Chapter 23.
Can You Deal With the Erosion Of The World at Thirteen? (1)

Translator: Aura

Unlike Velokin, who did not attend the Holy Land of the Stars because he considered it a party for young children, Krasue did participate.

He wondered what kind of humiliation his good-for-nothing brother had received, but the news that came back was completely unexpected.

Krasue drew against Anix!

After the direct descendants of the Valheim Family, he was the strongest youth in Staron.
If true, he would be the only one who at least managed to draw against Anix.
Except for Charlotte, of course, who had defeated him miserably.

The fact that he had left the place with the help of Darling Danfellion didn’t change the result.

As expected, Velokin couldn’t believe it.

The Krasue he knew was a talentless good-for-nothing.

Even he himself was aware of this fact, so he spent his days locked up in the Green Pine Lodge in despondency.

‘So how was he able to draw against Anix? It doesn’t make sense.’

He wanted to know if the ridiculous rumors about him were true, so in the end Velokin had to come and find out for himself.

Although there was some uneasiness somewhere in his heart, he did his best to ignore it.

“You have come to visit me even though you must be quite busy.”

Krasue didn’t answer his question about the rumors.
Instead, he said something that puzzled Velokin.

‘What does he mean by that?’

As if he could read Velokin’s mind, Krasue answered his question with a kind smile.

“Soon the Rachellene Academy will open its doors, so everyone is focused on it.
I’ve heard that an entrance exam will have to be passed regardless of the person’s status, so you should prepare too, brother.”

Those words had no other purpose than to provoke him.

Valheim was above all other families.

Even the most powerful empire in the world did not dare to touch the Staron Kingdom for fear of Valheim’s wrath.
All those with the Valheim bloodline were natural geniuses.

Velokin took a back seat to the birth of a monster named Charlotte, but was still a direct descendant of the Valheim Family.

As much as Anix proclaimed himself the greatest genius only behind Charlotte, he was no match for Velokin either.

‘Me preparing for the academy entrance exam? Rather, Rachellene Academy should implore me to attend.’

“You say very funny things.”

Velokin’s brow furrowed of its own accord.
However, he then smiled slightly.

“Oops, your older brother misunderstood you.
As an ordinary person, it’s true that anything can seem impressive to you.
Even Rachellene Academy.”

Velokin had no particular interest in the Rachellene Academy.

Velokin did not consider it important, because he felt that no matter how much it flew or crawled, it would not reach Valheim’s status.

At most, he thought it would serve to expand his horizons.

In fact, the main reason he had entered Rachellene Academy in his past life was because Charlotte wasn’t interested.

He believed that at the academy he could escape comparisons with her.

However, Velokin would never say that out loud.

“You’re right.”

Krasue meekly agreed with Velokin’s words.

Though dissatisfied with the meek way in which Krasue nodded, Velokin said,

“Well, the reason I’ve come to see you today is because I’d like to count on you for a mission.”

This took Krasue by surprise.

“Do you want to count on me?”

He believed that Velokin had come to vent his anger because he had repeatedly refused his butler’s visit.
Through which he undoubtedly wanted to find out what was going on inside the Green Pine Lodge, as well as about his draw against Anix.

Unexpectedly, he had a good excuse.

“Yes, the erosion of the world has occurred on Mount Gueric, owned by Valheim.
You have to come with me to solve it.
It is a family duty.”

Krasue found this absurd.

“Does the family duty not apply from fifteen?”

Like other noble families of Staron, Valheim sends its members to clean up the erosion of the world when it occurs on its estate.

The direct descendants of the family had the duty to fulfill this work, but only from fifteen onwards.

Krasue will turn fourteen next year.

As such, he was still at an age where he shouldn’t do family duty.

“Don’t worry.
You will be under my protection.”

Krasue clicked his tongue inwardly at Velokin’s phony kindness.

It was clear that he had come to confirm his strength and demoralize him.

“My younger brother, who is said to have drawn against Anix, wouldn’t be scared, right?”

Krasue blinked at Velokin, who had a smirk on his face.

‘Does he think he can hurt my pride?’

Krasue could barely hold back the laughter that threatened to escape him.

He had to be an egomaniac to pick on his good-for-nothing brother, who had already lost his dignity.

For this reason, Krasue had a low opinion of Velokin.

He was always egotistical, with a skewed view of the world.

‘The kind of person who isn’t able to listen to others.’

That fact in the end would lead to his ruin.

“Well, all right.
I’ll go.”

Krasue was more familiar with the eroded world than this peaceful world.

At least the mission shouldn’t be so dangerous since it had been assigned to Velokin.

Even if Velokin had set a trap, Krasue had an idea of what to do.

“Lord Krasue.”

At that moment, Krasue turned his head toward the voice

There, with no emotion on her face, stood Bianca, who had fled earlier.

.”Where are you going?”

Bianca asked, who seemed not to have heard the conversation.

He had decided to go, so he had to tell Bianca anyway.

“I’ll be gone for a while to deal with the erosion of the world.”

“Why you?”

Bianca didn’t understand it.
As much as Krasue looked mature, he was still a thirteen-year-old child after all.

It didn’t make sense to her that he would have to deal with it.

“If you want to follow me…?”

“I won’t follow you.”

“Is that so?”

Bianca, who usually tried to follow him everywhere, this time flatly refused.

Then Bianca turned to Velokin.

“A child under fifteen shouldn’t have to face the erosion of the world.
It’s absurd.”

Bianca lambasted Velokin with facts.
Velokin flinched as if he’d been stabbed, but he quickly frowned.

“Krasue, who does that brat think she is?”

“She’s my fiancée.”

At his reply, Velokin snorted derisively,

“I know.
The cursed Snow Princess of the North…”

“Bianca is only twelve, so I hope my older brother can pretend not to have heard her.
Besides, what she says is true.”

Krasue cut Velokin off and glared at him.
He would not tolerate another disrespect for her.

Krasue’s presence made him feel uncomfortable for some reason, so he just turned around.

After all, he had already achieved his purpose.

As Velokin walked out, Krasue looked back at Bianca.
He then placed his hand on Bianca’s head and praised her,

“Well done.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“We have different points of view.”

That said, Krasue took his hand off Bianca’s head.

“I’ll be back.”

“Don’t faint again.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

Krasue answered as he walked away.

Looking at Krasue’s back, Bianca ran her hand through her hair that he had touched.

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