Chapter 1.
End of the World (1)

Translator: Aura


A man let out a swear word.
His condition was so serious that he needed to release his anger in this way so as not to faint.

His entire body was riddled with curses.
He had lost his right eye due to a curse.
Besides that he barely felt half of his body.

His name was Krasue Valheim.
He was known as the shame of the Valheim Family.

“Shame my ass!”

However, such shame could be considered a thing of the past.

He was now a member of the Azure Sky Order, whose purpose was to fight against the destruction of the world.

He had achieved some recognition in his family, which always treated him as someone useless, so his need for approval made him strive more desperately.

But the result was tragic.
The world was perishing before his eyes under a meteor storm.

The greatest evil, which became so powerful beyond imagination, was engulfing everything.

Krasue watched helplessly at such destruction.
Soon after, he turned to the man near him.

“Now… cough… what are you going to do?”

Krasue couldn’t speak properly due to a curse.
However, the criticism contained in his words was definitely felt.

“What could I do?”

It was then that a man with platinum blond hair, as bright as the sun, raised his head.

Arthur Gramalte, the most outstanding of the Azure Sky Order and called the King of Heroes.

The title of King of Heroes, which the empire boasted so much of, was indeed laughable.

Right now he was surrounded by three women, each comforting him.
He shouldn’t be called the King of Heroes, but the King of the Harem.

“The world has fallen.
It’s over.”

Arthur answered quite calmly.
He spoke in that tone even though many people had died for him to get here.

It was as if the destruction of the world had nothing to do with him.

“Are you serious? Cough! You don’t care about all the people who pinned their hopes on you…!”

“Krasue, shut up! Arthur did his best!”

At that moment, the woman with hair as blue as the ocean shouted.
Krasue frowned.

Her name was Sigrin Ephania.
She was the third princess of the Ephania Empire and the one who had primarily made Arthur a candidate for Ephania’s Emperor.

A princess blinded by her love for Arthur.
However, she was so talented in swordsmanship that she could compete with Arthur.

Cough! Cough! Miss Sigrin, don’t you remember how you couldn’t stop crying because you couldn’t see out of one eye? Thanks to me you recovered your sight.
Now you tell me to shut up? Seriously?”

Unlike usual, Krasue made a sharp remark.

Sigrin immediately shot him a contemptuous look.

“How dare you say that in front of me? Aren’t you afraid of the consequences?”

“Consequences? What Consequences!”

Krasue spat blood out of his mouth and raised both hands to the sky.

“The world will soon be destroyed, I don’t care about the consequences!!! Damn bitch! Despite how badly you treated me in the past, I cared for you.
It’s all over now.
Cough! Cough!”

At these words, Sigrin’s eyes widened.
Her eyes filled with tears.

But that made Krasue rather show a disdainful expression.
Since she was part of the imperial family, she had been overbearing to everyone except Arthur.
In particular, she had treated Krasue very badly.

It was mainly because Krasue was part of the most powerful family in the Staron Kingdom.

“You’ve been a bitch since the academy!”

His terrible bad relationship with her started at the Rehelleun Academy.

Sigrin was born with a natural gift for swordsmanship, so everyone had high expectations for her.

In contrast, despite being from the Valheim Family, which the Staron Kingdom boasted of, Krasue was the youngest good-for-nothing son.

He wouldn’t have cared if he’d only been compared to her.
However, Sigrin was the leader of the Ephania Empire Faction within the academy.

Therefore, she bullied Krasue relentlessly in order to trample on the dignity of the Staron Kingdom Faction.

As a result, Krasue was not only treated as trash by the empire’s faction, but was also alienated from his own kingdom’s faction as a disgrace.

Krasue was tired of being called a disgrace to his family and kingdom.
Still, he endured it.

He was someone ordinary without any gifts, while she was someone essential to the Azure Sky Order that would save the world.

But it didn’t matter anymore.
The world will soon be destroyed, the Ephania Empire will disappear due to the erosion of the world, as will the Staron Kingdom.

“You’re so fucking ungrateful!”

For that reason, Krasue shouted with a hate-filled voice and pressed his right eye with his hand.
If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have stolen the curse from that crazy bitch’s eye.

“You’re a scum who only knows how to steal!”

Sigrin lost her temper completely and unsheathed her white-bladed sword called White Dragon’s Tooth.

The cold air that emanated from it could freeze Krasue in an instant.

‘I’m a scum who only knows how to steal.’

However, Krasue snorted.

“Yes… cough, cough… it’s just as you say.”

Krasue hated his own skill.
She was right, all he could do was steal.

**Skill – Black Hood**


It steals something from a target.




The value of what you want to steal is determined by the target.


The difficulty to steal something depends on the value given by the target.

It was a skill given to him by the deity with which he made a contract.
A skill that only served to steal.
A strange skill in which the more valuable what is wanted from a target, the more complicated it will be to steal it.

However, this skill had a useful application.
Curses caused by the erosion of the world could also be stolen.

Curses that not even the best mages in the world could undo.
Due to this enormous usefulness, Krasue was able to join the Azure Sky Order.

Consequently, the number of curses accumulated in his body reached a whopping three digits.

He had managed to survive so far because one of those curses did not allow him to die from another curse.
However, he would never be able to sleep again.

He should already be dead with the number of curses he has on him.

‘I thought I’d be able to reach four digits.’

Unfortunately, the world would perish before he could achieve it.

In any case, all the curses on Krasue’s body were stolen from the Azure Sky Order.

The curse of terror on Arthur.
The curse of darkness on Sigrin.
The curse of perversion on the Priestess… and so on.

Even the curses of the now dead were all over Krasue.

Curses had no value for a person.
As a result, Krasue’s black hood worked more effectively.

“Still, none of you would have made it this far without me.”

Krasue’s lips trembled in anger.

“Aren’t you, Abella? Cough!”

He turned to the woman who had been crying in Arthur’s arms for a while now.

She had a small body, and held a star-patterned staff in her hand.

Abella, the Crimson Witch, the greatest talent the Mage Tower has been able to produce and also a member of the Azure Sky Order.

She was a colleague who had made it all the way here with Arthur.

“Arthur, Arthur, what will happen?”

However, she pretended not to hear him.
Since the destruction of the world had started, all she did was cling to Arthur and sob.

‘Well, that’s how she was.’

She always ignored him.
He once went to the Mage Tower for painkillers because the pain from the curse that was tearing through his body was unbearable.

However, he was unable to enter the Mage Tower.
He was even kicked out.

Of course, that was not the only humiliation he suffered.
Since then, he had already lost all affection towards her.

“It was I who freed you from the curse that made you lose your voice for which you couldn’t use magic.
Cough! Cough! You’re good at crying.”

It was an unpleasant moment when she begged him to steal the curse.

“I shouldn’t have.”

Even now he could feel the pain in his vocal cords as if they were being scraped with a steel file because of her curse, and it made him cough severely.

“It’s pathetic, so stop at once.”

At that moment, another voice was heard.
It was from the woman who stood silently at Arthur’s side.

Her name was Mary Diana, the spear of the Ephania Empire and the strongest knight who guarded Sigrin.

She was an attractive woman, with black hair and a graceful body to match her tall stature.

But Krasue couldn’t see her like that.

He hated her, as many of the curses he had were because of this foolish woman.

‘The spear of the empire my ass.’

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