Chapter 10.
His Fiancée Misunderstood Him (2)

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‘What could have made him change in these five months?’

In a way, the question she had asked might offend Krasue because it hinted that he wasn’t.

With a serious expression, Krasue raised his cup of tea.

“Do you notice me so changed?”

At that moment, Bianca regretted what she had said.

She believed he had been annoyed, as she had questioned him while he made an effort to be nice.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

She quickly corrected herself, so Krasue calmly took a sip of his tea.

To tell the truth, Krasue didn’t remember how he had treated Bianca before.

If he barely had any recollections of his late teens, much less would he remember his early teens.
Unless it was a special event like Alioth’s, it was impossible for him to remember about this time.

The same was true for the first time he met Bianca.

What he vaguely remembered was that he used to speak rudely to some people in his teens.

It was a time when his despair and frustration with the world was at its most extreme.
In a way, at this point he hadn’t thrown in the towel yet.

Those who throw in the towel do not feel despair or frustration.

“… instead you are the same as always.”

One thing was for sure, Bianca never changed.

Even the day she met her end in front of the fire-covered North Sea Ice Pavilion, she had the same expression as today.

That scene was still etched in Krasue’s memory.


Bianca asked as soon as she heard Krasue’s mumble, who waved his hand in response as a sign that he hadn’t said anything important.

Then he put down the cup of tea and rested his clasped hands on his legs.

“Bianca, I have a proposal to make to you.”

“What proposal?”

Bianca’s big blue eyes blinked a few times.

She wondered what Krasue, who was born in Valheim, the number one family of the Staron Kingdom, would want to propose to her.

“Does it have to do with breaking off the engagement?”

That was what first came to Bianca’s mind.
However, Krasue’s expression turned to bewilderment.

“Do you think we can break an engagement that was decided between our families?”

Certainly, the two youngest members could not object to a decision made by their respective families.

“Maybe later.
You never know what might happen.”

But Krasue seemed to see it as possible in the future.

“Although I suppose you’d rather break off the engagement as soon as possible so you’re not still tied to someone like me.”

Krasue blurted out a self-deprecating remark.

Bianca looked at him in surprise.

His situation was also well known to Bianca.
She wanted to be in sync with her fiancé, so she had studied Krasue.

She was well aware that he was called the disgrace of the Valheim Family.

‘Even so, he is still Valheim.’

Although he was born into a position that others would envy for the rest of their lives, he had low self-esteem.

“I’m your fiancée.”

And he was her fiancé.

“That will not change in the future.”

Unless one of the families disappears, of course.

She considered that her family was above herself, there was not the slightest personal desire in what she had just expressed.
For her, emotions did not exist.

At least it was nicer than what he had said, for which Krasue let out a chuckle.

“It’s not about breaking off the engagement anyway.
I’d like to propose something else.”

Krasue smiled.

“I recently made a contract with a deity.”

Bianca was taken aback for a moment.

Usually, fifteen is the average age that someone makes a contract with a deity.

However, he was a member of Valheim.

Observed by the deities from birth, most direct descendants of the Valheim Family complete their contract with the deities before their tenth birthday.

With that in mind, Krasue had actually done it quite late.

Still, it was cause for celebration.


When Bianca praised him, Krasue simply nodded.

“I would like to take your curse with the skill awakened through the deity.”


What came out of his mouth was completely unexpected.

Bianca’s eyes widened in disbelief.

He was the first person she knew to ask for a curse.

“I have a use for it.”

“My curse?”

“Yes, if you let me take your curse, I’ll give you whatever you want.
It can be breaking off the engagement if that’s what you want.”

Bianca was silent for a moment.
She didn’t understand what he had just said.

‘Why would he ask for my curse?’

Her curse was the loss of emotions, why would he want a curse like that?

“Will you etch the curse directly into your body?”

Bianca had never had emotions, so she was used to it.

In contrast, for someone who already knew what it was like to have emotions, it would surely be a huge shock.

At Bianca’s question, Krasue nodded.

‘It’s a curse that not even the best disenchanters in the world have been able to break.’

Judging from Krasue’s reaction, it was like it was an easy task to take the curse.

‘What kind of deity did Krasue make a contract with?’

Suppose Krasue can take the curse, what would he get by stealing the curse and losing his emotions?

Bianca carefully went over what she knew about Krasue.

He was treated as a good-for-nothing in Valheim and used as a tool for an arranged marriage.

He obviously had a very bad relationship with other direct descendants of his family and had lost hope in himself.

Therefore, he wanted to erase his emotions.

‘He’s exhausted.’

As soon as she analyzed all the information, Bianca thought she understood.

His emotions had overwhelmed him all this time, to the point that he didn’t want to try harder and wanted to use the curse to escape.

Bianca knew how these kinds of people ended up.


She remembered what her uncle, a mage from the north who studied the mind, had said.

He often told Bianca stories related to the mind, and that fit with what Krasue must be suffering from right now.

‘My uncle once told me that people who suddenly change and become kind to those around them, it is because they are saying goodbye to this world.’

Bianca, who raised her head, stared at Krasue.

There was a lot she didn’t know because she wasn’t near him, but she could see scars and bruises all over his body.


Bianca realized that Krasue was hurting himself.

She imagined that Krasue was devastated, so much so that even she, who had no emotion, felt a little pity.

In reality, they were nothing more than injuries caused by the hard training in the secret arts.

‘I must support him as his fiancée.’

Bianca, who had completely misunderstood Krasue, placed her hands over his.

“Krasue, don’t worry.
You’ll get over it.”

“Huh? What?”

Now it was Krasue who didn’t understand.

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