Chapter 26.
A Real Concern (2)

Translator: Aura

‘I’ve endured the torment of numerous curses, so why wouldn’t I do this?’


Krasue then inhaled the power of the erosion of the world.

The grayish smoke entered Krasue’s nostrils at high speed, and immediately began to spread throughout his body.


At that moment, Krasue involuntarily let out a scream from the intense pain that tore through his entire body.

“Lord Krasue?”

When the surprised knights looked back, Krasue covered his mouth and waved a hand to let them know he was fine.

“Don’t worry, I tripped.”

Krasue said, still covering his mouth.

With a gleam of happiness in his eyes, Velokin pretended to sympathize with Krasue,

“Well, it’s normal that you feel overwhelmed since it’s your first time in the erosion of the world.
Tell me if you can’t anymore.
I’ll ask a knight to carry you on his back.”

It seemed that he had mistakenly believed that Krasue had finally reached his limit.

Once Velokin, who was now in high spirits, continued to advance with the knights, Krasue slowly withdrew his hand from his mouth.

Then what he saw on his palm was dark red blood.

As soon as he absorbed the power of the erosion of the world, his body expelled a considerable amount of blood.

‘Well, no wonder.’

The power behind the erosion was so enormous that it could transform the environment of this world.

He felt it inside his body more like a deadly poison than a curse.

Since he had inhaled it directly, it was to be expected that his body would reject it.

But he needed to absorb it, and to do so he had learned ‘extreme blood poisoning’.

Krasue first breathed evenly to calm his heartbeat.

With that done, he began to slowly infuse the power of the erosion of the world into his aura river so that his body could absorb it.

As he circulated his aura non-stop, the power of erosion progressively diluted in the river.

Demalius Valheim had stressed the need to handle the aura river with extreme finesse.
And in his secret art tome he described in detail how to do it.

It was an essential step in ‘Extreme Blood Poisoning’.

Krasue had read this secret art tome hundreds of times, so even now with his eyes closed, he could remember all the contents.

So, in order to extract its true value, Krasue fell into a state of maximum concentration.

As time passed, it became more difficult to discern between the mana and the power of the erosion of the world within him.

Both had combined in his inner river.

The aura color faded, but another pure color emerged.

An extremely dark black.
A color that no other could replace.

Krasue exhaled slowly and opened his eyes.

However, what he saw was a world twisted and stained with blood.


Just then, his body shook violently.

This was part of the after-effects of this secret art.
The craziness it caused.

This world drove Demalius Valheim to lose his mind.

Aware of that fact, Krasue put his hands over his eyes.

It was time to use a secret art he learned for this purpose temporarily.

After Demalius Valheim, the secret library of the Green Pine Lodge had certainly been hidden.
But that didn’t mean that no one else had found the secret library since then.

There was one person.
A man who saw the world in a completely different way discovered the secret library.

Because he was blind, he was pushed to the bottom of Valheim’s direct descendants.

By the time he found the secret library, he no longer had the youth to study the tomes in that place.

Therefore, he simply hid the library again.
However, he left behind a secret art in the hope that it might be useful to those who came here in the future.

Another sense to replace the eyes.

Basically it was to spread the aura in all directions like fine threads in order to perceive the entire environment.

The sixth sense.

An extrasensory perception that only depended on the aura.

‘It’s small.’

Unlike his blind ancestor, who had honed the sixth sense his entire life, Krasue could only faintly expand his aura within an inch of his body.

Even so, he was able to sense his surroundings and recognize where he really was.

His mind understood that he was not in the world mired in the craziness of ‘extreme blood poisoning’, but where he had lived all his life.

Krasue finally removed his hands from his eyes.
The twisted world before him slowly faded away.

He freed himself from the craziness that tried to control him.

Of course, it could not be said that it had completely disappeared.

As long as he absorbs the power of the erosion of the world, the craziness will always be there.

For that reason, Krasue needed Bianca’s curse even more.
The sixth sense was only a temporary solution.

However, now what mattered was that the craziness could be suppressed with the sixth sense.
Temporary or not, it was a solution.

At that moment, Krasue felt that he had taken another step forward

Krasue was overjoyed by this growth that he had never experienced in his past life.
But once he came out of that state, he became alarmed.


Krasue immediately turned his head with goosebumps.

A strange sensation ran through his sixth sense, which was still active after he suppressed the craziness.

‘This can’t be.’

“The boss!”

The moment Krasue noticed, Velokin’s voice came from ahead.

Krasue saw the face of a hairless man loom out of the darkness.

The face slowly opened its eyes.
Once it identified Krasue, its eyes darted back and forth.

A moment later, other faces loomed in succession out of the darkness.

There were not only human faces, but also animal and insect faces.
Each of them looked arrogant.

When the horrific sight naturally aroused an unpleasant sensation, the first face to appear opened its mouth,


Suddenly, eight arms burst out of the darkness with a voice that could tear anyone’s eardrums apart.

Thousand-Faced Monster.

The boss of the erosion of the three-star world detected the intruders and prepared to attack.

“Get ready for battle!”

Velokin shouted, and a blue aura rose from his sword.

His aura slowly turned into flames as a result of his skill.

He could make anything turn into fire with his skill called ‘Ignite’.

The morale of the knights was boosted at the sight of the awesome flames around Velokin’s sword.

Velokin’s skill used to raise the fighting spirit of allies.
However, Krasue’s mood fell

He had terrible experiences with those flames in his past life.
He had been wounded, unable to defend himself.

— This is the difference between you and me! Do you get it? You’re trash, so I don’t want to see you near me again! You little worm!

Velokin’s face, who had knocked him down and used his skill on one of his arms while he was on the floor, was still vivid in Krasue’s memory.

In those days, both of them were broken inside.

Even now, a part of Krasue still feels like this.

Although he had gone back in time, those memories in which he was humiliated were still indelible for Krasue.

‘What about you now? Velokin.’

For him to want to poison his younger brother, he must already be broken inside.
Probably because he had been overshadowed by Charlotte.

Suddenly, a mischievous smile appeared on Krasue’s face.
An opportunity to make him sink into despair seemed to have presented itself by chance.

‘When we get out of here, one will cry and the other will laugh.’

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