Chapter 22.
His Third Brother (2)

Translator: Aura

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed since the events in the Holy Land of the Stars.

Krasue, who would soon be fourteen, resumed training with more intensity as soon as the after-effects of the ‘absolute sword’ wore off.

He had about a year left before he had to enter Rachellene Academy.

Within this time, he needed to become strong enough to overcome the academy’s geniuses no matter what.

‘So I have to train every day.’

Krasue wiped the sweat from his face with a towel.
Then he turned to Alioth.

Alioth had come to report on his third brother.

He was at the entrance to the Green Pine Lodge.
And he was furious.

“Alioth, how many times have I rejected my brother’s butler?”


It was to be expected that he was pissed off.

His third brother had always considered it dishonorable to come see him in person, so he had been as patient as possible before his repeated refusals to his butler.

It seemed that his patience had already reached its limit.

Krasue, who understood the situation, shook out his sweaty hair and ordered Alioth,

“Let him in.”

“Are you sure?”

Krasue knew what Alioth was worried about, but nodded.

Alioth then returned to the entrance of the Green Pine Lodge to carry out Krasue’s order.

Meanwhile, Krasue sat down on a bench and a water bottle was slid next to him.

Krasue took the water bottle and opened it.

While he drank the water very quickly, Bianca, who had offered him the water bottle, sat slightly away.

“You smell of sweat.”

“Those are hurtful words to say to another person.”

“I don’t think you care too much.”

Compared to the smell of sweat, the stench of the erosion of the world was more unpleasant.

It is probable that for this reason he was insensitive to this smell.

‘How bad do I smell?’

When he sniffed at his armpit, he finally caught a faint stench.

It was inevitable after his training.
He circulated his aura through his body every day to strengthen himself, which also caused the impurities inside him to be continually expelled.

Once Bianca noticed that Krasue was about to move, she closed her book and asked,

“Are you going to take a bath?”

Krasue thought about it for a moment.
Then he shook his head.

“No, I may have to train a little more.”

“Then don’t come near me.”

As soon as Krasue heard that, he rose from the bench and took a step towards Bianca, who jumped to her feet.
Her hair stood on end like a cat’s.

“I warn you.”

“Oh, since when did you grow up enough to warn your fiancé? Do you think that a little one who spends her days reading books can run away from me?”

“A blow with a book hurts a lot.”

As he watched Bianca casually hold a book as if it were a weapon, Krasue nodded and immediately stepped forward.

At that instant, Bianca turned and started to run away.

Krasue then pretended to chase her, but stopped after a few steps and let out a chuckle.

He often showed his mischievous side when he was around Bianca.
Maybe it’s because she was like a younger sister to him.

If the people who knew him in his past life saw him now, they wouldn’t believe that he was the same person who always showed a reserved side.

Suddenly, Krasue’s smile faded.

‘Have I gotten used to peace?’

The world was still at a level where it could properly deal with the erosion of the world.

Krasue may have been affected by the peace that reigned.

‘Arthur, did you feel like this too?’

Arthur Gramalte had never let his guard down, and even at Rachellene Academy he had been steadfast.

Even though he collapsed in the final moments, Arthur seemed to have given it his all.

Krasue hated Arthur, but he didn’t detract from the path he’d taken.

Arthur was at the forefront more than anyone until the world was destroyed.

While the Arthur he knew no longer existed in this world, Krasue wondered what he would be doing right now.

“You seem pretty carefree, joking with your fiancée.”

At that moment, Krasue turned his head towards the sarcastic voice.

He saw a boy just past his teens, with the same hair color as his and about two heads taller.

Unlike Krasue’s fierce eyes, his were normal as long as he didn’t frown.

His name was Velokin Valheim.

He was the third direct descendant of the Valheim Family and his half-brother.

“You can’t have a long life being so serious.”

When Krasue replied like an old fox, Velokin frowned.

Just from this exchange of words, Velokin felt that something had changed in him.
Krasue, who was always quick to avoid his eyes out of fear, was now staring at him.

Moreover, he exuded confidence.
This fact made Velokin frown even more.

“Are the rumors true?”

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