsman in the Empire.

However, I, Rozelia, never inherited the talent for swordsmanship.

'As if I'm not already a despised child.'

The Marquis not only deemed me talentless but also completely cut off all attention towards me.

'Now that I have this talent, maybe my father will look at me differently.'

No matter how cold-hearted a staunch Marquis he may be, if he finds out about my exceptional talent, he might treat me differently.

Actually, there was a similar ending in the original, so I can refer to that.

But for now, my father is away at the battlefield……………..

'I'll polish my martial arts skills until my father returns!'

It was a day I eagerly anticipated my father's return while devoting myself to martial arts training.

When I finished my training and returned, all my equipment was gone.

“What on earth…….”

In my confusion, my aunt lashed out at me sharply.

“I hear you've been learning martial arts? Why? Because people around you give you a bit of attention, you think you can do anything?”

“What can a loser like you do? You should just stay quietly in this corner and sleep.
Why did you come out?”


“Die! Worthless trash like you, who doesn't even know their place, should die!”

My aunt grabbed my hair with a fierce grip.

She then clawed at me, inflicting cruel scratches.

“Please, stop it, Aunt!”

I couldn't bear this any longer.

It was the moment I fiercely pushed my aunt away with all my might.


Unable to overcome my strength, my aunt fell backward and hit her head on an iron shelf.

Staff members rushed over at her scream.

My aunt lost consciousness and lay on the ground, blood flowing from the back of her head.

“No, it wasn't me, I didn't…”

I rushed to explain, but the evidence was too clear.

Afterward, I was executed under the accusation of killing my relative.

[SYSTEM: Starting the fourth life.]

[Rozelia Serteaia is granted the talent of 'Escape.']

[TIP! Use 'Escape' to achieve a happy ending!]

'I've returned again.'

I blinked my eyes slowly, gradually regaining my vision.

I glared at the system window in front of me.

'Just enduring abuse from my aunt and dying won't work; even if I resist, I die, too.'

There was only one method left.

I have to escape from this place altogether.
The talent I received this time is 'Escape.'

It might be better to run away instead of confronting my aunt head-on.

I gathered valuable items and escaped from the Marquis's residence in the middle of the night.

I'll head to the southern port.
I'll seek asylum overseas.”

I thought I could use my talent for escape to flee without anyone noticing, but…


“Bandits have illegally occupied the south and are advancing toward the city!”

“What's happening now?”

It wasn't someone deliberately blocking my path.

When I finally managed to escape to the port, an unexpected rebellion was happening there.

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