{ Chapter 10 – Ex-Girlfriend and Noona}


“Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh…!”


“This option is quite powerful.”


Instilling trauma in the vice principal's mind proceeded in a snap. 


This was because the customized hypnosis application created by Pandora, with the equivalent exchange of five energy drinks, was filled with many useful functions.


“Hey, stop… Stop it! Save me! Save me!!”


For example, this option could train the subject to fear everything they perceived by briefly twisting the amygdala.


Seeing the sympathizer lying on the floor, with his eyes open and struggling like a toad, it was surprising to see that it was actually working.


“It’s good, but the problem is that there’s no back and forth.”


“Ugh… uh…”


After finishing the rough performance test like that, when I pressed the reset button, the sympathizer started drooling and staggering.




I hated the look of him so much that I kicked him with all my might and threw him on the railing.


‘It’s going well.’


Its body was so round that it rolled like a ball.


'Let’s roll it the other way this time.'


“Cool… Now, wait! Let's!”


With that thought in mind, I was approaching the vice principal, and the guy who had been shaking all of a suddenly started screaming.


“You are a new hero, so you don’t know… But this is overkill!”




“This, it is illegal to harm an opponent who has already surrendered! You must have learned it during the training course?”


It was a rule I knew all too well.


I became Agent Black because I hated the rules.


But now, did this person call me a hero?


“Do I look like a hero?”


“I thought you were a villain at first because I had no information.
But, didn’t you just say that you wouldn’t kill me?”


It seemed this guy was seriously misunderstanding something.


Did he arbitrarily interpret in his mind about 'I had no intention of killing?'.


'He's a pretty self-centered guy.'


“Forgive and following the rules is the identity of a hero, isn’t it?


“That’s right.
That’s right.”


But originally, people were stupid because they could be self-centered.




“A swear word.”


Of course, the Resurrection wasn’t in a normal state enough to report on me, but at this point, I should be aware.


'What are you laughing at with sullen eyes?'


“Are you a monster too?”


“Wait, what…?”


“There’s a little tentacle wriggling inside you.”


Looking down at him with a pathetic expression on my face, when I asked what had been bothering me for a while, the sympathetic sympathizer, who had blinked his eyes for a moment, murmured.


“I can’t… I’m just an agent…”




Seeing that tentacle was planted in a vital spot where even a little movement will cause instant death, it seemed to play the role of keeping him silent.


Judging from the previous situation, I was too lazy to dig up information.


“Wait, but… how do you know?”


As I was licking my lips in regret, the sympathizer opened his eyes wide and asked.




“Are you… a villain?”


“Now you’re noticing it, it’s amazing…”


There was no more time to waste.


So, whispering sarcastically, I started tapping my phone again.




“…But it’s already too late.”


In the end, I just changed some of the common sense that suited him perfectly.




When I activated the options I had already wished for at the same time, the vice-principal grabbed his neck and started to turn blue.


“I… to me… uh… what… did you do…”


“The vice-principal is now in a state of hyperventilation.”




Now it was the time for kindly explaining the hypnotist.


“When a person breathes excessively, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the body decreases.
Then, symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, paralysis, and intermittent fainting appear.”




“Now, the Vice Principal will live with those symptoms forever, until he dies.”


Hearing those words, the sympathizer’s eyes were filled with fear.
So I continued.


“Medication won’t help either.
It’s a change in common sense.”




“Well, if you pierce the neck, it might get better at least.
So I’ve prepared other symptoms.”




“At a random time in the future, the fear you felt before will come.”




“You see everything around you with fear.
Maybe you’ll wake up from your sleep.”


As I said that and smiled, the expression of the sympathetic sympathizer momentarily became dazed.


“Oh, don’t even dream of suicide.
I’ve adjusted it to give up on an unconscious level.”




“As mentioned in the hero education curriculum, human life is precious.
Isn’t it?”


When I finished speaking, the sympathizer's face turned pale and his voice trembled as he opened his mouth.


“What the hell… Why? Why are you doing this…?”




“Isn't this something even the devil couldn't do?”




'Is he serious right now?'


Looking at that serious expression and harsh tone made it seem that way.


It was crazy that this guy didn't even remember what he did.


“I, am… not your toy… aaH!” 


'If that's the case, I'll help him remember it clearly.'


