Chapter 96: Chi Huo, Illusory Core Realm, Instant Kill!

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He had been stuck at the Meridian Opening Realm and had not broken through!

This was not because he did not have the strength, but because he was not in a hurry to break through!

He wanted to find some good resources in the Myriad Spirit Ruins so that things would be smoother after this!

As expected, he found a Profound-rank cultivation technique this time!

“Now, I’ve already broken through to the Illusory Core Realm.
I can similarly smash the seventh-stage Meridian Opening puppet that that kid is fighting!”

Chi Huo looked at his hands, and Gong Ziliang’s shadow appeared in his mind!

The blow that Gong Ziliang gave him was too intense!

The strength displayed on the square previously was not what ordinary cultivators could obtain through bitter cultivation!

In the same realm, even the arrogant Chi Huo knew that he was definitely not Gong Ziliang’s match!

But now, his cultivation realm was a major realm higher than Gong Ziliang’s!

If he did not take the opportunity to deal with Gong Ziliang now, how long would he have to wait!

Therefore, the first thing after Chi Huo broke through was to immediately find Gong Ziliang and kill him!

Otherwise, when Gong Ziliang matured in the future, who could suppress him?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Ahhh… run! The monster is here!”

However, at this moment, Chi Huo suddenly heard screams coming from the other peaks, and he looked down in doubt.

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He saw a scene that he would never forget in his life!

On the top of the Earth Peak not far from Profound Peak, there were two figures fighting above.

This battle was really powerful!

Even the fluctuation made Chi Huo feel shocked!

These two figures were naturally Gong Ziliang and the huge Spirit Crystal Vajra!

Ever since the Spirit Crystal Vajra escaped, Gong Ziliang had been chasing after it all the way.
He chased it all the way to the top of the Earth Peak but did not kill it!

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“It’s that kid called Gong Ziliang!”

Chi Huo looked at Gong Ziliang above.
After a moment of surprise, it immediately turned to ecstasy!

“Hahaha… This is really what it means to walk into your own death!” Chi Huo laughed loudly.

At this moment, the powerful force that belonged to the Illusory Core Realm exploded in his body!

In an instant, spiritual qi actually gathered above Chi Huo’s head!

This spiritual qi continued endlessly until it reached five kilometers, shocking the disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect on the mountain!

“Five kilometers of spiritual qi is hanging above my head! This is the symbol of the Illusory Core Realm! Senior Brother Chi Huo has already broken through to the Illusory Core Realm!”

A disciple pointed at Chi Huo, his voice trembling!

Their Eldest Senior Brother, Chi Huo, had actually broken through to the Illusory Core Realm in the Myriad Spirit Ruins!

He was really a genius!

“That’s great! Now, no one in the entire ruin is Senior Brother Chi Huo’s match!”

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The disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect laughed loudly when they saw this scene, feeling extremely happy.

Ever since Gong Ziliang showed his strength previously, these disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect began to worry, afraid that he would deal with them later!

They did not expect that Chi Huo would actually break through to the Illusory Core Realm now.
This time, he could finally deal with that kid!

“Oh no! Chi Huo has actually already broken through to the Illusory Core Realm!”

On the other side of the Profound Peak, Li Dan and Lin Xiao were standing together.

The two of them had also obtained some resources after arriving at the Profound Peak.

However, these resources did not let Li Dan break through to the Illusory Core Realm.

Now, they could not stop Chi Huo!

“Sun Flame Divine Art! Great Sun Lava Fist!”

Chi Huo looked at Gong Ziliang in the sky.
His body immediately released intense heat!

In fact, his eyes were gradually filled with flames, and his entire body reached its peak state!

Although he said in the end that he wanted to take Gong Ziliang’s life, he did not underestimate the enemy at all.

On the contrary, he even used all his strength!

His fist directly turned red at this moment, and the terrifying high temperature turned all the surrounding flowers and trees into ashes!

Chi Huo’s punch contained all his spiritual qi.

This was his most powerful punch!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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However, just as Chi Huo attacked from the ground, Gong Ziliang and the Spirit Crystal Vajra had already fought for countless rounds in the sky.

This scarlet fire attack was originally aimed at Gong Ziliang, but when he arrived in the sky, the huge Spirit Crystal Vajra appeared in front of him!


When the Spirit Crystal Vajra saw Chi Huo attacking it, it immediately roared and threw a punch at him!

“What is this…”

Chi Huo had just placed his gaze on Gong Ziliang and did not notice the appearance of the Spirit Crystal Vajra.

Now, when he saw the Spirit Crystal Vajra, he only felt a wave of fear in his heart!

The circulation of spiritual qi in his entire body became extremely slow, as if it was about to stop!

What was even more terrifying was that the power on the Spirit Crystal Vajra Fist actually made him feel as if his soul was trembling!

In just an instant, Chi Huo made a judgment in his heart!

He could not beat it!

He definitely could not defeat it!

This Spirit Crystal Vajra was definitely at the Illusory Core Realm, and it was not even at the low-level Illusory Core Realm!

Gong Ziliang was only a mere sixth-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivator.
How could he possibly suppress such a terrifying demon beast?

Chi Huo’s eyes widened in disbelief!

This simply exceeded common sense!


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However, no matter how much Chi Huo did not dare to believe it, the fist of the Spirit Crystal Vajra fiercely collided with his fist!


In an instant, a crisp sound of bones breaking sounded from Chi Huo’s fist!


Chi Huo saw that his entire arm was instantly smashed into a distorted shape like it was made of glass!

After his arm was crippled, it was followed by his shoulder, body, and internal organs…


Chi Huo stared at the Spirit Crystal Vajra with the last of his consciousness.

Then, he looked at Gong Ziliang who was chasing after the Spirit Crystal Vajra.
He happened to see that Gong Ziliang was also looking at him!

In the last second of his life, he saw an extremely strange expression in Gong Ziliang’s eyes.

It was as if he was saying to him, “How could you dare to do that???”


Then, Chi Huo’s body was sent flying like a mosquito that the Spirit Crystal Vajra casually swatted to death!

“Senior Brother Chi Huo! Come on, come on, come on…”

On the Human Peak, the disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect were still cheering for Chi Huo.

However, as the Spirit Crystal Vajra threw a punch, all the disciples were stunned!

Senior Brother Chi Huo, who they had just broken through to the Illusory Core Realm, was gone!

“He’s gone…”

They watched as Chi Huo’s body was slapped out by the Spirit Crystal Vajra..
After drawing an extremely beautiful parabola in the air, he fiercely landed on the distant mountain peak!

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