y still couldn’t accept it.

After the defeat of the guard battalion, the sluggish and dull atmosphere of the soldiers made Ji You a little worried.
This spirit of a person is very important, let alone a team.
If this defeat leaves a psychological shadow on them, in the future, this team will never be able to stand at the highest peak.

Looking at this group of people reconcile and still have the thought of joking, it seems that his worries were completely unnecessary.

“To be honest, this team is different from all the armies I’ve seen, what do you say? I feel that there is something very peculiar about them, something I can’t see or touch, but it seems to be real.” Cao Jian on the side pondered and said with a feeling of inexplicability.

Ji You smiled and nodded, Cao Jian felt it too.
He thought about it carefully and there was a vague idea in his mind.

He remembered that when they first came here, everyone was full of complaints until Duan Wang gave a speech and calmed everyone down.
Later on, he was sent to this guard camp and those days, he saw a completely different guard camp.
He saw their changes with his own eyes, and he was deeply touched.

Today’s guard battalion was no longer just a dish of scattered sand; he saw trust, unity, and progress; there was competition and mutual aid.
Everyone was more like brothers, relatives, who can mock each other and fight with each other usually, but could fully trust their teammates and give their backs to their teammates during battle.
Sooner or later, such a group of people would shine brightly.

He didn’t understand why they could change so much in a short time, but the people behind them had put in a lot of effort.
This way of guiding people, only a real broad-minded person can truly do this.

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