With that in mind, I kicked the sympathizer as hard as I could, and the guy stopped talking while bubbly.


“I don't know if you're pretending not to know or if you really don't know.”




“It’s all symptoms of panic disorder.”


He had done terrible things under the pretext of admitting students to school, causing female students to fall ill and be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.




“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…”


Hoping that the disease could get any better, I kicked him once more and blew it out.


“…This is my true identity.”




With that, the first hypnotic treatment was successfully completed.








“Stop moving!”


“Don’t move!”


Thinking that revenge was over and that I would have to join the executives, I tried to move, but I heard a sharp voice from the door.




It was students.


Judging from the fact that they were in a fighting stance, I understood that they were aware of the fact that I was a villain.


‘I know very few kids here.’


Until a few months ago, the troubled children in Class 1 of the 2nd grade that I was in charge of, as well as the children in Class 1 of the 1st grade who had just woken up, were nowhere to be seen.


Perhaps, it was because they had rushed to select the number of people as soon as possible.


So it wasn’t really a threat, but there was only one exception.




A face I didn’t want to meet here-


“Then I’ll show you the least mercy.”


-Minamoto Himari.


The second generation of Japan’s top corporation that monopolized the mysteries and unknowns, and the current student council president of the International Hero Academy.


And also my ex-girlfriend, who confessed to me to be her everything.


She was walking towards me with her well-groomed black hair blowing.


“Why should I surrender to you?”


After suppressing the boiling emotions as much as possible I asked that question, and Himari answered.


“Because you caused a commotion in the middle of the academy.
I can’t just let you go like this.”


After saying that, she threw the smartphone that she was holding in her hand at me




I involuntarily took it, and for a moment, I wondered if she might also be using a hypnosis app.


But what was shown on the screen was not a hypnosis application, but a live broadcast.


“Why me…?”


It didn’t take long for me to realize that the main character of the live broadcast was me.


[ Tzuzuzuzuzu…]


Thanks to that, as I stared blankly at the broadcast, a familiar voice rang in my ear.


“Neutralization complete.”


She approached me instantly and began giving orders to the other kids behind her in a tone that didn’t show any emotion.


“Your abilities have been sealed.
So stop unnecessary resistance.”


What she said was true.


The moment she approached me, the hypnosis application in my hand stopped working with an unknown error.


The reason, of course, was her ability.


Precisely, it was thanks to the concept of the 'realm', a concept that resided in her.


‘No matter how I think about it, it’s a deceptive talent.’


A fairly intimidating ability in which any ability user wouldn't be able to use his “concept ” upon entering her realm


Of course, avoiding her and keeping one's distance was an effective way to prevent oneself from being affected by her ability.


However, the villain who failed to do that and was incapacitated always became the best target and was ultimately defeated.


“Excuse me.”


Because of that, I was quietly preparing for battle, and Himari, who began to stare at me, suddenly frowned and asked.


“Would you mind taking off your mask?”




Maybe she even noticed my identity?


I thought about it for a while, but before I came to any conclusion, she answered.


“It’s hard to read your emotions with your eyes alone.”


Having said that, Himari tilted her head to the side as if trying to see my face a little more.




Although she was gifted with natural talent and innate status, there was only one thing she lacked.


And that was the emotions.


She was severely lacking in the ability to feel and empathize.


In the first place, meeting her for the first time was a mental treatment that the group president secretly asked for.


‘It’s a memory.’


Yes, it was psychotherapy.


My relationship with her started from there.


“It can’t be helped if you come out uncooperatively.”




“Neutralize the target with the previously provided suppressor and taser gun.”


How did things happen like this?


The memories I had with Himari began to flood my mind, involuntarily taking me back to the moments we shared together regardless of my will.


One day when treatment without promise continued.


As always, I rested my chin on my hand and stared blankly at her, then before I knew it, a smile appeared on my lips.


Even so, she was startled and opened her eyes wide like a rabbit.


The usual expressionless face.


But for some reason, in a trembling voice, she told me about her feelings, so now she asked me to take responsibility for them.


If I showed any sign of exhaustion while walking down the street together, she always rolled her eyes and tried to analyze my expression.


When I quietly held her hand, she always looked at me silently.


All of them were so good to the eye.


“The danger level is unknown, so please be as careful as possible.”


I closed my eyes for a moment and was lost in the past.
Upon hearing Himari’s chilly voice, I quietly smiled bitterly and raised my hand in front of her.


