Chapter 21.
His Third Brother (1)

Translator: Aura

After Krasue defeated the Forest Giant with ‘absolute sword’, he stood still in his place.

Or rather, he couldn’t do more than stay still.

‘Absolute Sword’ was a single-cut secret art at the pinnacle of swordsmanship.
Therefore, one had to put one’s heart and soul into whenever one used it.

Krasue had poured all the aura in his body, as well as his mental and physical strength into that single cut.

Otherwise, he couldn’t even have used ‘absolute sword’.

As a result, Krasue felt that he would lose consciousness if he closed his eyes even for an instant.

Anix was unable to move due to Krasue staring at him, but the reality was that Krasue couldn’t even blink.

‘I made a mistake.’

Although he had made Anix hit rock bottom in order to steal his skill, now he had no way to do it since he could barely stand.

“Lord Krasue.”

At that moment, Bianca’s voice was suddenly heard.

She peeked her head out from behind Krasue.
Then she looked him up and down.

“Can’t you move?”

Before Krasue could answer, Bianca drew her own conclusion from the beads of sweat that trickled down his forehead.

Bianca then crouched down slightly and, out of nowhere, wrapped her arms around Krasue’s waist to carry him on her shoulder.


Her action caused such sharp pain through his bones that Krasue finally passed out.

It could be said that Bianca was the one who actually defeated Krasue.

Bianca tried to move his limp body as she groaned.
But she, who was smaller than Krasue, was not strong enough.

“Let me help you, little one.”

Just then, Darling suddenly appeared and came over.

Bianca seemed to be in trouble in her attempt to help Krasue, so without hesitation she left him in Darling’s hands.

Darling was slightly surprised.

‘Isn’t this little one Krasue’s fiancée?’

Even though she was still a child, Darling couldn’t believe that she would hand Krasue over to her without any jealousy.

‘Well, their relationship is none of my business.’

With a smile, she walked away carrying him on her back.

Meanwhile, the attention of the young nobles who rushed onto the terrace was on him.

‘This kid will be quite a celebrity when he wakes up.’

He could be considered bold or someone who acts irrationally.

‘Will the rumor that he is a good-for-nothing prevail? Or will a new rumor take its place, such as ‘the good-for-nothing has come out of the shell’?’

Darling chuckled,

‘In any case, what will come will be fun.’

Anix stared dumbfounded at Krasue as she carried him.
It seemed that his mind had been invaded by fear.

“Kid, can’t you die before you help me with my research?”

Krasue couldn’t hear this.


After those events in the Holy Land of the Stars, Krasue woke up the next day in a carriage.

Krasue, who had been unconscious for almost an entire day, found it difficult to even open his eyes due to the pain throughout his body.

‘Absolute Sword’ was a lethal sword technique.

He was aware of it, but didn’t expect to suffer such serious after-effects from its use.

‘If I use it continuously, I’ll surely die.’

However, Anix’s expression at the end was satisfactory.

Unfortunately, he lost consciousness in that situation.
Otherwise, he would have been able to reduce the value of his skill completely.

There were two methods that Krasue knew he could use to steal skills.

The first was the standard method of the lock that appears when ‘black hood’ is activated.

The second was none other than to induce the other person to underestimate their own skill.

If the other person thinks their skill has little value, it will be easier for him to steal it, like it happened with Arthur.
And the value is clearly at its lowest point when the possessor is helplessly defeated.

‘It’s a shame, but that’s the way it was.’

Maybe it wasn’t the right time yet.

But at least he had imprinted on Anix’s mind that he was someone to fear.

That was enough to cause a storm inside him.

Now all that remained was to slowly and progressively degrade the value he had of his own skill.

‘And in the end, the ‘recovery’ will be mine.’

Krasue, who had organized his thoughts, made an effort to open his eyes.
For some reason, he felt as if the back of his head was on a slightly hard but comfortable surface.

What first appeared in Krasue’s vision was pure white hair that almost touched his nose and a cute feminine face.

The only peculiarity was that her eyes were tightly closed.

Krasue, who stared blankly at that face for a while, belatedly realized that it was Bianca.


When Krasue called her, Bianca’s reaction was a little slow.

She wiped her lips as if she had taken a nap, then looked at Krasue and greeted,

“Hi, did you sleep well?”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m taking care of you.”

‘Is she serious? She fell asleep and nearly hit me with her head.
Does she think that because I was asleep on her lap she was taking care of me?’

“We’re on our way back to Valheim.”

“I realized.
What happened in the Holy Land of the Stars after I lost consciousness?”

He didn’t want to use Bianca’s lap as a pillow, but his body still hadn’t recovered.

For that reason, Krasue stayed there.
Bianca answered his question as she played with his soft hair.

“I don’t know.
I don’t care.”

‘I thought so.’

Bianca, who had no interest in people, wouldn’t have paid much attention to him if he wasn’t her fiancé.

But despite Bianca’s lack of explanation, Krasue was sure that there had been a commotion in the Holy Land of the Stars.

‘I don’t know what this can lead to.’

He could only hope it was good.

Wake me up when we’ve arrived.
I need to rest a little more.”

Soon after, Bianca winced.

Krasue half-opened his eyes.

“Your legs are numb.”

“I don’t feel them numb.”

“Why did you lay me on your lap? There are cushions there.”

“Because you did it for me last time.”

Krasue had nothing to say to that, but still he made an effort to remove his head from her lap.

“Give me a cushion.”

Bianca immediately grabbed a cushion and helped Krasue lie there instead of on her thighs.

Judging from her quick action, it seemed that she really did have numb legs.

Once comfortable, Krasue closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

He had a peculiar dream in which he was a crow and Bianca was a white chick.

Funnily enough, that dream was quite pleasant to him.

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