Chapter 100: Sun Moon Sword Technique, Fourth Move, Moon Shadow!

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“Although your talent is not bad, you have to die here today!”

This elder slapped out his palm.
With his cultivation of the Profound Realm, this palm turned into a huge palm print that charged towards Gong Ziliang aggressively!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The power of this strike simply surpassed the Spirit Crystal Vajra!

At the same time, Gong Ziliang analyzed this elder’s cultivation.

It had to be at least at the fifth-stage Profound Realm!

Damn it!

He was higher by two major realms!

Don’t think that just because I’m the male protagonist that I can fight above my level all day!

Although he had the ability to do so…

“Alright! Elder Chi Shui attacked.
His cultivation is at the fifth-stage Profound Realm! This guy’s dead for sure this time!”

“Hahaha, the heavens are really blessing our Crimson Flame Sect!”

“Although we’ve lost so many disciples this time, it won’t be a loss if we can kill this little bastard!”

“That’s great, that’s great!”

Seeing that Chi Shui had successfully attacked, those elders of the Crimson Flame Sect who were fighting could not help but be extremely excited, and they almost laughed out loud!

“Ahhh! Old thief Chi Song, if he dies, even if I die today, I’ll drag you all with me!”

First Elder Liu’s eyes were also about to split open.

He attacked Chi Song desperately.
However, even if he spat out blood and was heavily injured, he did not let First Elder Liu go over!


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Chi Song looked at First Elder Liu and could not help but smile.


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On the other side, Lin Xiao looked at the angry attack led by the Profound Realm elder and directly stretched out his hand.

Immediately, a chaotic aura appeared from his body again!


However, his aura only made the palm pause for a moment!

In just a moment, Lin Xiao could not hold on anymore and directly spat out a mouthful of blood!

In the Profound Peak, he had broken through to the Meridian Opening Realm in one attempt and had even reached the second-stage!

However, even so, the difference between him and this Profound Realm elder was still too great!

“Run for what?”

Gong Ziliang looked at this palm and the Heavenly Frost Sword appeared in his hand again.

“What is this kid doing…”

“Could it be that he wants to forcefully receive the attack of a Profound Realm expert? It’s dangerous!”

“You brat, don’t force yourself! Run! Run!”

When the elders of the Profound Heaven Sect saw Gong Ziliang’s posture, they immediately began to roar loudly!

In their opinion, Gong Ziliang was really crazy!

Even if he was shockingly talented and had incomparably powerful talent, with his strength at the Meridian Opening Realm, how could he defeat the Profound Realm?

“Gasp! It’s over, it’s over! This kid actually wants to fight a fifth-stage Profound Realm expert head-on!”

When the people of the Profound Heaven Sect saw Gong Ziliang’s action, they all turned their heads around, unwilling to see the death of a genius of the generation!

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Although the Spirit Crystal Vajra that Gong Ziliang had fought earlier had the cultivation of the Illusory Core Realm, it was not stronger than this fifth-stage Profound Realm Elder Chi Shui.

Moreover, according to the battle just now, it did not know how to use martial techniques.
It only knew some simple punches and kicks!

This human Profound Realm expert was not ordinary!

Ignoring his cultivation level, just the various martial techniques would greatly increase his damage!

The two were completely different concepts!

“Sun Moon Sword Technique, fourth move! Moon Shadow…”

Gong Ziliang was watched by everyone as he arrived beside Lin Xiao.

An extremely cold feeling spread from his body and crazily gathered in all directions!

The fourth move of the Sun Moon Sword Technique was finally used!

The first three moves of the Sun Moon Sword Technique used the power of lava to erupt with the heat of the sun!

The subsequent three moves used the moon as the source, erupting with extreme cold!

As for the last three moves, they were the three most powerful moves and were also difficult to execute!

For example, the condition for the last move of the Sun Moon Sword Technique was that it could only be executed when the sun and moon were shining together!

This kind of phenomenon had really not appeared many times in history!

Precisely because of this reason, the Sun Moon Sword Technique was a Profound-rank martial technique!

Otherwise, this was definitely something above the Earth-rank martial technique!

At this moment, as Gong Ziliang used it, with his feet as the starting point, endless frost crazily surged in all directions!

The first to bear the brunt was the palm released by Elder Chi Shui!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

After this palm was covered in frost, it turned into a huge ice block in front of everyone’s unbelievable gazes!

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Finally, the palm stopped about a meter away!

Around one meter, a layer of sweat appeared on Lin Xiao’s forehead!

This distance was too dangerous!

If he was more than a meter away, he would be hit!

“Frozen? Frozen???”

At this moment, the elders of the Profound Heaven Sect reacted.

All of them were stunned on the spot.
They watched this scene and were speechless for a long time!

“How is this possible…”

When Elder Chi Shui saw that his attack was actually frozen, he also stood on the spot in disbelief!

His attack, moreover, was the strength of the Profound Realm.
How could it be so easily blocked?

Moreover, the other party was only a brat at the Meridian Opening Realm!

“Do you think this is the end?”

Behind this ice palm, Gong Ziliang’s voice slowly sounded.


Then, a slight crack suddenly sounded on the huge hand.

Then, the crack became bigger and bigger.
The huge crack instantly covered the entire huge hand!


In the end, with a bang, the huge hand suddenly shattered!

At the same time, a black figure suddenly flashed towards Elder Chi Shui at an extremely fast speed!

The speed was extremely fast, and it actually caused some Illusory Core Realm and even Profound Realm experts present to be unable to capture it!

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“Lone Goose Movement Technique!”

Accompanied by an excited cry, a huge black goose suddenly appeared behind Gong Ziliang!

When this giant goose appeared, Gong Ziliang’s speed suddenly increased!

The Lone Goose Movement Technique was the martial technique he had obtained along with the Sun Moon Sword Technique.

However, in the Myriad Spirit Ruins, Gong Ziliang did not need to use this movement technique at all, so he did not use it!

Now, against the fifth-stage Profound Realm Elder Chi Shui who was two realms higher, Gong Ziliang did not hold back and directly used this move!

Gong Ziliang’s figure quickly moved on the battlefield, and with every step, he approached Elder Chi Shui!

“Cold Star!”

At the same time, the Heavenly Frost Sword in Gong Ziliang’s hand displayed its extremely cold attribute.
At this moment, an extremely cold aura erupted.

A bright moon rose behind Gong Ziliang!

“What is he doing?”

“Could it be that… this kid wants to take the initiative to attack after blocking the attack?”

After others sensed the change in the aura on Gong Ziliang’s body, they could not help but click their tongues in secret and be stunned!

This was crazy!

This was simply crazy!

When did the Meridian Opening Realm become so powerful?

He actually dared to take the initiative to attack a Profound realm expert!

“Hahaha, you actually dare to take the initiative to approach? This is really what it means to walk into your own death!”

At this moment, Elder Chi Shui was blaming himself for failing to reach Gong Ziliang earlier.

When he saw that Gong Ziliang actually dared to take the initiative to come over, he was immediately overjoyed and immediately went forward to welcome him!

“I’m sorry.
The loser who said that just now is already dead!”

Gong Ziliang’s figure flashed…

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