Chapter 19.
Sword (1)

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Anix was one of those who most terribly betrayed Krasue.

He had been his friend.
That’s why Krasue knew so much about him.

‘Friend my ass.’

Krasue always felt that his friendship was just a sham.

In the eyes of others, Anix’s family and the Valheim Family could be considered rivals.
In order for his family to be able to rank first in the kingdom, it was beneficial to make it appear that Krasue, a direct descendant of Valheim, was under his leadership and protection.

However, that was not the main reason.
Krasue himself revealed the truth the day Anix betrayed him in a very vile way.

The incident occurred after they graduated from the academy.
Krasue, who had become a member of the Azure Sky Order like Anix, joined him on a mission to stop the erosion of the world, but the result was terrible.

Anix’s team fell into a trap.
All the members died, and Krasue barely survived by clinging to the edge of the cliff.

Anix was the only one to escape the trap unharmed.

— Anix! Pull me up!

The force of gravity was so intense that Krasue felt that eventually his arms would be torn off and he would fall off the cliff.

That’s why he asked Anix for help.

However, Anix didn’t save him.
Instead, he squatted down in front of him and made an unexpected remark.

— … Krasue, if it becomes known that we fell into this trap because of my mistake, I’ll lose my place in the Azure Sky Order.

At those words, Krasue’s eyes went wide.

Anix had recently fallen far down in the ranks of the Azure Sky Order due to a terrible blunder.

If this mistake were made public in such a situation, he would certainly be kicked out of the Azure Sky Order, as he himself had said.

Over time, this organization had become the main force in the world.
He wanted to remain there no matter what.

— What kind of nonsense is that?! What does that matter right now?!

Life was so much more important.
However, Anix’s expression did not change.

He seemed to have it absolutely clear.

— If I’m the only one to survive, my mistake will be buried.

Anix stood up.
He then left Krasue behind in the trap and began to walk away.

— Anix, Anix, wait!

Krasue cried out in despair.
At this rate, he would die.

— You idiot! Do you think it will be solved so easily?!

First of all, the members of the Azure Sky Order were not fools.
They had been fighting for power with each other since before they were part of this organization.

Since he was one of the strongest in the Staron Kingdom, they will definitely try to use this incident as a pretext to kick Anix out somehow.

Anix was aware of this.
Even so, he let out a derisive laugh.

— Don’t worry.
Fortunately you’re here, Krasue.

Krasue was taken aback for a moment.

He realized what was going through his head.

Anix would blame him for this mistake.

Valheim’s good-for-nothing had foolishly led them into a trap.

Krasue already had many enemies in the Azure Sky Order, who would immediately make a scandal to expose Krasue’s mistake, whether it was true or not.

In the meantime, the truth would fade away.

— Thanks for being my friend until the end, Krasue.

Those last words from Anix pissed off Krasue.

— Friend? Friend?! Don’t talk shit! Have you ever thought of me as a friend?!

While Krasue always knew that he didn’t consider him a friend, deep down he wanted to believe that Anix at least saw him as a comrade with whom he fought against the erosion of the world.

But to Anix, Krasue was not a comrade, let alone a friend.

In his anger, Krasue rubbed salt into Anix’s wound.

— You can make all kinds of excuses, but the main reason you were around me was because of Charlotte!

For the first time, Anix’s relaxed face twitched.

— Do you think I don’t know what caused the mistake you made today? The news of Charlotte’s wedding made you completely lose your mind!

Anix felt a deep love-hate for Charlotte.
His mind was clouded once he heard that Charlotte was getting married, which led him to make today’s mistake.

Krasue had initially advised Anix not to do that mission.

Krasue noticed him too distracted.
He feared things went wrong.

However, Anix didn’t listen to him and caused the death of his team.

Now he wanted to pass the buck to Krasue.
He was someone extremely disgusting.

— … That’s why I hate you.

As Anix looked at Krasue, his face was filled with mixed emotions.

— You have a good eye for seeing through people even though you don’t have any skills for it, so you can delve into them.

Krasue was right.
Anix had been close to him as a supposed friend to see Charlotte, who often visited him.

But that also ended today because she was gone for good…

— Oh, at least there’s something good in all this.

That said, a repulsive smile spread on Anix’s face, with a mixture of love-hate.

— Charlotte will postpone her wedding because of your death.
I’ll definitely be able to see her at your funeral.

— You bloody lunatic!

— You should be glad that you were useful at least in the end.

Anix then left without looking back.

All Krasue could do was cuss him out.

The moment Krasue completely lost hope and was about to die, someone saved him.

It was the hero with platinum blond hair as bright as the sun at dawn.

Arthur Gramalte.

Later, Anix was kicked out of the Azure Sky Order because of Arthur’s testimony.

Soon after, he married Princess Cladia, who had no claim to the throne.
It was disgusting how he grasped at straws.

“You’re a lot like Charlotte, both in the way you speak and in appearance.”

Back in the present, a voice came out of Anix’s mouth.

Even now, this idiot only had Charlotte on his mind.


Krasue then glared at Anix and prepared his fists.

“You have no right to refer to my sister as if you were close to her.”

Anix’s eyes widened.
He didn’t expect such a reaction from Krasue.

“Besides, you said that I look like my sister.”

At the same time, an aura began to emanate from Krasue’s fists.

As Anix watched the aura reach the initial expert level, Krasue continued,

“So just like my sister, I won’t let anyone who messes with me get away with it.”

Krasue used the floor for momentum and charged at him.

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