Chapter 14.
Holy Land of the Stars (2)

Translator: Aura

Krasue’s presence had aroused the interest of these three strong teenagers.
However, the glances they cast at him were not friendly at all.

‘That’s for sure.’

It could be due to the incident that took place in the Holy Land of the Stars, through which the huge gap between Valheim and the other Warrior Families of the Staron Kingdom became evident.

‘Charlotte single-handedly defeated 20 noble martial artists in the Holy Land of the Stars.’

Besides, she didn’t suffer the slightest scratch.
It was an absolute victory.

Since that incident, Charlotte did not participate in this event again.

Krasue had only begun to remember it after he received Alioth’s invitation.
And the way in which he had found out about that incident was not at all expected.

It had been Charlotte herself who had told him what had happened that time.

‘I wanted to be flirted with in order to have a justification, so I purposely went there in a tight dress that made my breasts stand out.’

Krasue felt unspeakable horror when he saw her laugh in that dress before him.

Of all the people Krasue had ever met, Charlotte had the most perverse nature.

‘It brought back bad memories.’

Krasue, who didn’t feel welcome, could notice how suddenly everyone’s eyes turned to Bianca.

“Isn’t it the Hardenhartz Family that rules the north?”

“She must be the girl nicknamed Snow Princess.
I’ve heard news of her engagement to the youngest of the Valheim Family.”

“A cursed girl next to a good-for-nothing.”

“It’s a shame because she’s pretty.”

“Don’t look at her so much.
Her curse can rub off on you.”

Perhaps because she came with him, Bianca also received a lot of criticism.

Krasue didn’t mind too much if others picked on him, but he wouldn’t tolerate the same treatment towards Bianca just because she was involved with him, so he quickly glared fiercely at those who made the nasty remarks.

When his eyes turned menacing, everyone naturally looked away from the two in fear of the Valheim surname.

It was normal for those who use their power to abuse the weak to feel fear before a power above theirs.

At that moment, Bianca called him,


She hadn’t separated from him.
When he turned his head to see if she was uncomfortable, Bianca placed her hands gently around Krasue’s neck.

“Don’t pay attention to what others say.”

Krasue looked briefly surprised at Bianca.

‘Did she not hear how they made fun of her?’

However, Krasue snorted a moment later,

“You’re right, they’re just wankers.”

The teenage nobles present here were so afraid of the Valheim Family that they didn’t dare to mock him to his face.
There was no need to pay attention to them.

“What does a wanker mean?”

At Bianca’s question, Krasue closed his mouth and turned to walk away.

‘I must be careful not to swear in front of Bianca.’

He thought.


After the two of them arrived, the party continued as more people came in.

As a result, new topics of conversation arose that made Bianca and Krasue soon fall into oblivion.

‘She won’t come?’

Since the teenage nobles of the Staron Kingdom gather in the Holy Land of the Stars, he came here certain that he would see her.

Just then, a woman walked in as an attendant announced her.

“Darling Danfellion is here!”

Her dark blonde hair pulled back into a braid was what stood out first.

Her height was average and her body was slender.
She had on a culottes, unlike most women in dresses.

Her shirt also caught people’s attention because it was ruffled, but simple and unique at the same time.

“By coming so late, it seems that her intention was none other than to attract all eyes.”

“Keck, a nerd would never attract my attention.”

“Oh, Darling looks as beautiful as ever today.”

Interestingly, the opinions about her were very diverse.

To Krasue, she was the nerdiest of nerds.
And the reason why he came to the Holy Land of the Stars.

‘It was impossible for that attention seeker not to come to a place where there are so many people her age.’

His guess was correct.

“Hi, Hi everyone!”

As she greeted cheerfully upon arrival, Krasue decided to approach her.

“Bianca, wait here.”

“Uh-huh, it’s alright.”

With a piece of meat from the plate Krasue had brought her, Bianca responded with a hand over her mouth.

She used to be alone before, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

This done, Krasue strode over to Darling.

Before he knew it, there were many people around her, but they all quietly left as soon as they saw him coming here.

They preferred to avoid getting involved with a member of the Valheim Family.

Thanks to this, Krasue was able to comfortably walk to Darling.

Once Krasue stopped in front of her, Darling tilted her head.

“Hmm… I don’t remember seeing a kid like you before.”

Darling was three years older than him, so she saw him as a kid.

She was trying to figure out who he was from the reactions of the people who had been around her.

“Huh? Your face looks familiar to me from someone else…”

“My name is Krasue Valheim.”

As soon as he introduced himself, Darling’s eyes sparkled for an instant.
Even her face lit up.

It was to be expected.

She was a girl with a loose screw who adored Charlotte madly.
Not as just any admirer, but with all her heart.

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