Chapter 24.
Can You Deal With the Erosion Of The World At Thirteen? (2)

Translator: Aura

The erosion of the world, which is caused by the invasion of another world, has different characteristics.

Sometimes, only erosion creatures appear.

Sometimes, only the environment in which it occurs changes.

Sometimes, the place is completely devoured by erosion and turned into another world.

The erosion of the world was taking place at Mount Gueric, where Krasue, Velokin, and some intermediate expert level knights from the Valheim Family arrived.

‘Mount Gueric has turned into a swamp.’

Where there should be meadows, trees and mountains, a thick swamp stretched out.
The sparse vegetation that could be seen was one that was reminiscent of the Paleozoic Era.

The acrid smell that flowed from the swamp attacked the nostrils, to the point where one could only enter protected by an aura.

However, there were other threats, such as the headless insects that flew around the swamp.

They didn’t care at all for Krasue, who was outside the space distorted by the erosion of the world, but it was clear that they would pounce on him if he stepped inside.

The erosion creatures showed no mercy to intruders.

Velokin, who had already helped deal with the erosion of the world several times, asked the knights,

“What about the purification team?”

“The preparations are already done.
The purification process will begin as soon as the boss is eliminated.”

Unlike the occasions when only erosion creatures appear, on this occasion the environment was also transformed.

Therefore, a purification team was called in to reverse the modified environment.

“Brother Velokin, how many stars is this erosion of?”

“It’s three stars.”

An intermediate expert level knight could solve a three-star erosion without much trouble.

Not to mention how easy it should be for Velokin, who was an advanced expert level, to take down the boss.

‘No wonder he brought me here.’

Krasue was at an initial expert level.

His intention was none other than to make him see the abyss that separated them in order to demoralize him.

Velokin feared that Krasue would surpass him as Charlotte.

“Krasue, I brought you here today to gain experience.
Watch and learn.”

Velokin spoke proudly, as if he were a veteran, and started to move inside.

Krasue sighed at Velokin’s attitude,

‘He has no idea who he is talking to about experience.’

Of course, since he was supposed to be inexperienced at this point, the Valheim Knights seemed concerned about Krasue.

Meanwhile, Krasue was trying to conceal his wicked smile.

There was only one reason that prompted Krasue to follow Velokin to the erosion of the world.

‘Extreme Blood Poisoning.’

While he hadn’t solved the craziness problem yet, it was time to try some workarounds he came up with.

With this in mind, he followed Velokin and the knights inside.


Velokin wanted his brother to continue to be known as Valheim’s good-for-nothing, so he brought him here today to suppress him.

Velokin was 15 years old.
Since it had only been a few months since he first came into contact with the erosion of the world, he well remembered the suffering he experienced that time.

Krasue was now thirteen years old, so he would come into contact with the erosion of the world younger and weaker than himself.

‘Even though he just reached the expert level, he acts as if the world is his own.’

Velokin intended to shatter his confidence.

Krasue used to be a loser.
As soon as reality hits him in the face, he’ll immediately break down.

Velokin was elated to imprint the disparity between them in his mind, so that he would not dare to dream that he could reach the top ever again.

However, what was reflected on his face was a puzzled expression after a while.

The viscosity of the swamp made the body feel heavy, and the humid air raised stress.
This combination wore out both mind and body.

In this inhospitable place there wasn’t even time to take a breath as monsters called erosion creatures attacked relentlessly.

In such a situation, anyone would feel exhausted, but Krasue walked relaxed as if it were a walk.

“These erosion creatures are headless, but do have teeth.
Their bites cause the affected area to swell, as well as bleed and itch, so cover your entire body well with aura.”

Krasue warned the intermediate expert level knights as he examined the erosion species that had flown towards him.

This wasn’t Krasue’s only advice, so he seemed familiar with the erosion of the world.

One of the knights who had been told how to deal with the swamp, asked Krasue,

“Lord Krasue, have you been to the erosion of the world before?”

Krasue put on an incredulous expression.

“I’m 13 years old, does it make sense that I’ve dealt with the erosion of the world?”

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