Chapter 105: Terrifying Flames

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Gong Ziliang looked at the 300,000 ingots left in his bag and started to increase it without saying a word!

[Spending 1,000 ingots to increase the Fire Intent once!]


Immediately, the disappeared flame appeared again!

However, this time, all the flames turned green!

Where Gong Ziliang was sitting, the flames turned blue!

The blue flames seemed to be extremely demonic!

As for the high temperature, just touching it was enough to cause one’s skin to split open and suffer indescribable pain!

“The comprehension of this Fire Intent is much more terrifying than the Water Intent…”

Gong Ziliang gritted his teeth and endured all of this.
He cultivated the Fire Intent and wanted to let the intense flames burn him!

This was countless times more painful than when he was drowned while cultivating the Water Intent!

After an unknown period of time, when Gong Ziliang felt that his consciousness was a little blurry, the surrounding flames had already retreated!

[Ding, your Fire Intent has been upgraded to Level 2!]

“Could that blue flame be the ultimate pursuit of alchemists—the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame… It’s actually so powerful!” Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and said with fear.

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Ordinary cultivators really did not know about the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame.
However, if an alchemist heard it, they would definitely be extremely excited!

To an alchemist, was there anything more important than his flames?!

This Ancient Blue Sacred Flame was the supreme-grade fire seed among alchemists.

The medicinal pills refined using it, be it the quality or effect, were several times stronger than ordinary flames!

With such a large quantity of Ancient Blue Sacred Flame here, anyone would go crazy when they saw them!

Being wrapped in the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame, Gong Ziliang thought that he would be directly roasted.

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That temperature had already exceeded the limits of what ordinary people could endure!


At this moment, Gong Ziliang waved his hand again, and a flame aura that was even more ferocious than before immediately emitted from his body.

The current Gong Ziliang was simply more like an elder of the Crimson Flame Sect!

His understanding of fire had already reached an extremely profound level!

“The Fire Intent can’t be just burning! Again!!”

Gong Ziliang wiped the sweat on his forehead and continued.

Raising the Level 2 Fire Intent to the Level 3 Fire Intent required 10,000 ingots each time!

Ten times was 100,000 ingots!

However, Gong Ziliang was not concerned about this now.
He felt that he could immediately comprehend the essence of the Fire Intent!

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[Spending 10,000 ingots to increase the Fire Intent once!]

“Huff… Huff…”

This time, even if Gong Ziliang was already mentally prepared, he was still shocked by the surrounding flames!

This time, the space Gong Ziliang was in was filled with the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame.

Under him, the flames turned white!

Gong Ziliang had never heard of white flames!

Moreover, this flame seemed to be able to burn his soul, causing Gong Ziliang’s body to begin to tremble!

However, in this burning, Gong Ziliang felt a silent aura through the flames!

Fire represented burning everything.

After everything turned to ashes, it was nirvana!

The Fire Intent was not like the Water Intent that could be stacked infinitely.

However, as long as the Fire Intent attacked, it would use its full strength and reach the peak!

After seeing this, Gong Ziliang discovered that the surrounding Ancient Blue Sacred Flame began to dissipate little by little, and the white flames under him drilled into Gong Ziliang’s body!

“Fire Intent!”

Gong Ziliang widened his eyes, his gaze extremely calm!

At this moment, there was no flame aura on his body, as if he was an ordinary person without any special aura!

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However, if anyone could see Gong Ziliang’s eyes, they would be able to notice that a white flame was burning there!

The Fire Intent had been cultivated!

Gong Ziliang smiled.
He looked at his hands and slowly clenched them.

“Gasp! This is…”

When Gong Ziliang comprehended the Fire Intent, a young man not far from him suddenly opened his eyes and looked outside in disbelief.

“Elder Yao, did you sense that terrifying flame just now!”

The person who spoke was none other than one of Gong Ziliang’s friends, Lin Xiao!

“Elder Yao! Did I feel wrong just now…”

Lin Xiao hurriedly crawled up and looked outside, but he did not see anything!

The terrifying flame aura from before came and went even faster!

Before he could react, he had already disappeared without a trace!

However, the powerful aura that was revealed in that instant still made Lin Xiao feel extremely shocked!

“Was that… the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame… No, no, no! There’s also a flame aura that’s even stronger than the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame.
Although it’s still very weak, it really exists!!” In Lin Xiao’s body, Elder Yao’s shocked guess sounded.

“Ancient Blue Sacred Flame?? What’s that??” Lin Xiao asked curiously.

“The Ancient Blue Sacred Flame is a famous top-grade fire seed in this region!”

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The shock in Elder Yao’s tone had not disappeared.
Instead, it increased.

“In the future, you need to re-cultivate every realm of the Spirit Burning Imprisonment Scripture nine times.
Your spiritual qi has to be burned ten million times! Among them is this Ancient Blue Sacred Flame!”

“The spiritual qi burned by the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame will be even stronger, several times stronger than ordinary spiritual qi!” Elder Yao said in Lin Xiao’s mind.

“I just felt that there was actually a flame aura that was even more terrifying than the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame… How, how is this possible…”

Elder Yao’s tone was a little unbelievable, as if he had sensed something!

“An existence even stronger than the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame!”

Sensing the shock in Elder Yao’s tone, Lin Xiao was also a little surprised.

Elder Yao understood!

He was a top-notch alchemist in another continent and his strength was unfathomable.
How could a small Profound Heaven Sect shock an existence who had seen such a huge scene?!

“I… I don’t know either…”

When Elder Yao heard this question, he actually shook his head in a rare manner, “The Ancient Blue Sacred Flame is already the most powerful flame in this region!! To this day, I have really never seen anything stronger than the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame!!”

“What? Even you don’t know??”

When Lin Xiao heard Elder Yao’s words, he could not believe what he had just heard.

“I don’t know! I really don’t know!”

When Elder Yao heard Lin Xiao’s shocked tone, he also smiled bitterly.
His voice carried a lot of helplessness, “I also did not expect that there would be a flame that surpassed the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame!”

“However, I originally thought that only that special place had the Ancient Blue Sacred Flame.
I didn’t expect that there was actually such a precious thing in this small Profound Heaven Sect!”

Elder Yao’s tone became emotional, “This is really a big world.
No one can be underestimated!”

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