The two were immediately transported to the mansion.

Perhaps, because she witnessed Edgar fainting before her very eyes, Ariel cried out his name anxiously all the way to the mansion.

For a 10-year-old girl, the scene must have instill a great fear in her heart.

“Mom! Edgar… ! Because of me Edgar… … !”

“Calm down, Ariel.
First of all, you need to calm down.”

Hearing all the jumbled words coming out from her daughter, Helena decided to calm down her agitated daughter first.

According to the doctor, the boy has lost consciousness, but he has no serious injuries or serious internal injuries.
His injuries are not life threatening either.

However, the doctor said that since the boy has over exerted strength from his small body that is of a 10-year-old kid, the first priority was to stabilize his body condition first.

Helena left Ariel in Katria’s arms and quietly went to the room where Edgar was quietly laid on his bed.

Her fiery red hair, resembling her daughter’s pupils, was messily tousled.

There seems to be abrasions on his hands and arms, as if they had been rubbed on the hard ground, as they were bandaged already.

According to Ariel, Edgar was injured while fighting with a wild boar to protect her.

‘A wild boar… He’s a very brave kid.’

She heard about it from Airtel, but she really couldn’t believe it.

Although an adult who has learned enough martial arts might be able to kill a wild boar, Edgar was still a 10-year-old kid.

It isn’t an easy feat to just even think of attacking a wild boar with a difference in their size.

Helena reached out and ran her hand through Edgar’s hair.

Having this child by her daughter’s side was the most outstanding choice of her actions as a mother.

No matter, she still felt sorry when she saw the child suffering because of her choice.

What she wants the most at this moment is for the boy to regain his consciousness quickly and everyone in this mansion to be relaxed.

With such hope, Helena gently stroked Edgar’s cold cheek, and Edgar’s eyes dimly opened as if in response.

“eww… He Lene… ma’am?”

“Are you awake?Calm down.
You have arrived to the mansion.”

“That, Ariel… … ?”

As soon as Edgar woke up, he reacted by worrying about Ariel’s condition, not his own.

A small laughter broke out from her.

Should she be grateful or be embarrassed?

If possible, he should take more care of his body.

“ She’s fine.
It’s all thanks to you.”

Rather, because of me… Ugh.”

Since he shouldn’t have a conversation with the mistress of the Grand Duke’s house while laying down, he tried to sat up but failed due to lack of strength.

Still, Edgar only moaned briefly and frowned.

Helena, who was watching this, shook her head lightly as she push him back down personally.

“Don’t worry about unnecessary manners and lie down.
I have something else to wish for the benefactor who saved my daughter.”

After all, it was only right for him to get down on his knees to express his gratitude.
Since their family were in a master-servant relationship, it meant that no matter what, their status were still lower.

It was only true that, Helena is their family’s benefactor, someone whom they should serve better and more respectfully than anyone else.
(Means that since Ed’s family status is lower and they were master and servant, it is only right for Ed to be more respectful and express gratitude since Ed’s family status rose bcoz of his friendship with Ariel.)

Madam Helena.”

“Are you talking about not stopping Ariel?”

“… Yes.”

At Edgar’s affirmation, Helen instead smiled.

Perhaps, the little boy also tried stopping the immature princess from going to the mountain somehow.
Since a similar event had happened before, Ed probably didn’t want to commit the same mistake for the second time.

However, Ariel would have headed to the mountain like a stubborn maverick princess in anyway she could.

She could almost visualize the situation in her head.

“Even you couldn’t have stopped her this time.
Atleast, stopping her might have been possible if it was in a normal situation .”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?….”

A question mark appeared over Edgar’s head, not realizing what she was trying to tell him.

What the hell does that mean?

Of course, he felt that the little girl was more stubborn than usual, but he thought she was just more excited today.

Helen’s words sounded as if there was been another reason for this.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like something you should ask me.
If you meet Ariel later, ask her directly yourself.”


Can I only have to hear the reason from her directly?

Edgar’s body tickled with curiosity, but he had no choice but to agree.

At the latest, he will know the reason by tomorrow.

‘ It’s kind of dizzy.’

After hearing the confirmation about Ariel’s condition, he finally began to care about his own condition.

His body was freezing cold, perhaps because he had been in the heavy rain for a long time so perhap his hands were a bit chilly, when he touched his forehead, it felt a little hot.

‘Am I having a fever?’