Alert: Skill: Defense (LV1) has been used.


“Uh huh?”




Soon, as the shield was deployed in front of the approaching students, the students panicked as their movements were sealed.


‘I knew it would be like that.’


As I could see, my prediction was correct.


This ability that Justia possessed, was an off-topic ability that far exceeded the level of ‘this ability’.


But then, what was the true nature of this ability?


Why did Justia have this ability, and why did she hand over such a tremendous ability to me?


“…Did you use your abilities within my realm?”


As I was thinking about that for a while, suddenly I heard Himari’s voice from the front.


“How is that possible?”


Although she didn’t look embarrassed, I could tell that she was because I had known her for a long time.


There was a subtle hint of bewilderment in her voice.


“Every ability has a weakness.”


“Are you aware of my weakness?”


“Well, how about?”

I smiled quietly at the same appearance as before and now, but then I slowly started moving forward.


“By the way, aren’t you too defenseless?”




“The end of a hero who trusts too much in her abilities is a futile law.”


Then, she suddenly looked terrified and began to take a slow step backward.


When seen by someone who knows nothing, it will probably look like she was running backward in fear.


But, her fear was different.


After she learned what ’emotion’ was from me, she was well-versed in using them thoroughly.


The moment I attacked defenselessly as if I liked it, my neck or arm will fly off.


“Well, okay.
Take this.”


Of course, I was very well aware of that, so I quietly rummaged through my arms, took out a document containing the vice principal’s corruption, and threw it at her.




Then, she still pretended to be terrified and accepted the documents.


“It is information that contains the corruption of the principal.”




“Maybe that’s enough to put him into karma.”


With that said, I was about to leave this place.


It was because I was already quite overworked and unable to devote much time to her.
Additionally, my physical condition was suffering as a result of constantly using my abilities one after another.


[ I’m thinking of withdrawing soon, are you ready? ]


As I was lost in thought, I was interrupted by a sudden message.
I wasn't sure if it was because Pandora had restored communication that had been out of service for a while, or if Dice's radio was transmitting.


“…You’re not going to kill me?”


However, it was too sad to leave like this.


“I won’t kill you.
I just wanted to convey that.”




I wanted to properly feed the girl who left me when I needed her the most.


“Take this.”




Because of that, she, unaware of Lumia's strategy, looked at the business card I held out.


“…I’m grateful for saving the children.”




“If it’s time, let’s talk.”


Scratching her head, she reached for the business card I held out.


“In prison, slowly.”


At that very moment, Himari took out a blade from under her sleeve and, as I expected, spewed out a chilly killing blow and swung her sword.


Alert: Skill: Paralysis (LV1) has been used.




However, it was futile.


“Hey, that’s too clumsy.”


Although it was only possible to maintain ‘paralysis’ for about 1 second, that was enough.


“Imitating emotions.”




Whispering like that, I quietly pulled my arm back.


[ Wow…! ]


Then, with all my might, I slapped her on the cheek.




Then, with a puzzled expression on her face at the pain she had experienced for the first time in her life, she grabbed her red swollen cheeks.


As I could see, she didn't seem to know what kind of expression to make in a situation like this.


“It’s really pathetic.”


It was like her feelings were degenerating after being locked up with a girl who said she could teach her true feelings.


It was just ridiculous.


“…That’s wonderful.”


Because of that, as I smiled refreshingly, a voice was heard in my ear.


“I’m sorry, I kidnapped you.”


Before I knew it, I was escaping from the academy in Dice’s arms like a princess.


“What happened today… You will have to explain everything.”


After grinning and muttering like that, she moved her gaze to the rooftop where Himari was.


“Couldn’t you… are you crazy?”


The black-and-white Joker card fluttering in the distance was falling on Himari’s head, who was muttering something while staring blankly at us.


“…Don’t talk nonsense.”


That was my last memory of that day.


“What do you know about me?”








Meanwhile at that time.


‘…Those pupils.’


Absulte commander, who was rescued by other heroes and evacuated covered, was covered with a blanket.


‘It was a very fleeting moment, but I could see it clearly.’


With a blank expression, she was lost in thought.


‘…Was that really you, Kang Ha-neul?’


After a while, her teeth began to grind quietly.


‘Then why the hell did you save me there?’

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