Chapter 7.
How A Good-For-Nothing Becomes Strong (1)

Translator: Aura

For the sake of their descendants who will be in the same position as them who have not been blessed, the good-for-nothing ancestors who spent their lives in the Green Pine Lodge put all their efforts into creating the secret arts tomes.
They contained their knowledge and experiences.

That was exactly what the Secret Library of the Green Pine Lodge was.
The ideal place for the good-for-nothings.

‘This is great.’

Krasue reached over to the bookcase and slowly pulled out a dusty secret arts tome.

What would have happened if he had found this place earlier? Not just obsessed with the skills that can be obtained through a deity.

Wouldn’t he have been able to reach a new realm only through man-made methods?

“I’m a little late, my ancestors.”

Krasue looked up as he spoke.

The library that had been sealed off by the worst good-for-nothing in the family’s history, Demalius Valheim.
It had finally been reopened by himself.

The secret arts tomes of these ancestors were extraordinary, but among them, there was one in particular that Krasue wanted.

As soon as Krasue turned his head, goosebumps broke out on his skin.

A terrifying aura had struck him.

Even though he had loaded countless curses of the erosion of the world on his body, he felt chills.

He had no doubt that it was the secret arts tome left by the demon.

‘Demalius Valheim.’

Clomp Clomp…

With heavy steps, Krasue walked towards it.

A sinister black tome lay at the far end of the library, on a small bookcase.

Krasue slowly took out the tome, which at first glance was smeared with blood.

Suddenly, he grinned broadly.

‘No wonder he went berserk.’

Krasue gripped the black tome tightly given its unrestrained aura.
He felt a burning in his fingertips, but still he didn’t even let out a groan.

He was used to the pain of the curses of the erosion of the world.

This was not enough to stop him.

‘He must have been devoured by the curses of the erosion of the world.’

Krasue realized from the curses buried in the tome why Demalius Valheim went berserk.

The curses of the erosion of the world were terrible.
He himself had spent years studying how to remove curses, and after much research, he only managed to find out how to make them cancel themselves out.

Even Krasue wouldn’t have been able to bear it if every curse on his body had affected him.
In addition, the effect of curses was more than halved when he stole them.

He concluded that once the curses lost their originally set target they became weaker.

Of course, the severe pain persisted.


Krasue turned the pages of the tome, unconcerned about the heat on his hands.

As he did so, he took a seat and began to peruse the tome.

It was written in diary format.

Demalius Valheim.
The story of how he was called a good-for-nothing until he was finally devoured by the erosion of the world and was called a demon.

Demalius had written here all his life.
However, this did not arouse particular interest in Krasue.

It wasn’t until he’d turned more than a dozen pages that his interest returned.

‘I found it.’

At that moment, Krasue’s eyes sparkled.

Demalius was called Valheim’s greatest disgrace for a reason other than his demonic nature.

While Demalius was beside himself, he was attacked by several of the world’s strongest.

They were all easily decapitated by him.

He was a powerful enough monster to be considered the strongest in Valheim’s history.

How did he become so strong?

The answer was simple.

He developed a unique secret art to use the erosion of the world to his advantage.

It was an insane secret art in which the erosion of the world is engraved on one’s body in order to wield its power.

Thanks to that craziness, he reached the top of the world.

But in the end, he became a monster that was devoured by the erosion of the world.

This was the secret art he left behind.

Extreme Blood Poisoning.

A forbidden art that is taboo even in Valheim, where the erosion of the world is absorbed by one’s own body.

Who would have thought that this forbidden art would be in the Secret Library of the Green Pine Lodge.

‘It is possible to prevent the destruction of the world.
I can do it if I learn this.’

Krasue clenched his fist as he perused the content about extreme blood poisoning.

Although he had found this in his life, he was unable to learn it because more than half of it had already been burned.

This time it would be different.

Of course, extreme blood poisoning was too dangerous.

However, Krasue had a plan in mind.

For it to work, he needed to steal some curses.
Although it might seem absurd to steal curses again, there was no other option if he wanted to prevent the destruction of the world.

One day, Krasue would steal not only curses, but skills as well.

For now, Krasue had to become stronger even without skills.

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