Chapter 5.
Secret Library (1)

Translator: Aura

“You know what I’m talking about, why do you pretend not to know between us? You have raised me since I was born.
In a sense, you are tied to me.”

Alioth meant a lot to Krasue, he was someone he saw as a father.

However, Valheim’s butlers were required to strictly adhere to one rule.
The rule was that their own success depended on how far up in the family the direct descendant they had chosen to serve could rise.

In other words, they were to follow the direct descendant they served for the rest of their lives.
Even if that direct descendant was sent to the Green Pine Lodge.

The only way for the butlers to be free of this curse-like rule was for the direct descendant they obey to die.

Usually they are retired when that happens.

However, Alioth’s case was special because Krasue’s third brother made him an offer on the sole condition that he poison him.

He promised the butler a new place to live and a fortune if he poisoned Krasue.

‘My third brother hates me terribly.’

His fourth sister was the essential reason why his third brother hated him so much.

In total, five members of the Valheim Family are direct descendants.
Two of them did not actually share the same blood from the mother to the rest of the siblings.

The former wife of the Valheim Family Head was the mother of the first three children.
Then, the fourth and the youngest, Krasue, were children of the current wife.

Of all of them, the one who stood out the most was the fourth child, Charlotte Valheim, Krasue’s older sister.

‘The greatest genius Valheim has ever produced.’

Charlotte was born with such an extraordinary talent that even in the Valheim Family, someone similar only appears once every thousand years.

Thanks to that talent, Charlotte Valheim quickly rose in the line of succession of the Valheim Family.

As a result, not only his third brother but also his second sister were displaced from their position by Charlotte.

Consequently, anger burned inside his third brother.

The family also blatantly favored Charlotte, thus his third brother was sidelined.

‘But it was at me that he directed his fury.’

The youngest child, with the same mother as Charlotte, but with poor talent.

His third brother hated even Krasue’s mother since she married his father.

As Charlotte rose in the family, he was left behind, so he poured out all his anger on the innocent Krasue.

To the point that he really wanted to kill him.

‘Since he knows he’s no match for Charlotte, he at least vents to me as I bear some resemblance to her.’

To Krasue this was madness, but he did not have the power to oppose him.

Even the butler, who was supposed to serve him, accepted his offer in the end.

“Well, I don’t care if you want to pretend you don’t know.”

Krasue didn’t particularly blame Alioth.
After all, the reason the butler listened to his third brother was because he was a two-bit direct descendant.

The only reason Krasue was alive to begin with was because the butler failed to poison him.

Obviously, Krasue hadn’t found out.
The day Alioth decided to carry out the assassination.

‘He committed suicide in front of me.’

Alioth took the poisoned stew from him and swallowed it himself just before Krasue ate it.

— I’m sorry, young master.
I committed a sin for which I deserve death.
The young master is as precious to me as a child, how dare I…

The image of Alioth dying from the poison while he was repenting was still vividly etched in his mind.

“Let’s forget about that for now, follow me.”

But that was it, Krasue needed his help for something really important right now.

“… Yes.”

Alioth responded obediently, sensing a change in his attitude.

Krasue paid Alioth no more attention and began to walk.

‘In this time that I’ve returned to, it’s definitely there.’

Based on his memories, Krasue headed straight for the study of the Green Pine Lodge.

It was a study with many books, but the truth was that this study was more for decoration.

Krasue, who had read the books here, knew full well that there were few books that could be useful.

The Green Pine Lodge was where those abandoned by the Valheim Family resided.
There was nothing to benefit from at the Green Pine Lodge.
Or rather, nothing that others knew about.

When Krasue suddenly stopped in the middle of the study, Alioth asked,

“Are you looking for a book, Young Master Krasue?”

However, Krasue didn’t respond.
He then walked over to the bookcases on one wall.



“Get all this out of here.”

Alioth showed a doubtful expression.
However, he sensed a determination in Krasue that made him obey without question.

‘Where have I sensed this before? The Head of the Family… The Head of the Valheim Family.’

But he quickly shook off the thought.

It was still too early to compare Krasue with someone like him.

Alioth removed all the books from the bookcases, then removed the bookcases themselves.

Once this was done, what appeared was an ordinary study wall.

“This wall, tear it down with your sword.”


‘First he ordered me to remove the bookcases, and now he even wants me to tear down a wall?’

The reason was a complete mystery.
Still, Alioth was Krasue’s butler.
Since he couldn’t refuse his orders, Alioth immediately drew his sword.

A moment later, a bluish aura began to spread across his blade.

To be a butler of the Valheim Family required the abilities of an experienced knight.
So that they could at least assist the direct descendants of the Valheim Family.

“I’ll cut it.”

Alioth shattered the wall with a few clean cuts.
A cloud of dust rose as the wall collapsed.
As it cleared another wall appeared, but the difference was that this one had a passageway.

In that instant, Alioth realized that there was a hidden space behind the bookcases in the study.

‘He knew about this place beforehand?’

Alioth, who was assigned to the Green Pine Lodge, did not know about this place.
While Alioth stared at it blankly, Krasue stepped forward.

“Well done.”

Krasue praised Alioth and walked inside.

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