Well, in this situation, it would be a happy ending if he could come back safely and end up with just a mild cold.

Helena, who was watching from the side, noticed Edgar’s movements as well, so she stretched out her slender hand and touched his cheek and forehead to measure his body temperature.

It wasn’t boiling hot, but there was definitely quite a bit of heat.

Since he just woke up, it was better to see a doctor again.

“You must have a fever.
Please lie down for a while.
I’ll bring you water and food in a minute.
Also, let the doctor check your condition again.”

“I’m sorry to bother you, Mrs.Helena”

“A child is supposed to be a troublesome to an adult.
Of course, it would be difficult if it was too much troublesome like my daughter.”

Helena left the room quickly after telling her price of joke using her daughter.

Edgar, who was relaxed, stared blankly at the ceiling and only then breathed a sigh of relief.

To be honest, he thought he would dead considering the dire situation they were in.

Still, the guards came earlier than he expected, so he was able to save the both of them.

‘I was thinking about throwing Ariel halfway down the mountain.’ ()

At the very least , she will still be alive with some minor injury.

It was the last plan that he came up with just before he lost consciousness, but if was fortunate that he didn’t need to use it.

“It is a bit noisy”’

It was quite noisy outside, by the way.

There was also some crunching sounds, probably a sound of someone stepping up and down the stairs.

Well, it’s completely natural that the whole mansion was on fire since the eldest daughter of the Grand Duke returned in such dire a state.

If I’m feeling better, I should go see Ariel.….

In a big thump!



While thinking about the devil, the door opened violently and Ariel stormed in.

To be exact, a soldier with Ariel on his back opened the door and entered, but this is quite incidental, so it is not wrong to make an exception.

“Ed, are you okay?”

“Yeah, don’t worry.
Are you okay?”

Edgar replied airly without expressing any discomfort though his head was still a little bit dizzy.

He thought his lie would be caught by the little girl with sharp senses, but fortunately, her senses didn’t seem to work at the moment.

A bright flower bloomed on Ariel as if proving that she didn’t notice anything amiss.

“I’m not hurt anywhere.
Ed protected me until the end.”

He actually didn’t do anything much to protect her.

The wild boar actually ran away without a fight, and at most, he only lend his clothes to her.

He had heard about the girl’s condition, but seeing her safe and sound in person like this put his heart at ease.

She seems to have cried quiet a lot from the looks of her swollen eyes.
Her eyes were still watery even though she’s smiling right now.

“Why did you cry so much? You thought I was going to die?”

Edgar said in a playful tone, deliberately trying to lighten up the mood.

Normally, the dishonest princess would have shouted in shame asking who is the one who cried.

Yet , today seems to be not the same case.

Ariel turned red and nodded her head gently.

As soon as she was reminded of the subject again tears slowly fill up in her eyes.

“Yes… hhhhh.
I really do, Edgar, hhhhhh.
I thought you was going to die.….”

“Hey, why are you crying?”

“Huh, I don’t know……!”

Ariel shook her head lightly when she saw Edgar reaching out to wipe her tears.

He didn’t know how worried she was and why was she crying this heartily.

If he hadn’t saved her life, maybe she would have beaten him right away.

He was grateful just for being alive anyway, so he decided to endure her crying for today.

“ Young Master Edgar, are you really okay?”

One of Ariel’s escorts, who was familiar with Edgar, spoke up.

In a roundabout way, this situation was like a 10-year-old kid was doing their job to protect the little princess.
(To protect the princess is their job.)

Maybe that’s why, there was something like a strange light of awe in his eyes.

“Yes, I am all fine.
Where is my mother?”

“She’s bringing food for you.
Maybe she was worried, she said that she want to feed you herself… …”


He’s already at the age of ten, he doesn’t want to be fed and would like to ate by himself .

There was no way she would bring some heavy meal to an injured person anyway, so it must be a light soup.
Since this is the case, he is able to feed himself just fine.

After talking about this and that with Ariel for a while, Katria personally brought a simple table setting and entered his room.

Behind her, Helena, deprived of the job she was trying to do, give an awkward smile as she followed.

Edgar’s felt troubled seeing his room filled with people in an instant.

He extended his hand out and take the first bite of the warm soup after refusing his mother’s kind offer politely.

While eating, he was confuse as to whether the food was going though his nose or his mouth because of all the people’s heated gaze lock on him .

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