Seo-ah’s interest from one loan product was not transferred today due to insufficient account balance.

‘Ugh, fine, I got it.’

She stood, fed up with all the bad news.

It seemed that she had to figure out her current status first.

[ If you don’t activate your capabilities as an S-class supporter within the given time period, you will die! (D-99) ]

That was quite urgent.

‘Will I really die in 99 days?’

Eventually, she found herself at the Hunters’ Guild, a place she often saw when she was changing buses.
She entered hesitantly.

“Welcome!” greeted the information desk staff.
“What brings you here?”

“Well, I…”

“Please speak comfortably.”

“I’m here to get to know myself,” she blurted out, regret washing over her immediately at the awkward, childish line.

The employee also looked bewildered.

She retracted her statement immediately, “Oh, well, I mean—”

“Are you a hunter?”

“Yes? Ah, yes.”

“May I have your name?” Fortunately, they hid their expression professionally and put their fingers on the keyboard.

“It’s Park Seo-ah.”

Park Seo-ah—ah! The daughter of the late Park Woo-chan and Lee Jae-in.”

“…Yes, that’s right.”

Unexpectedly, Seo-ah heard the names of her parents.

Though in hindsight, there was no doubt that the Hunters’ Guild knew who they were.

Since their deaths inside a gate, she and her brother had been living on a small pension provided by the guild.
Even then, the amount had been halved when she turned 18.

“But what brings you here? I don’t recall you taking any job as a hunter.”

“Oh, I came because I wanted to find out what kind of work I could do as a hunter with my rank.”

“I see.
Then, I’ll guide you to the consulting office.”

Hunters usually remained the same rank as they were after awakening.
However, depending on individual effort, their stats and skill levels could be raised, and vice versa.

Of course, there were limits, but she’d heard of rare cases wherein a diligent C-class hunter could beat a lazy B-class one.

In front of the consulting room was an employee who seemed like a hunter.

He held out a hand.
“I’m Oh Hyun-soo, the consultant.”

There was a marked difference in the quality of his clothes—he was definitely one of the more powerful hunters she’d seen.

As soon as they shook hands, something flashed in Seo-ah’s head.

[ Mission 1: Touch the Hunter (1/10) ]

‘Huh? Is it because he’s a hunter too? I guess the mission isn’t referring to anyone specific.’

Seo-ah, still struggling to comprehend the new development, followed Oh Hyun-soo to the room.

On the floor was a gleaming disk with geometric patterns underneath.
Seo-ah stood at the center.

“Well, let’s start with a simple measurement.
Please don’t move from there.”


The pattern spun clockwise for a few moments.

Whatever measurements came out, those were used in consultation and included in the registration.

Hunters themselves could rattle off the values on their status window, but most of them were reluctant to give detailed figures.

“Okay, you’re done.
This way, please.”

Oh Hyun-soo looked at the results sheet and sighed quietly.

[ Healing System (E-class).
Average Stats: 1.2.
Active Skills: 1 (Lv.

Quickly realizing how rude that was, he immediately put on his ‘business’ face.
“You’re a healer, aren’t you? The stats are… Well, you don’t seem to enjoy exercising much.”

“No, not really.”

In fact, Seo-ah came here for a different reason.

‘As expected, the position of supporter did not appear since it’s still locked.’

“What types of positions are there? My status window says I’m a healer, but there it’s written as ‘healing system’.”

“Yes, the information displayed from the measuring instrument shows the rough categorization the guild uses.
The combat system, magic system, healing system, and auxiliary system are the usual categories for now.”

“Does that mean there are other unusual positions?”

“On rare occasions, we get production and research hunters.
The rest of the details can only be found in the individual status windows.”


So what were supporters? From the name alone, they seemed to be under the auxiliary system.

As he laid the results sheet on the table, Oh Hyun-soo spoke very seriously.
“For example, your parents were research hunters.”

“I see.
I didn’t actually know the details.”

In hindsight, her parents had never directly participated in raids.
They’d only followed along with the ones they deemed worthy of research.

But even so, they had been caught in an accident.

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