“Hush! Lower your voices.
Those thieves from the Heavenly Path are not small characters.
Perhaps in the blink of an eye, all of us will die here!”

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“Sigh! Those people from the Heavenly Path are really heartless.
They haven’t even let go of the children recently.”

“More than 20 children have gone missing in Cloud Glow City!”

“Hush! Stop talking.
Let’s just follow and watch the show.
Don’t say anything else related to the Heavenly Path.
Otherwise, we won’t even know how we died!”


“Right, right, right.
Everyone, let’s just watch the show.
Stop talking.”

The black-clothed person turned around to look at Gong Ziliang’s position countless times, his mood turning to despair!

“Tsk! He’s been chasing me for almost ten minutes.
Isn’t this kid tired? Even if he’s not tired, I’m tired!”

The black-clothed person did not expect that today, when he came out to complete the last task given to him by the higher-ups, he would be seen by Gong Ziliang.

He originally thought that this Gong Ziliang was only a righteous young man, but in the end, he was also a cultivator and had chased after him for ten minutes!

The most excessive thing was that every time he observed Gong Ziliang, he would notice that he had a smile on his face and was extremely happy.
It was unknown if this person was stupid or what he was doing, but he could not understand.



The man in black cursed in his heart, “Mommy, I want to go home!”


[Ding! The Parkour Event has ended.]

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When he heard this, the corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up slightly.
He whispered, “It’s time to end this!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Gong Ziliang transform his palm into a fist and punch towards the back of the black-clothed person.
A golden dragon phantom appeared out of thin air, and along with the sound of the dragon roar, it approached the black-clothed person.


“Damn it!”

The black-clothed person sensed it and immediately stepped on the ground, rising into the air and perfectly passing by the golden dragon’s shadow.

The power of this Dragon Roar Fist Technique made the black-clothed person’s heart tremble.

“This… this is… a sixth-stage Martial Body Realm cultivator! Fortunately, I was not hit.
For a third-stage Martial Body cultivator like me, if I was punched, I would definitely vomit blood.”


The black-clothed person spoke with hope.

However, soon afterwards, he increased his speed, feeling that he could not continue running like this, that he had to shake off this person whose cultivation realm was higher than his.

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However, Gong Ziliang thought of it before him.

Just as the black-clothed person was about to jump down from the roof, Gong Ziliang also moved.

“Dragon Roar Fist Technique!”


Gong Ziliang suddenly threw out three Dragon Roar Fist Techniques consecutively, attacking the black-clothed person’s position.

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In two seconds, three Dragon Roar Fists appeared.
Three golden dragons darted out from in front of Gong Ziliang’s fist technique.
It was extremely fast.
The black-clothed person who had just jumped to the ground could not dodge in time and was directly hit!


Bang! Bang! Bang!


Three loud sounds rang out, and there were also muffled sounds of pain.
Even if Gong Ziliang did not look, he knew that he had hit the target.

The man in black was hit and he fell from the sky onto the street.
The moment the man in black fell to the ground, three men in brown clothes used the horizontal knife in their hands to hold his neck, instantly making the man in black not dare to move casually.


Gong Ziliang looked at the clothes of the three of them and nodded slightly.
They should be the guards of the Cloud Glow City.

At this moment, the sack that the black-clothed man had been carrying on his shoulder loosened as it fell.
What appeared in everyone’s eyes was a little boy who had fallen asleep!


Everyone was shocked!

“Child… child!”

“I thought you were stealing something.
I didn’t expect you to be stealing children! Damn it!”

“Could it be that the rumors are true? Is this black-clothed person really a person of the Heavenly Path?”

“Ah, this… it’s probably true!”

“That group of thieves is really detestable.
In the past half a month, our Cloud Glow City has almost had some children disappear every day.
Now, they’re even more arrogant.
They even dare to steal in broad daylight.
Damn it!”

“That’s right.
Are they really bullying us for not having cultivators in our Cloud Glow City?”

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“Bullsh*t! Our Cloud Glow City doesn’t have cultivators? What a huge joke.
Not only are the escorts of the Hua Clan’s escort agency here, but our City Lord is also here.
We’re not afraid of those thieves from the Heavenly Path!”

“That’s true, but most of our Cloud Glow City is made up of ordinary citizens.
If we fight, I’m afraid we’ll injure the innocent.
Moreover, the biggest issue is that we don’t know who’s in the Heavenly Path.”

“Look, aren’t they capturing a child now? We’ll know when the guards bring him back and interrogate him.”

“Brother, you’re right.
Come eat some watermelon.
It’ll be more enjoyable to watch the show while eating the melon.”


Seeing the little boy appear in the sack, the surrounding people began to discuss among themselves.

For some reason, with the three guards of Cloud Glow City here, they felt even more confident and showed no trace of fear towards the thieves from the Heavenly Path.

However, they also knew that if there were no guards, they would definitely not dare to talk like this.

At the same time, one of the guards raised his head to look in the direction where the black-clothed person fell, but he did not see Gong Ziliang’s figure.

“Eh? Where’s that disciple from some sect?”

The rear guard was stunned.

Just now, they had seen someone running around on the roof, so they chased after him.
They had to stop him!

Upon closer look, they realized that it was a disciple from a certain sect who was chasing after a black-clothed person.
With one look, they could tell who was good and who was bad.

Therefore, when they discovered that the disciple was missing, they did not investigate further.
After all, there was something more important to hand over to them.

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That was the case of this man in black!

The guard on the left paused and said, “He might have left.
These sect members are all like this.
They don’t leave their names when doing good deeds.”

The guard on the right also said, “That’s right.
Let’s go.
Bring this bastard back and interrogate him well.
If we don’t tell the person behind the scenes and the missing child, I’ll kill him!”

It turned out that the moment the guard used the saber in his hand to control the black-clothed person, Gong Ziliang had immediately left in the opposite direction.

It was only his duty to save the little boy.
Now that there were guards to handle the scene, the little boy was saved and the black-clothed person was also controlled.
Naturally, there was no longer anything to do with him.

What? Could it be that they had to give Gong Ziliang a reward for being a good person?

That would not happen.

Today, Gong Ziliang’s main mission was to go to the Hua Clan’s escort agency and meet with the head of the escort team, Hua Sheng, to discuss the main escort mission.

After finding a passerby on the street and asking about the location of the Hua Clan’s escort agency, Gong Ziliang immediately went there.

At the same time, he opened the Legendary System’s game interface and carefully sorted out what he had obtained during the Parkour Event.

It was fine before seeing it, but once he looked, he almost screamed!

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