Chapter 28.
Gaslighting (2)

Translator: Aura

‘Am I alive?’

He had narrowly avoided the monster’s direct attack in the muddy swamp.
Of course, that didn’t mean he had escaped unscathed.
He got caught in the waves that ensued from the monster attack and lost consciousness.

It was quite some time before Velokin regained consciousness.

He felt heavy.
His body was in terrible condition.

His ribs ached as if he had been stabbed in the lungs.
His body temperature was so low that he was half-numb.

His clothes were also soaked with swamp water, which made them feel as heavy as lead.

He was dressed in thick clothes because of the cold weather, but now that had become a problem.

Shortly after he awoke, he realized his body was moving through the swamp with his arm around someone’s shoulders.

Once he looked around with his one eye just barely open, he noticed that the person’s shoulders were small.

Like those of a child.

Soon he found out who the person was.

“Kra, Krasue?”

When he uttered the name, the child’s head turned toward him.

Certainly, it was Krasue.

His hair was all soaked and messy from the heavy rain, just like his.
Besides, he had a serene expression.

Velokin, whose head was filled with thoughts of the ‘Thousand-Faced Monster’ and Charlotte, had forgotten that Krasue had come with him.

“Brother, have you finally woken up?”

“How is it possible? Are you alive?”

It was dangerous, so I just watched from afar.”

‘I see.’

If so, maybe for that reason, he wasn’t exposed to the curse unlike the knights.

However, Velokin didn’t like this situation deep down.
The fact that he was walking leaning on Krasue caused discomfort inside him.

Velokin’s self-esteem had been literally shattered in his previous escape.

In the midst of this, he considered it a humiliation to be helped by Krasue, someone he had always believed would be beneath him.
It trampled what little pride he had left.

“I’m fine.
I’ll walk by myself.”

Velokin removed his arm from Krasue’s shoulders and took a deep breath.

It was difficult for him to breathe normally.
He had been caught in the monster’s last attack, so he seemed to have suffered internal injuries.
His aura was also weakened.

But his condition was not so serious that he could not walk.
Even if he couldn’t walk, he wasn’t about to let Krasue help him.

“Brother, your condition is not the best.
Don’t overdo it.”

“I told you I’m fine!”

Velokin yelled at Krasue, who tried to help him walk once more.

“I don’t need help from someone like you!”

He exclaimed angrily, and shoved Krasue.

Finally, Krasue stepped away as if there was no other choice.

Velokin stared at Krasue, barely able to catch his breath.

‘Humph, I have to let him know his place.’

As much as he wanted to discipline him, he couldn’t in his current state, so he felt helpless.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Just as Velokin was about to walk in another direction, footsteps echoed throughout the swamp.

As soon as he heard those footsteps, Velokin shuddered in horror.

They were from the ‘Thousand-Faced Monster’.

“Kra, Krasue, how long have you been running away?”

Velokin asked in order to understand the situation.

Krasue looked around with a serious expression.
Then he answered,

“I’ve walked quite a bit, but I haven’t been able to see outside.
Maybe the erosion of the world is closed.”

Once he heard Krasue’s words, Velokin’s face turned pale.

If that were true, it would mean that it was not possible to go outside until the ‘Thousand-Faced Monster’ was killed.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Again, the monster’s footsteps echoed in the distance.

“Damn it, damn it.”


As Velokin acted nervous, Krasue called him.

“I have a plan.”

“A plan?”

Velokin raised his head, surprised that Krasue had a plan.

He didn’t like that fact, but he knew he had to survive for now, so he forced himself not to think about it.

You’ve heard about my draw against Anix, right?”

Velokin nodded.
He still had doubts, but there were certainly rumors that he had drawn against Anix.

“The reason I was able to do it was because I learned a secret art from my sister.”

At that moment, Velokin’s body shuddered.
He immediately knew that the sister Krasue referred to was Charlotte.

“… From Charlotte?”

Krasue nodded.

‘Why would Charlotte bother to teach him?’

That was what first came to his mind, but then he remembered that Charlotte and Krasue were born from the same womb.

‘Krasue could be someone special to her.’

If Charlotte had really taught him a secret art, he could understand how Krasue had gotten a draw against Anix.

Velokin had already experienced firsthand how terrifying she was.

“You mean you can defeat it with that secret art?”

“I’m not sure, but I think it’s worth a try rather than die of exhaustion.”

Velokin bit his lip for a moment.

He didn’t know what kind of secret art it was, but Krasue had also witnessed the power of the ‘Thousand-Faced Monster’ with his own eyes.

For him to say that it was worth a try, it was clear that it must be an extraordinary secret art.

“… You’re telling me because you need me for your plan, right?”

“Your ‘Ignite’ can set anything on fire, can’t it?”

“Yes, what about that?”

“I want you to light those flames in my aura.”

Velokin belatedly realized what Krasue had in mind.

He intended to finish off the ‘Thousand-Faced Monster’ with his flames added to the secret art.

“I know you don’t trust me.”

When Krasue saw Velokin hesitate, he opened his mouth,

“But you don’t trust my sister’s power either?”

These last words were enough to put an end to Velokin’s doubts.

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