drip was depleted, unwilling to waste the expensive nutritional supplements that had been bought for her.

Additionally, she went back home comfortably in a car provided by the Royal Guild, bringing Soo-jung along with her to drop her off.



After a moment of hesitation, Kang Soo-jung pulled something out of the air.
In her palm was a smooth pebble.
“Take this.”

“What is it?” As Seo-ah accepted it, a window popped up.

[ Pride of the Stone Knight: A crystal containing the pride of the D-class boss ‘Stone Knight’.
Ignores the enemy’s defense and multiplies own muscle strength by 100 when the user’s life is at stake.

“Why are you giving this to me?”

“It’s… an item from the boss that time.
It’s a D-class item, so it should be quite expensive if you want to sell it.
Or you can use it.”

“You’re the one who beat it, Soo-jung.”

“Um, no, I think it’s only right for you to have it, eonnie.
I’ve already gained a lot from the raid.” She looked at Seo-ah with a smile.

Seo-ah suddenly realized something.
Had her new skill ‘Breakthrough’ affected Soo-jung?

“By any chance…”

Kang Soo-jung suddenly held her arms and stared with earnest eyes.
“Eonnie, will you meet me again?”

“Huh? Ah, well, if you want to.”

“Then please put your number on my phone!” She held out a phone with a broken corner excitedly.

Seo-ah typed in her number and pressed the call button, but the call couldn’t pull through.
Her phone’s power was off, having lost power over the 36 or so hours that she was in the hospital.

“Just send me a message.
I’ll save your number later.”

“I will, eonnie! Also, ajussi, please stop in front of that alley.”

Kang Soo-jung quickly got off, with no signs of fatigue in her step, perhaps because she was young, or a hunter.
The neighborhood in which she lived was not so different from Seo-ah’s own, or even a bit worse.

‘Of course, seeing that she’s participating in raids when she should be in school.’

More and more, she saw herself in the younger girl, and resolved to ask carefully about her situation next time.

“Miss Hunter, can we leave now?” The Royal Guild driver was very polite, probably because he’d been coached by Baek Eun-hee.

“Yes, please go to the nearest public hospital.”

“Public hospital? Alright.”

The car started smoothly.

Burdensome as it was, the excessive hospitality being shown to her was convenient.

Knowing that nothing in the world was free, Seo-ah wanted to be of assistance as soon as possible.

‘The only way I can repay them is by unlocking my supporter status.’

[ If you don’t activate your capabilities as an S-class supporter within the given time period, you will die! (D-94) ]

[ Mission 2: Listen to Compliments inside a Gate ]

The threat of death was still there, and she had a new mission.

‘By the way… Compliments? What is this?’

It was a rather embarrassing mission.
Not to mention, she would only be able to fulfill it if she joined raids and did something worth praising.
Would that even be possible if she went with high-ranking hunters?

‘I don’t think it’s going to work if I ask them to tell me those things.’

After a short while, the car stopped in front of the public hospital.
On the way, Seo-ah had sold all the things she’d obtained from the raid, except for the pebble from Soo-jung.
Then, she exchanged almost all of the gold she’d received for Korean won.

“Geon-hoo, it’s me.”

“Ah, noona!” Geon-hoo smiled warmly.
“When will I be discharged? I’m tired of hospital food now.”

“About that… Sooner or later?” Seo-ah pretended to be busy organizing the things in the room.

Geon-hoo opened his mouth, “Noona.”


“I know the truth.”

“What?” She managed to keep her voice from trembling.

He smiled and lowered his gaze.
“I’m quite sick, aren’t I? I found out because the nurses always look…”


“Tell me, noona.
I should know.” His face was exhausted, but his eyes were firm.

Seo-ah put a hand to her nape.
“Well, you need to have surgery.”

“Surgery? What disease is it? Is it cancer?”


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