Many things change along with the passage of time.

While, the great mountains, the ever running river and the ancient castle of the empire stood still as if unaffected by the time.

Rather, the most notable changes that change along with the passage of time were humans.

By the time Edgar’s grown up enough, many changes had come to him.

First, he was able to use magic.

He’s not professional at using magic yet but he can now use some low-level magic without the help of the sword.

In addition, after nearly four years of training without missing a day, Edgar had become quite muscular.

Although his body was not too buffed due to the limitation of his age, he at least has the appropriate amount of muscles enough for his age.

This is also why Edgar was recently feeling proud.

“You’re up so soon diligently, son.”

“Yes, you are also awake?”

The two headed straight to the dining hall after greeting each other on the first floor in the early morning.

Edgar leaned on the entrance of the dining hall, thinking that he seemed to have forgotten his wooden sword, but eventually decided to grab a meal first and went inside.

Katria, who had arrived in advance, welcomed him.

“Good morning, son.”

“Yeah, Mother.
How are you feeling?”

Edgar, who was worried about his mother’s physical condition, who had suffered from a severe cold recently, immediately asked a question with his lips drew into a pale line.

” I am feeling better now.
I guess it’s thanks to the herbs my son brought me.”

“That’s a relief.
If I go to the mountain next time, I’ll pick up some more.”

Edgar had been frequenting the mountains since he turned thirteen last year.

As he had been learning about medical herbs from some books, he suddenly had an idea on where the big mountain his friend had given, could be put to use.

If one digs a little bit deeper into the study of medicinal books, one can actually learn to make potions with some herbs or make a totally new medicine with several combinations of more herbs, but these are still impossible for now.

However, he had learned about quite a few herbs that were good for certain diseases, so he has benefited a lot in many ways already.

“Oh, Mrs.
Helena is coming today.”

“And Ariel?”

“Perhaps not?”

Edgar tilted his head slightly, as if there was something unpleasant about him.

He had a childhood friend for almost 13 years with him, but she had been a bit strange lately.

She would have gone in and out of the Bilhark family holding her mother Helena’s hand in the past, but these days, she rarely shows her figure, and sometimes Helena alone visits the Bilhark family.

When he asked Helena if something had happened, she just shook her head and smiled as if she couldn’t answer.

‘Has she already come of age?’

It wasn’t surprising since he has heard that girls go through puberty earlier than boys.

At the start of this year, he had expected this to some extent.

Even so, the only thing he didn’t understand was what connection puberty and avoiding friends had.

Edgar had gone through puberty as well, but at that time he was more distant from his parents and closer to his friends.

He wondered if he had made a mistake, but he didn’t have a single clue of what he had done wrong to make Ariel avoid him.

Maybe her family was busy with work.
Well, he didn’t see any sign of that, though.

‘I don’t know.’

Since he can’t know all about other people’s inner thoughts, he has no choice but to move on.

Anyway, time will solve the problem.

“I really enjoyed the meal.”

“You eat too quickly.
Mother is still halfway through.”

“I’m kind of like that.”

Edgar, a good eater, always finishes his meals faster than his grown-up father.

He wasn’t even on the lesser side.

He got up from his seat first, remembered what he forgot to do when he tried to move his steps, and then turned around.

“Mother, can you call Ariel when she comes? I’m going to sleep in my room.”

“What happened to the kid who said it’s not good to sleep right after eating?”

“Sometimes you have days like this.”

As Edgar shrugged his shoulders and turned his back, Katria laughed at the sight of her son, who seemed to be getting more slayer(sly) by the day.

Meanwhile, Edgar, who left the dining hall behind and went to his room, immediately buried himself in the bed.

When Ariel comes, the days won’t be smooth anymore.

So he had to stock up on his stamina before that.

He just needs to sleep for an hour or so.

It would be nice to have an alarm clock at times like this, but unfortunately, it was not possible in this world.

‘Should I have an attendant, too?’

It was also the first thing his father, Lancel, asked him at the start of this year.

He wonders if he really doesn’t need a personal servant.

At first, he refused because he was uncomfortable with someone hanging around and he didn’t like having someone below him do his jobs, but he lately felt the need for a servant more and more.

Like right now.

‘Someday that day will come.’

It’s not something urgent to think about in a hurry, so let’s close my eyes first, and Edgar stopped thinking and slowly sank to the bottom of consciousness.

As a result, his body gradually fell into a deep slumber.

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